The Best Bras for Everyday Use – 2017 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever wondered buying a bra that not only provides a good shape but is comfortable too? The best bra is the one that comes in a complete package of shape and comfort..

Selecting the best bra for yourself (women, girls or teen) can be challenging sometimes, as to get one benefit you have to overlook the other one. In our article today, we will try to highlight some of the best bras available in the market that will help you to make the perfect selection.

Best Everyday Bras - At A Glance!

So before, we make any move to explain as what to expect from everyday bra, we would like to highlight certain figures and facts about the top 10 best everyday bras in the comparison table below.




Distinct factors

Editor’s Rating


Cups – 100% polyester, frames – 90% Nylon, Band Lining – 50% Cotton

Full coverage with padded straps


Pad – 100% Cotton, Center Belt – 81% Nylon

4-way support system with adjustable straps + rounder cups + smooth back & high sided frame


53% Cotton: 35% Modal

A sports bra that is trendy and stylish


91% Nylon; 9% Spandex

Comes with elasticized band that makes it easier to pull over


82% Nylon – 18% Spandex

Provides a full coverage that prevents from a spill over


95% Nylon – 9% Spandex

Broad straps with 4-way stretchable fabric providing support and comfort


80% Nylon – 20% Spandex

Adjustable straps and concealed under wires that provide more comfort


78% Nylon – 22% Spandex

Under wire bra with stylish looking cups


Mixture of Nylon, polyester, and Spandex

Sleek and thin foam cups for a better shape


95% Cotton – 5% Spandex

Full coverage bra that gives a pull over style

Many women put greater emphasis on getting a perky shape while buying an everyday bra, while some only look for comfort. It is very common to compromise one of the either factors while making a decision. Let us explain, as what makes a women bra the most comfortable one for everyday use:

  • If you are looking for a girl’s bra that you wish to wear for an entire day, then Playtex Women’s Comfort Bra can be your brand. It comes in a variety of colors and can provide you comfort for an extended period of 18 hours.
  • Supportive shape that is also without those itchy wires, Playtex Women’s Wire free Bra can be your must-have item. It claims to have 100% cotton pads, comes in different cups sizes and can be considered best bra for small breasts because of its wire free push up effects.
  • For a more sporty look and tighter appearance, Calvin Klein’s Cotton Bralette can be a fantasie bra for all sporty women around. It is totally surprising to get such a designer bra at such an affordable price, so it can be a good deal.
  • A completely different from its kind is Hane’s Women Wirefree Bra that is pull on closure. It needs no hooks to get locked and you can simply take it off without any hassle. You can easily get a black and red bra in this brand. We recommend you to add it to your buying list as per your preferences.
  • If you are more conscious to get a sexier and perkier look, then Warner’s Women’s Underwire is not a full-coverage bra. You can get this soft bra at a reasonable low price.
  • Complete comfort, soft fabric and full coverage are some major factors defining Bali Women’s wire free Comfort Bra. This reasonably priced bra comes in four way stretchable fabric with broad supportive straps and U-shaped back. This can be your perfect bra, which gives you comfort and style both.
  • A perfect bra for big breasts and broad shouldered women can be Wacoal Women’s Underwire Bra. The 2-ply fabric cupped bra comes in different colors and sizes and has a concealed inner sling that provides a better shape and support.
  • Vanity Fair Women’s Bra comes in neutral colors that go with any kind of dress design. This underwire bra has adjustable shoulder straps with a delicate lace attached stitched in the center bust. This bra might be a perfect match for your aesthetic sense.
  • When a cotton comfort bra combines with an underwired alike bra, it becomes Bali’s Revolution wire free Bra. They claim this wonder bra gives a stylish and sexy appearance to your breasts by enhancing your bust line and that too with added comfort.
  • A sportier and less perky bra is Fruit of the Loom Cotton Sports Bra. If you are less picky with style and sexier appearance, then this bra can be your brand. It comes in neutral as well as feminine colors with lesser added styles.


So here, we would like to present the top 10 most comfortable bras for everyday use with a brief description of each, as it will help you to make the right decision.

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra

If you are a woman who has to wear bra for extended hours, and not just the regular hours, then you must have come across Playtex Women’s Comfort Bra 4693 lately. This bra is designed by keeping in mind some intricate details of style and comforts both.

