Top 3 Breast Enhancement Pills That Works

It might not be such an easy thing to find the most ideal breast enhancement pills. This is relatively because there are several PILLS available in the market, which makes it difficult to select the right one. Another daunting factor is the price that comes with the pills. Some are too expensive, but you are compelled to buy it because you really want to enlarge your breasts. It is so unfortunate that not all of these pills will work efficiently as promoted earlier.

The main thing that anyone needing these pills wants is to get one that has a good reputation out in the market. The key factor is to get a pill that works as expected. Several women prefer a natural enhancement pill rather than relying on breast implants, which is typically expensive. The cosmetic breast surgery might also be risky. So how do you ensure that you have selected the top natural breast enhancement pill that works?

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#1 Breast Actives (Recommended)

#2 Brestrogen

#3 Total Curve


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Breast enhancement pills are developed to increase a woman’s breast size. Well there are so many over-the-counter pills for breast enhancement that it has become challenging for a woman to select the top option. So for your convenience we have developed a comprehensive review of top 3 breast enhancement pills that work. As you will read through each section of this review, you will start to develop an ability to compare the different features of these breast enhancement pills and creams very smartly.

What are the Top 3 Breast Enhancement Pills?

1. Breast Actives

2. Brestrogen

3. Total Curve

Breast Actives (Recommended)

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Our rating

Breast active is the most loved and recommended breast enhancement pill by its users. It has complete herbal formula to help women to gain a fuller and firmer appearance. Doesn’t it feel amazing to have more attractive bust naturally without any invasive procedure or chemicals?

It’s just not like other herbal products with some herbal topical ingredients. Instead, breast actives have taken this chase ahead and incorporated a workout plan designed specifically to strengthen the muscles of breast area. This combination of breast enhancement pills and targeted exercise regimen truly deliver the promised results of fuller, firmer and attractive looking breasts.

The Formula:

It has a potent and powerful herbal formula. By using this natural breast enhancement pill you naturally develop lifted, symmetrical and shapelier breasts. The all natural compounds contained in this product are marked for their unique breast enhancement properties. These compounds include wild yam, fenugreek, saw palmetto, dong quai, fennel, hops flower, damiana, dandelion root and blessed thistle.

All active ingredients are plant phytoestrogens and these specifically mimic the activity of estrogen at puberty stage.

This product is completely safe to use as it is plant based and completely herbal. There are no side effects reported by its users, Oral intake of one pill twice a day before or after a meal can bring you quick results.


  • Natural and herbal based formula
  • Naturally regulate the hormone levels
  • 3 step program
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Enlarge the size and provide shapelier curves


  • Users might need to buy new bras and tops after few months, since older ones won’t fit
  • International shipping take more time.
  • Only available on official website to order


brestrogen bottle



Our rating

It is among the top breast enhancement products, which produce good results naturally. It’s available to be used topically in cream form. So there is no need of oral intake. The users can see the progressive results, mostly firmer and bigger looking bust. However, initial outcomes like a need to wear a bigger cup size bra mark the effectiveness of this product, which further motivates the users to stick to its proper usage.

Its organic compounds deliver the good results without any major side effect, since all the ingredients of this breast enhancement product are natural. User reviews show a high level of satisfaction with its results and they further confirmed that this product is way better than going under knife and scissors.​

The Formula:

Every great product contains a herbal ingredient that makes it stand out in its market. Well, for brestrogen that natural ingredient is Pueraria mirifica. This ingredient is a very effective herb especially famous for its breast enhancement properties. It is extracted from plant source and contains high levels of phytoestrogens. As mentioned earlier, phytoestrogens are mimicry items for estrogen activity at puberty stage. Phytoestrogens work by improving the blood circulation to the breast tissues, providing the breast area higher supplies of estrogen hormone.

Apart from phytoestrogens, this herb also contains isoflavones. Other key components of Pueraria mirifica are miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol and coumestrol. All these components have breast development and rejuvenation properties. So the formula of this product clearly says volumes about its effectiveness.


  • Available only from official website.
  • Contains herbal ingredients
  • Cream only product
  • Painless and harmless


  • In rare cases, can irritate highly sensitive skin
  • Enlargement results depend upon nutrition and genetic factors
  • Will need more money to spend on buying new bras and tops

Total Curve

totalcurve bottle



Our rating

This herbal based product is all about enhancing the size of your breasts naturally. Whether you recently delivered a child or you have been seeing signs of aging lately, this product can help you regain firmer, lifted and attractive boobs. Under the privacy of your home and without having the need to go under the knives.

The basic system behind Total Curve is its herbal solution that gives a boost to estrogen supplies in a safe and natural manner. Its daily supplement has the components that can get done this job very effectively.

