12 Effective Breast Massage Tips to Increase Size Naturally

Without a doubt, the breasts are considered to be one of the most important features of the female physique. Likewise, there are a lot of ladies out there who are not satisfied with their breast size. Fortunately, there are a number of ways on how you could increase your breast size naturally and that's what we're going to discuss. Here are some of the effective breast massages tips that could make your bosoms grow a little bigger than before.

The Most Effective Breast Massage Tips to Increase Size

Tip #1: Rub your hands together as fast as possible

As much as possible, it's important to rub your hands together as fast as you can, because doing so could produce the heat and energy that would be beneficial to breast growth. Then, put your already warm hands over your chest, rub in an inward motion, then move on to rubbing in a circular motion. Your left hand should go counter-clockwise as your right hand moves clockwise.

Tip #2: Perform at least 100-300 circular rubs

Every morning and evening, make it a habit to perform at least 100-300 circular rubs. These rubs should be at about 2 seconds in length. Occasional pauses should also be observed-- this is when you rub your hands together again to produce warmth. Approximately, the 300 rubs would take 15-20 minutes. For some women, this could seem like a long time to perform a massage, but if you'll think about the benefits you could reap after, it's totally worth it.

breast massage tipsTip #3: Observe gentle strokes

Before starting the massage session, it's crucial to invest on an effective massage cream, such as BREAST ACTIVES CREAM or oil. Likewise, always opt for organic or herbal products, because they're considered to be safe and more effective. Make yourself comfortable and undress.

Scoop a liberal amount of breast enhancement cream and place at least three fingers over your breast. Massage the area gently in a downward motion. Also, it's important to avoid massage your nipples, because these parts are considered to be extremely insensitive and improper handling could result to rashes, as well as pimples.

Tip #4: Use the palm of your hand

Aside from using your fingers, you should also use the palm of your hands as you perform the breast massage. Place your palm over your breasts and move them downwards. Additionally, you should massage your breasts for at least 10 minutes within every session.

Tip #5: Use a lubricant-- oil or cream

This is an optional step, but studies show, they could trigger better results if utilized properly. Likewise, it's also an effective way to prevent your breasts from becoming sore and sensitive to touch. There are a lot of natural massage oils, creams, and lotions that are specifically made from breast enlargement. For breast enhancement creams, it's said that BREAST ACTIVES is one of the best cream that you could try. Aside from being effective, it's also very affordable and there are no side effects that you should be worried about.

You could use essential oils, such as olive oil during breast massage. Aside from giving your breasts the important nutrients it needs, it's also a great way to lubricate the area. This would also help you to move your hands smoothly, allowing it to glide over your breasts. This should be done regularly, whenever you're performing a massage.

Tip #6: Lightly knead your breasts

Hold your breasts with both hands and knead it as lightly as you can. In order to achieve optimum results, you should apply moderate pressure all throughout. This only implies that it’s not advisable to exert excessive pressure on the breasts, because this could actually have a negative impact on your breasts, such as sagging. Continue the procedure for a few minutes and this should be repeated on the other breast as well.

Tip #7: Twirl the breasts

Aside from observing gentle strokes and kneading your breasts, you should also learn how to twirl them. For best results, it's advisable to hold the breast firmly and move it in a clockwise direction. After doing that, move it in the counter-clockwise direction and repeat on the other breast as well. Do this for at least 10 times.

Tip #8: Utilize circular motions

Based on studies, circular movements could actually promote positive results, especially if the breasts are concerned. Begin from the outer circle of your breasts and move towards the center.

Tip #9: Warm Hands

If you're going to use an oil or cream, it's important to rub your hands first in order to make them warm. Rub your hands vigorously before starting the massage.

Tip #10: Try the “female deer” exercise

This type of breast exercise is labeled as a traditional Taoist exercise that's essential in breast massage. Those who've incorporated this technique have experienced faster results.

Tip #11 Repeat at least twice a day

If you really want to achieve optimum results and be a cup size larger, perform the breast massage during morning and before going to bed. Also, keep in mind that even though these procedures wouldn't yield immediate results, it could make your breasts more supple in the long run. Likewise, it's not really advisable to consider dangerous operation, but give the natural techniques a try first.

The results are really guaranteed, but it's a healthier approach and there's no need to worry about the side effects. Breast massage is considered to be safe, effective, and best of all it could also be a way to relax, especially when you're stressed.

Tip #12 Relax

Last, but definitely not least, after performing the above mentioned tips, you should never forget to relax. Close your eyes and try to remove all the worries inside your head. Whatever you do, ensure that you wouldn't be lying on your stomach-- 'cause it would only prevent you from experiencing the results you're aiming for.

Allow your skin to absorb the cream or oil that could promote breast growth.

The key is, try to be patient, because even though breast massage is considered to be effective, the results don't happen overnight-- it could take several weeks to months, but this doesn't mean you should stop massaging your breasts when it seems like nothing is even happening.


  1. pls i have started this massage with coconut but the breast started paining me two days after i started.is it normal. i mean its like the pain i experienced when i started growing my breast initially


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