Material (fabric): Spanette + Nylon + Cotton fabric (It provides extra support and comfort, making it a better choice for prolong usage)

Color: White, Nude, Sandshell, Black, Blue Velvet, etc.

Size: 34D to 54DDD

Type: Full coverage bra, prevents the spillover with hook and eye closure feature.

Cup Type: Non-padded

Suitable for (Occasion): works all day to offer lift and support

Comes in a huge variety of shape and colors, Playtex Comfort Bra, is a one-stop bra shop for all.

A happy and contend customer wrote her experience with this comfort Bra, as how she managed to find the perfect size in Playtex’s comfort collection. She is amazed to see the bra price too which is absolutely reasonable.


  • best bra for big breasts
  • Can be machine washed
  • High-quality for reasonable price


  • Doesn’t come in smaller sizes
  • Less stylish

Playtex Women’s Wire free Bra

Moving towards a more stylish bra that provides a full coverage is Playtex Women’s wire free bra. The most unique factor is this soft bra has a wired bra like shape but doesn’t have any wires attached to it. So, if you are really a person that put greater emphasis on comfort, then this bra might be the perfect solution.

Material: Spanette fabric

Color: White, Nude, Sandshell, Black, Blue Velvet, etc.

Size: 36B to 46DDD

Type: Full coverage bra, provides full support with triple hook and eye closure feature.

Cup Type: Non-padded

Suitable for (Occasion): works all day to offer lift and support

A happy customer wrote that she had tried several brands over time but ended up buying Playtex wire-free bra every time.

“It gives a really good posture to my ageing breasts and now I can wear any dress confidently without giving a second thought.”

She feels that shopping bras has never been so easier.


  • Provide a lifted appearance
  • Padded with detailed lace
  • Soft Bra for comfort


  • Less trendy and more traditional

Calvin Klein’s Cotton Bralette

Have you ever wondered that you can also look sexy and perky by wearing those conventional sports bra? If you haven’t thought of it, you might have not heard of Calvin Klein’s Cotton Bralette exclusively tailored for women. Now, you can look both sporty and sexy at the same time by wearing these fabulous bras. You can pick any color of your choice that matches your taste and preferences.

Material: Mix of Cotton, modal and spandex fabric.

Color: Wide variety of colors and design range with imprinted brand logo

Size: X-small to X-large

Type: Racerback bralette with scoop neckline

Cup Type: Non-padded

Suitable for (Occasion): Typically works for sports activities and can be worn all day to offer lift and support.

A regular customer writes that her height is 5’ 7” and she wears 34C and she got the medium. Though she feels the fabric is thin but still happy to carry a brand in her closet. She suggests this bra to anyone who is looking for a style and comfort both.


  • Printed logo of Calvin Klein
  • Provides a firm look
  • Machine wash


  • Fabric is t-shirt like and has to be more supportive

Hanes Women's Cozy Seamless Wire Free Bra

A more traditional bra that doesn’t put you into hassle of hook and closure is Hane’s Women wire free bra. Amazingly, this bra can also be worn during night time as the soft and stretchable fabric provides support and comfort. Its wide straps are easy to move and fix on shoulders without leaving any marks.

Material: Mix of Nylon and Spandex fabric

Color: Wide variety of unusual colors

Size: Small to 3X Plus

Type: Pullover bra

Cup Type: full coverage wire-free

Suitable for (Occasion): For all day comfort

A contend customer wrote a review in which she wrote about her work nature and experience with this bra. She said,

“I work from home and don’t have to dress up formally all the time. But I have to be presentable during my working hours. I love wearing this bra during my work as it makes me appear formal and confident. I have never found such bra on bra stores. Though, it is not a preferable bra for a heavy workout, but for a regular work routine, yes it is.”


  • Best bra to have a semi-formal look
  • Easy pull over option for a quicker change


  • Not recommended for formal setups
  • Less support

Warner’s Women’s Underwire Bra

Now let us think for a second, as how often we have managed to get a bra that makes you look sexy but provides comfort too. We believe it is too seldom. Many bras for women are trendy but unfortunately too itchy and uncomfortable to wear. Warner’s Women underwire Bra has best understood your problem by introducing a full-coverage bra for its users. This amazing new bra helps you to transform yourself into sexy and confident women by picking up the right color and size.

