51 Breast Enhancement Tips

Did you know that it is possible to enhance the look, feel, size and shape of your breasts without necessarily undergoing plastic surgery? While you are all aware that we should not be defined by size of your breasts, it is hard not yearn for the perfect breasts to combat self-consciousness as well as improve self-image and social life by boosting your confidence. However, if you have been put off plastic surgeries, most of which result in post complications such as scarring, ruptures and allergic reactions that pose a threat to your overall health, and are instead looking for alternative breast enhancement means, look no further. We seek to effectively and exhaustively give you the alternative natural ways with our breast enhancement tips.


1] Target Chest and Pectoral Muscles
Exercises are a great way to firming up the breasts and enhancing their shape and youthful look. The best exercises for breast enhancement apart from Yoga are exercises that target the chest or pectoral muscles that offer breasts supports. These exercises strengthen these muscles ensuring that your breasts remain perky and do not sag. Find a professional exercise program that specifically targets these areas.

2] Lift Weights
Many women avoid lifting weights believing the perpetual myth that they will develop bulging muscles that will make them lose their feminine look. However, far from building tons of muscle, lifting weights is a great way to shape up and firm up your breasts. These exercises target loose fatty tissue around the breasts and instead contour the breasts in an appealing manner.

3] Get a Physical Examination
As with any exercise program, the key to getting the most out of your hard work without complications occurring afterwards is to get a doctor's check and stamp of approval on the exercises that you should start doing. Some exercises are not suitable for people with health problems and you therefore need to know the right exercises that won't compromise your overall health.

4] Warm-Up Exercises
The bane of all workouts especially during the early stages is the stiff muscles and painful cramps that may develop immediately after, or a day or two after the exercises. To avoid cramps and stiff muscles, the key is in doing warm up exercises before and after your actual intense workout. These include jogging.

5] Be Consistent
To see the desired results, be patient and follow you exercise program without giving up. Consistency is the key to steadily getting into shape.

6] Always make sure your lower back is supported when doing breast enhancement exercises.

7] Keep the middle area of your body as firm as you possibly can.

8] After exercising, always take a few minutes to stretch and cool off to avoid muscle pain.

9] As a beginner always take your time and not do intense workouts immediately otherwise you may sustain muscle and ligament injuries.

10] It is better to do a variety of exercises rather than stick to one routine. This will keep you from losing interest and at the same time give you all the benefits associated with each.

11] Look for the best exercise program that suits you in for of a video to help you do your exercises in the right way.

12] Do push-ups to strengthen breast support muscles.

13] Try Chest presses using a pair of dumbbells to strengthen muscle and promote breast tissue growth and development.

14] Maximize the effectiveness of your exercise program by using an enhancement pill while continuing with your program. Breast Actives is one that not only works well alone, but also produces stellar results when used with exercise routines.

15] If you are not happy doing push-ups or lack enough floor space, then substitute push-ups with wall-ups instead.

16] Try swimming to firm up the breasts after increased size.


17] Yoga Overview
Yoga involves exercise poses that help build muscle, enhance flexibility and tone the body. When doing yoga poses to help enhance your breasts, these exercises not only expand the chest and strengthen and tone the muscles supporting the breasts, but they also help develop breast tissue increasing their size with time.

18] Get an Instructor
Though yoga is something you can do at home probably with the help of an instructor video, for the newbies, it is best to start off by enlisting the services of a professional yoga instructor to ensure that you are performing the yoga poses in the right way.

19] Deep Breathing
Paramount to any exercise is deep breathing. Exercises are demanding and to avoid breathing complications and panting yourself to sheer exhaustion, then practice the art of deeps breathing. In fact, Yoga and deep breathing go hand in hand and this not only helps in chest expansion and muscle building and toning but also improves your health and circulation.

20] Helps Tone Muscle
Have you ever wondered why yoga is a favorite exercise option for dancers? The flexibility it instills in the body is through toning muscles and stretching. These have the same reflect on breast support and chest muscles. By toning these muscles, yoga helps them firm the breasts up and maintain their youthful look.