The Formula:

The ingredients a product contains speak volumes about its potential results. Total Curve also contains some amazing ingredients that have value for breast enlargement. The all natural compounds contained in its formula are mostly herbs. The formula includes fenugreek seeds, fennel, wild yam, mother’s wort, saw palmetto and Atlantic kelp. These ingredients have the hormone balancing properties as well as the capability to safely mimic functions of estrogen hormone.

All these ingredients together make an amazing elixir of youth. The hero is phytoestrogens that keeps the supplies of estrogen to the breast area safe and healthy. A healthy supply of estrogen to breast tissues ensures normal growth.


  • Improves fuller look
  • Enhances shape and de-wrinkle cleavage
  • Provides confidence to flaunt your swimsuit and low-cut tops
  • Completely natural formula


  • Take a long time before any signs of improvement
  • Overly priced as compared to other breast enhancement pills of its class

Breast Enhancement Pills Buyer’s Guide

Tips for Choosing the Top Breast Enhancement Pills

1) Safety

The choice of breast enhancement pills depends on many factors. The most important factor is not even the price, but safety. Customers ought to base their selection of these enhancers on the safety. This is because some of the pills have a very poor record where safety is concerned. Some of the pills might do more harm than good on the breast. The pills ought to have no negative or harmful effect on the breasts other than what they are supposed to do.

2) Pills with Corresponding Creams

It is not wrong to base the choice of breast enhancement pills on the fact that they have corresponding creams. In fact, some women are adamant that they shall never buy any enhancement cream if it does not have corresponding pills. It is much easier to trust pills that have a corresponding cream and vice versa.

3) Herbal/Natural Ingredients

It is also wise to base the choice of breast enhancement pills on the content. For safety purposes, the pills should contain a much higher proportion of natural ingredients or herbs. Some of the most common herbal ingredients found in the pills include Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek, Fennel, Blessed Thistle, Dong Quai, Mexican wild yam and Damiana. The herbal ingredients initiate the sort of reaction that occurs during puberty.

4) Side Effects

While still on the issue of safety, it is a good idea to base the choice of the pills on the absence of side effects. The safest pills should have minimal side effects. Fewer side effects means lower health risks, thus the pill is able to enjoy the confidence of the person using it. The pills are a much cheaper alternative to the costlier surgical procedures and implants, which attract a lot of concern regarding their safety.

5) Consider The Ingredients

Typically, each product will lay down the ingredients contained in the given pills, usually printed on the container. If you need to find the most ideal enhancement pill, you will need to carry out some detailed research in order to end up buying the right pill. If you need to get the right product, you will have to look for one that has extracts and other ingredients that will enhance the performance. Basically, you should avoid pills that have filler ingredients. Some of the most common and effective ingredients include;

  • Dong Quai: This is an herbal extract from China and it has been in existence for many years as a natural cure for the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes. Nevertheless, pregnant women are advised to avoid this extract.
  • Fenugreek: This extract has been examined in the labs and it has been noted to have effects on hormones. The effect is characterized by diosgenin, a compound found within the extract.
  • Blessed Thistle: This extract has been known to enhance the flow of milk during breastfeeding. However, the extract might cause some side effects on people with digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease.
  • Pueraria Mirifica: It is an extract from a Thailand plant and it has compounds that pose the same effect as estrogen. Pueraria Mirifica is also not fit for pregnant women as it might cause some severe side effects.

6) Buy an Authentic Product

Normally, several counterfeits will pop up in the market in order to imitate an authentic product that has received some positive feedback from the users. For that, in as much as you might opt for a cheaper product, especially online, you will have to ensure that the product is authentic enough. Ensure that you have counter-checked the users’ reviews in order to be certain enough. Counterfeit products might contain harmful ingredients.

7) Effectiveness

Normally, everyone who buys a certain product will need to make sure that it works. What about the odds of it not functioning, is there a certain deal in it? For that, when you buy the pill, ensure that it has a money-back. This option gives you more assurance of the product being able to work and the opportunity of returning it, if it doesn’t work as expected.Always consider these factors whenever you want to buy a certain product for enlarging your breasts. You should always avoid a product can pose some negative effects to you.

How Do Breast Enhancement Pills Stimulate Breast Growth?

Well, that’s the question that often pops into the minds of buyers. The answer is simple. Breast enhancement pills are designed specifically to stimulate growth of breast tissues and glands. Here the growth stimulators are natural female hormones like estrogen and progesterone. These natural female hormones are produced in good quantities as a female reaches her puberty stage. These hormones activate the growth of breast tissues and make hips wider along with many other physical changes.