Material: Mix of Nylon and Spandex fabric

Color: Wide variety of beautiful colors

Size: 34B to 40D

Type: underwire t-shirt bra

Cup Type: Full-coverage to prevent spill over

Suitable for (Occasion): For all day comfort and support.

One of the best reviews we came across is from a woman who considers Warner’s Women’s Bra as a life saver for her. She wrote that she has been using this bra for several years and is no mood to switch to other brand. This is the only brand that doesn’t cause any pain while giving a push up to bust line. She believes that it is a must have item for every women.


  • Most stylish and trendy bra
  • Stops annoying spillovers


  • Too much coverage
  • Flattened look sometimes

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra

Bali’s Women’s Bra is a wire free bra that comes in four way stretchable fabric that provides extra support through broader straps. The U-shaped back provides a stylish look and comfort too. It can be recommended as the best bra for women with saggy breasts and too much loose skin in surrounding area. Its wire free structure works miraculously by adding a more feminine touch to your bustline.

Material: Mix of Nylon and Spandex fabric

Color: White, black, nude and many other fabulous colors

Size: X-small to XXX-large

Type: Seamless wire-free comfort bra (minimizer)

Cup Type: Stretch-fit cups

Suitable for (Occasion): For all day-long smart comfort and support

A customer wrote about her unique and wonderful experience with this bra. She wrote that her sagging breasts are well supported with the soft fabric and she doesn’t has to buy those wired bra. Though she felt the fabric is too soft so sometimes it doesn’t provide the shape that one expects.


  • Reasonably priced for unique experience
  • Wire free bra but provides good support and shape


  • Fabric is way too thin

Wacoal Women's Awareness Underwire Bra

When style blends in with comfort, Warner’s Women’s Bra comes into picture as the perfect brand. Designed to meet the aesthetic sense of women that are eager to get a sexy look with comfort.

Material: Mix of Nylon and Spandex fabric

Color: Wide range of feminine colors such as pink, light blue, red, etc.

Size: 32D to 44H

Type: Full-busted under-wire bra

Cup Type: two-ply fabric molded bra

Suitable for (Occasion): Seamless look and extra comfort for everyday use

A review from a happy customer said that when doing shopping for a job interview, the first thing in her mind was to get the right bra before buying the professional dress. Getting a bra for her big breasts was really a challenge for her, but Warner’s Bra solved this eternal problem of hers. She not only picked up the right size but a color of her choice too. She is still in the state of disbelief.


  • Best bra for wide range of feminine colors
  • Available in any size


  • Wearing for extended hours may cause discomfort

Vanity Fair Women's Full Figure Underwire Bra

When comfort and style comes with an additional benefit of sexiness, then Vanity Women Bra appears as the best choice. The wide back provides a smoother look in front and gives a classy appearance under your dress. Its silky soft fabric doesn’t cause discomfort even if you wear for extended period.

Material: Mix of Nylon and Spandex fabric

Color: Wide range of colors from neutral to more feminine

Size: 36C to 44DD

Type: Full figure under-wire bra

Cup Type: Full-coverage wired cups with slim padding

Suitable for (Occasion): Comfort and support for extended hours for everyday use

A customer wrote that she owns this bra in various colors. Wearing this bra makes her feel that she isn’t wearing anything at all. The under wires are concealed properly and doesn’t dig into the skin from anywhere. She is definitely a regular customer now.


  • Best bra for a higher look
  • Washable fabric with soft feeling


  • too tight sometimes
  • Not for small figure women

Bali Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra

Bali revolutionary bra is a wonderful brand if you are looking for multiple features in one bra. These features can be style, look, and comfort. This fabulous bra imitates the performance of a wired bra easily.

Material: 100% cotton fabric

Color: Wide range of colors from basic natural colors to brighter feminine shades

Size: 32B to 40DD

Type: Sweetheart neckline wirefree bra

Cup Type: Seamless foam-lined cups

Suitable for (Occasion): Comfort and support for all day

A dental hygienist wrote her experience with Bali’s Revolutionary Bra as really an amazing one. As her profession demands to move her hands and shoulders a lot, this bra never slid off from her shoulders. Besides that, the provided support is outstanding. It is best bra she could ever get.