21] Yoga Improves Posture
Another benefit of yoga is improved posture. There are numerous yoga poses and enacting these poses helps improves posture. How does that enhance breasts you ask? Great posture equals to bigger breasts look. The head high, shoulders back posture apart from making your breasts look bigger, gives you confidence and therefore, an improved quality of life.

Foods and Supplements

22] Take Foods with Estrogenic Compounds
Estrogen helps increase breast cup size and having a higher levels of estrogen in your body helps enhance your breast size. It can be sourced from foods such as soy yoghurt and flax seeds, to mention but a few, or from herbs. These should be taken in sizable quantities to increase the amount of estrogen.

23] Foods with High Sugar Content
Foods with high sugar content are great in making breasts bigger by increasing and developing the breast tissue. However they lead to weight gain and should only be cautiously used in cases where you don't mind gaining some weight

24] Check Ingredients
When taking supplements, be conscious of the ingredients used. Some ingredients are great at increasing estrogen levels and therefore increasing breast size while others do the opposite. Maximizing your intake of the former could lead to an increase in your breast size.

25] Take Enhancement Herbs
Herbs date hundreds of years ago and have always has been excellent for treating various ailments. Some herbs are on the other hand considered to increase estrogen levels and are therefore a good addition to your everyday meals. Such herbs include Fenugreek, Fennel and Saw Palmetto. Fenugreek helps retain water that not only stimulates development of breast cells and tissue but also makes the breast look bigger. Fennel on the other hand is a rich source of estrogen while Saw Palmetto increases breast size by increasing the levels of estrogen found in your body. These herbs can be added to meals and salads for an improved taste too.

26] Fruits and Vegetables
These keep your body healthy even as it undergo changes and provides the right nutrients that affect cell growth as well as help tone your breasts. They should definitely be part of your diet.

Breast Massage

27] Get Essential Oils
Breast massages might seem like a waste of time to the skeptical person but it has been proven to work when done consistently and in the right way. As with any other type of massage, oil is needed in order to warm the breasts up and enhance the skin for massage stimulation maximizing the massage's effectiveness. This stimulates cell growth and tones the breasts. Massages are many with some suitable for sagging breasts and others for small ones. All of them however not only help increase bust size, but also help contour, shape up and firm up the breast. The best oils to use are coconut, lavender, tea tree and flaxseed oils among others.

28] Learn the Benefits
Breast massages are a great habit to develop as they enhance and maintain the youthful appearance of your breasts. They contour your breasts therefore, improving their shape as well. In addition, breast massages help release toxins and improve the lymphatic system by stimulating the lymph located around the breast area.

29] Get a Good Breast Massage Routine
A massage routine is something you should stick to and follow every time you start massaging your breasts. Massages session should be last for at least 10 minutes and this is the equivalent of at least 250 rotations.

30] Learn the Right Way
Though breast massages if not done right do not result in health complications, they may end up having the opposite effect and actually reduce your bust size. To avoid this, always ensure your motions are inward. The massages should start from the outer part of the breast to the inner part in circular motions that go towards each other. Using outward motions reduces your breast size. The massage should also focus on the outer part of the breasts avoiding the nipples.

31] Massage the Underarm
While doing a breast massage, it is important to also consider massaging the underarms as this helps enhance circulation and improve the lymphatic system's operations.

32] Avoid Squeezing
Squeezing does not count as a massage and rather than promote circulation, it works in the same way as an ill-fitting bra, cutting off circulation and loosening tissue. Therefore, when in the house avoid confining your breasts in bras.

33] Be Consistent
Breast massage sessions should be done daily for at least two times. This consistency helps maintain the effect of the massage on your breasts. The most ideal time to perform your massage is just before you go to bed to maximize on the active hormones.


34] Relax
Is it a possible to wish yourself a bigger breast size? Studies as well as testimonials attest to the fact that it is possible to enhance your breasts through the power of the mind- meditation. Meditation seems like too much effort at first but starting it is quite easy. To begin, you will need to relax. Concentrating on a certain point in the room or putting on relaxing music helps. You should then let your mind relax and close your eyes.

35] Location
The key to relaxing is choosing a location that induces a sense of comfort. It could be outdoors or indoors, but as long as it gets you in the mood to relax and let go, it’s perfect!