This entire hormonal role in breast growth stimulation has led many companies to produce products that provide estrogen hormone. Well, this naturally occurring female hormone is a hero when it comes to breast enhancement but we must not forget that it can be injurious to health in large volumes. So the top most companies started to look for more appropriate and natural solution for this problem.

Herbal remedies have been popular among female masses from ancient times. Herbs like fenugreek seeds and blessed thistle are among the good breast enhancement home remedies due to their estrogen promoting properties. Females have always relied upon these effective herbal treatments because unlike artificial chemicals and surgical procedures these are safer and produce great results.

For these reasons, the most popular breast enhancement pills carry herbal ingredients as the main growth stimulator for breasts. The phytoestrogens derived from plant sources are good at lifting, firming and shaping breasts along with adding fullness to overall look.

Do’s and Don’ts for Selection

Choosing the Top breast enhancement product is a quite daunting task, since there are so many products out there in the market and the false information and reviews add more trouble to it. So before purchasing any breast enhancement product you must have to make a list of do’s and don’ts for selection. For your convenience, we have listed down few points here:

Do’s for Selecting Breast Enhancement Pills:

  • Do check ingredients or formula of the product
  • Do market research and make a budget
  • Do look for real customer reviews and reliable advice from experts

Don’ts for Selecting Breast Enhancement Pills:

  • Don’t buy over-the-counter cheap pills to increase your bust size
  • Don’t care too much about money when every penny you spend would worth it
  • Don’t go for hormonal pills or chemical creams, these are toxic and often cause side effects
  • Don’t listen to advertisements when your gut is telling you otherwise

Use and Safety Guidelines

You must have heard the saying, “it’s better to be safe than sorry”. Well when it comes to using breast enhancement pills, you must give heed to it. All kinds of worst scenarios can happen when you don’t follow the safety and usage guidelines accurately. Though every breast enhancement pill bottle comes with its own specific leaflet of guidelines but here is a general shot at the use and safety guidelines for you:

  • While reading the use and safety guidelines for your breast enhancement pills always look for the dosage directions.
  • Never miss any dose nor overdose yourself under any circumstances for it can mess very undesirably with the expected results.
  • Keep away from children (yes, I know that one was obvious!)
  • If you see any signs of allergy with product or more severe health issues, always immediately see your doctor.
  • While purchasing a product, look for the ingredients and make sure you buy only herbal-based product.
  • Check if there are any side-effects mentioned; if so then compare your allergies and other issues with potential side-effects.
  • Always purchase the product from an official website to make sure it belongs to the intended manufacturer and is not a scam.

3 Pro Tips for Faster and Better Breast Growth Results

Though breast sizes depend upon nutrition and genetics but many women want to increase their breast size faster through breast enhancement pills. Well, different pills take different times to show results according to your health, genes and body chemistry. Here are 3 tips from industry professionals and experts to help you grow your bust size faster and have the top possible results:

1. Exercise Thrice a Week

When it comes to increasing breast size, you must know that breasts are made of fatty tissues and are not muscular. Though exercise won’t help the fatty tissues of breasts to grow but it will lift and strengthen the pectoral muscles just underneath breast area. According to professionals, if you plan a regimen of exercising thrice a week by targeting pectoral muscles along with taking breast enhancement pills then you can achieve firmer and fuller looking breasts. May be this is the reason that manufacturers of Breast Actives have come up with exercise plan.​

2. Get a Breast Enlargement Diet Plan

Milk, fruit juices and lots of water can do the trick. Staying hydrated and managing the electrolytes in the body is really important for faster breast growth results. Drinking milk daily ensures proper amounts of minerals and vitamins in your body. While, fruit juices are really important for fatty tissues of breasts, particularly papaya juice helps in digestion of protein, thus provides a boost to breast cup size. So in addition to breast enhancement pills, make sure you incorporate a breast enlargement diet plan for better and faster results.​

3. Avoid Smoking and Caffeine

Yes, if you want better and faster breast growth results with your breast enhancement pills then you would have to stop smoking and avoid caffeine intake. Well, the most well-thought and professional reason behind it is that smoking and caffeine render your metabolism to be fast thus promotes weight loss. Since, breasts are made of fatty tissues so weight loss will result in loss of breast tissues too, thus will result in a decreased breast size ultimately. If possible, you must plan to gain weight in certain limits to wear a plus size bra and look attractive.​


Big, beautiful and bulky breasts are the most valuable assets of a female body. For any woman who wants to have bigger breasts, the idea of breast enhancement pills can be both scary and thrilling at the same time. Well we hope that the above-mentioned information and reviews would help you to make the good choice and allow you to have the pleasure of flaunting your new shapelier cleavage!