  • Straps are fixed to the shoulders
  • Provide a prolonged support to bigger breasts too
  • Best bra for mobility support


  • loosens after few months

Fruit of the Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra

A sportier, comfortable and less perky bra is Fruit of the Loom Cotton Sports Bra. This bra is designed for girls that put more emphasis on getting a sports bra and not some formal wear for daily use. This is a perfect bra for extended workout sessions as its soft fabric doesn’t cause itchiness while your body sweats.

Material: Mix of cotton and spandex fabric

Color: Wide range of colors from basic to trendy pastels

Size: 32 to 44

Type: Strappy pull-over sports bra

Cup Type: Full-coverage 2-ply stretch construction cups

Suitable for (Occasion): Workouts and active daily routine

A 48 year old mom wrote her experience of this bra that provided her comfort and support to her sagging breasts. The bottom has a thick elastic band wrapped in cotton that fits well on the place and doesn’t roll over. And there is no side or top spill overs too. She is one happy customer.


  • A comfortable sports bra
  • No breasts spillage
  • Best bra for active lifestyle


  • Not for sporty cum stylish women
  • Bad nip coverage

Buyer’s Guide to Select Best Bra for Everyday Use

Things to look for in the top bra

Comfort & Best Fitting

Whether you are buying a wired or wire free bra, you must ensure it is comfortable to wear for prolonged hours. Some bras are very stylish and trendy but do not provide comfort to its users.


Apart from the comfort factor there are several considerations that need to be considered while getting one. For example, an ideal buy is one that feels comfortable and at the same time, adds charm to your physical outlook.

No Spillovers

Your bra must prevent you from side and upside pullovers. This generally happens when you do not find the right bra size and have to wear the wrong one.

Pushup look

Even your everyday bra must provide a full support and a push up look to your bust line. A bra that flattens your chest is definitely not preferred.

How to be a smart online bra shopper?

Get an authentic Product

Sometimes, women ended up buying a counterfeit product that is very common with online bra shopping. It is always a better option to shop from an authentic online sellers or stores.

Product Reviews

It is always recommended to go through online bra reviews that are easily available. Product reviews along with comparative analysis help you to pick up the best amongst all. Online ratings should also be considered well before making a purchase decision

Some other steps will also help you as follows:

  • Product’s characteristics must be read in detail to know as they match your requirements or not. In this way, you won’t end up buying an unwanted bra.
  • Some brands do not cater all breasts sizes and offer limited size range. Therefore, you should know your right size so that you can check the availability before buying.

How to wear and care for everyday bra?

best bra care

Read washing instructions

Most of the bras comes in hand washed fabric, so it is advisable to avoid machine wash. Use washing machine only when it is advisable. Some bras use intense coloring, so it is better to wash them separately with a minimal quantity of detergent

Change your bra at the right time

Over the time, your bra starts to loosen up and doesn’t provide the support you are looking for. Besides, the color too starts to fade away and this is the right time to retire your bra while getting a new one.

Combo (Multipurpose) Best Bra Picks for Online Shopping


Top Pick's Bra

Recommended for

Check Price

18 hours long comfort

Medium Impact Sports

Best Nursing & Maternity Bras

Maximum comfort with buttery soft fabric

Reusable and perfect for strapless, low-cut and backless dresses

Best Strapless Bras

Great for Larger bust

All-day support for special occasions

Low Back Bra Converters

Great choice for open-back or low back dresses


So far, we have discussed ten different types of bra and to conclude we would like to recommend the best one. By analyzing the aforementioned ones, we recommend Playtex Women’s Comfort Bra. This suggestion is made on various factors, amongst which comfort is the primary one. This bra provides multiple benefits to its users in terms of comfort, support, look, style and affordability. Buying the best bra online has never been so easy, since Playtex knows what you are looking for.

To conclude, we would admit the fact that getting the perfect bra can get challenging sometimes. Being a buyer, you might end up having a bra that is totally not up to your standards. However, you always have the option to complete your search and analyzing your findings before making any buying decision. After all, online reviews and product details are only a single click away.

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