36] Focus
Meditation requires focus. Most people focus by imagining or even silently counting numbers backward from 100 to 0 until they can shut out their surroundings and see the numbers in their mind clearly.

37] Visualize
Once you relax and focus, visualize increasing your breast size until you feel the sensation in your breasts. This happens when the power of your mind influences your body's actions making it concentrate on improving your breasts.

38] Make it a Regular Habit
Once you get the hang of meditation, you should make it a regular habit and do it at least daily in order to keep your body focused on enhancing your breasts.

Breast Enhancement Pills

39] Do Your Research
Breast enhancement pills are a great way to quickly enhance your breasts. Most pills work by increasing the levels of estrogen in your body. However, before you start using a breast enhancement pill, it is advisable to do your research on it and find out whether it is a safe and effective option

40] Don't Jump Into the Bandwagon
Most people go with the flow using the latest pill that comes into the market every time a new one is unveiled. To avoid this, carefully select your choice and if it works, stick to it. Breast Actives is one such effective buy. Not only is it safe and effective, but it is also natural combining natural and herbal compounds to help maintain the youthful appearance of your breasts.

41] Go Natural
Always choose a breast enhancement pill that is natural and herbal as this way you are able to ascertain its ingredients and gain an understanding that would be difficult to get with pharmacological ingredients. For instance, Breast Actives consists of natural ingredients such as kelp, fenugreek, damina root, fennel, blessed thistle and watercress. This not only helps increase the size of your breasts but also helps make them shapelier by contouring them and combating sagging.

42] Get a Professional Opinion
If you are unsure of which pill to choose or you want more information on a certain pill, then approaching a professional for help in making the decision is a good idea. He or she is able to explain to you in layman's language about what the pills can do and any other information related to the pill.

43] Breast Enhancer Bra
While it is advisable to stay away from plunging necklines if your breasts are small, wearing a good push up bra or a bra that has cross straps can go a long way in enhancing your breasts making them look bigger and bouncier.

44] Breast enhancement cream
Use of a firming cream on your breasts, you can get perkier breasts as the cream tones the breast and surrounding tissue and at the same time improving your skin's elasticity.

45] Use Make up
Using a bronzer and highlighter to contour your breasts can create an illusion of an amazing cleavage which consequents hints at bigger breasts. To do this, spread bronzer between your breasts with your bra on and brush it upwards and outwards to create a shadow.
A shiny or shimmery highlighter on the collarbone and breasts tops completes the makeover session giving your breasts a better bigger appearance.

46] Sunscreen
Ah! The essential item no one should go without. To enhance your breasts and prevent them from being aged, always apply sunscreen around the chest area whenever you are going out during the day. This keeps the skin from getting sunburns and wrinkles, not to mention guarding against skin cancer.

47] Wear a Sports Bra during Workouts
Most people with small breasts forgot bras when exercising or otherwise wear unsupportive bras. To avoid the jiggling up and sown movements of your breasts from resulting in lost muscle flexibility which leads to breasts sagging, always wear a fitting sports bra when exercising.

48] Give up the Smokes
Smoking not only increases chances of developing breast cancer, but additionally, it causes premature aging of the skin making your chest area look an appealing. To enhance your breasts, then quitting smoking helps improves the appearance of your breasts.

49] Wear the right bra sizes
Most women wear the wrong bra size which could lead to breathing problems, bad posture and irritated skin. It can lead to pain, discomfort and sagging breasts. To avoid this, always get professionally measured.

50] Tops and Dresses with Details and Bold patterns and Colors
Wearing tops and dresses of bold color and detailed necklines such as ruffle, jewelry, gathers and prints gives the illusion of shapelier and bigger breasts.

51] Avoid Caffeine
Research shows that caffeine when taken in large amount stunts growth and therefore its intake should be kept minimal.

Concisely, enhancing your breasts without plastic surgery or other invasive procedures has many benefits. On the foremost is the boost of confidence you get. Confidence when in swim wears as well as improved social life due to improved self-image. Fitting clothes also gets easier as they tend to fit better offering you a chance to play around and revamp your wardrobe. All in all, breast enhancement without the hassle of implants is a cause for celebration.


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