Breast Enlargement Cream – Top 3 Best Bust Cream Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Breast Enlargement Cream

Breast enhancing creams have taken over markets since long. But a woman wonders whether it is worth the money they spend. It is largely A MATTER OF TIME to see the results. Going under the knives for breast enhancement needs a lot of courage and growing up breasts with creams demand time and patience. We understand when the market is bombarded with too much brands and non brands products it becomes hard to choose. This article aims at dealing with all your worries and answering most of the questions you have in your mind.

Breast Cream Applications and Benefits

  • Massaging is the key
  • Firmer and fuller breasts
  • Lifts sagging breasts
  • Painless
  • Wrinkle-less skin
  • Safe, if chosen wisely
  • Affordable

Top 3 Breast Enlargement Creams

We have picked top 3 best breast creams to help you enhance your breast size and achieve a perkier and younger look.

Here are the best 3 breast enlargement creams.

  1. Breast Actives

  2. Brestrogen

  3. Naturaful

Comparison Table for Best Breast Enhancement Creams

why breast actives
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#1 Breast Actives (Recommended)

#2 Brestrogen

#3 Naturaful


Best quality product

Best quality product

Best quality product

Best Features

It enhances breast growth and encourages the overall health as well

Its ingredients are powerful enough to show up results as early as 6 weeks

It caters post pregnancy deformation and gets women back in shape


100% safe

100% safe

100% safe

Product Guarantee

90 days money back guarantee

60 days money back guarantee

60 days money back guarantee


$59.95 for one month supply, $109.95 for 2 months supply, and $239.95 for five months supply

1 box price is $74.97 and for 2 boxes the price is $149.94 and 4 month supply price is 224.91

It starts from $39


Free 2 month supply

With 3 boxes get 1 box free

Free Naturaful handbook

Initial Results

25 days

60 days

30 days

Final Results

90 days

180 days

180 days

Expert Rating




Success Rate




Discreet Packaging

Discreet Packaging

Discreet Packaging

Discreet Packaging

Customer Support Availability




Worldwide Shipping Cost

Free shipping around the globe

Extra shipping cost

Extra shipping cost

Ordering Method




Payment Method

Credit Card/Paypal

Credit Card Only

Credit Card/Paypal


1. Breast Actives (Our No.1 Recommendation)

breast actives breast enlargement cream

At this point of time Breast Actives is the love of customers around the world and for that very reason we would rate it as number 1 cream. Breast Actives is considered the complete package for breast enhancement available in the market at present time. It is a dual delivery system which includes cream as well as pills in its program to aid you to get the desired results.

Breast Actives provides dual delivery system, a convenience for the women to choose pills or creams according to their preferences.


The cream is made up of all natural ingredients which enter through the skin when this cream is massaged and the active substances work on the targeted area. The formula of Breast Actives is 100% safe, natural and effective. It consists of:

  • Chamomile Extract
  • Almond Oil
  • Red Clover Extract
  • Wild Yam Extract
  • Pueraria Mirifica Extract
  • Vitamins E & A
  • Avena Sativa Extract
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • Saw Palmetto Extract and excipients


  • It is a simple 2 step program
  • It gives long lasting results
  • Inexpensive


  • Does not give instant results, you have to be patient
  • It is hard to get your hands on as demand is too high
  • Older bras and tops won’t fit


Usage: Breast Actives basically is a three step system; Supplement/Pills, Cream and Exercise. Supplement contains plant-based estrogen-like compounds and act as a substitute for body's natural estrogen. Cream is massaged in circular motion. Exercise speeds up the process of firming the sagging breasts.

Promised Results: The best possible results are promised by the manufacturers of this product.

Safety of Use: As Breast Actives is free of chemicals. so, it is considered to be safe to use. Till date no potential side-effects are reported which makes it safe and reliable.

Brand Reliability: All the essential oils and extracts are natural. So, a perfect combination of herbs and oils make it the best cream available.

Success Rate: Customers of Breast Actives always appreciate and rate it higher on scale which is a proof of this product's success rate. Customers do claim that this cream gives them long lasting results.

Speed of Results: Though Breast Actives provides fuller, firmer and bigger breasts but that too does not happen overnight. The consistency and patience to use this product to get the desired results is a must. It can start showing results in 4th week onwards to 4th month and results may vary from person to person.

Side Effects: There are no long lasting or potential side-effects associated with this cream.

Deals: The official website of Breast Actives keeps offering deals of Buy 3 and Get 2 month FREE supply is a limited time offer they are offering now. By ordering now you can save up to $119.90.

Best Feature: All natural ingredients are the best feature of this product and this is why women choose this product.

Recommendation: Based on our research and customer reviews we would highly recommend this product and would rate it #1 in our list.

Bottom Line

Breast Actives was introduced in the market back in 2002. Since then this product has proved to be effective for more than 95% women. It's all natural composition and no side effects have brought it a good rapport and positive reviews from its customers. Breast Actives is also said DO-IT-YOURSELF at Home Therapy as it is 100% safe and is inexpensive too. So, if you need larger and shapelier breasts you must get your hands on Breast Actives.

brestrogen herbal breast enlargement cream

Brestrogen is a well-reputed product among women due to its herbal contents and satisfying results. That’s why, women who wish to look sexier and want firm and large breasts, prefer Brestrogen over surgery. Its main herbal ingredient is Pueraria Mirifica, best known for breast enhancement products among women.

Brestrogen is the potent herbal product for the women who desire breast enhancement without any side-effects and its ingredient Pueraria Mirifica ensures it.


The main ingredient of Brestrogen is Pueraria Mirifica which itself contains Miroestrol, Deoxymiroestrol, Isoflavones, and Coumestrol. The second ingredient is Vitamin E which is a nutrient and an antioxidant too.


  • It absorbs easily into the skin with massage
  • It gives a youthful appearance
  • All-natural formula with good results


  • Consistent use is needed for best results
  • User might need new tops and new bras for increased size


Usage: It is advisable to take 2-3 drops and massage in circulation motion on each breast. This cream should be used twice a day.

Results: As each individual is different so, some might start getting results earlier and others a bit later. On average it takes 2-4 months for results to appear.

Safety of Use: The safe natural composition of this product makes it safe to use.

Brand reliability: Reviews have shown that customers rate this product as reliable.

Ingredients: The ingredients used in this product are all natural such as Pueraria Mirifica.

Success rate: On a percentage scale this product has 80-90% success.

Side effects: There are no serious and life threatening side effects noted.

Brestrogen discount deal: They keep updating their official website about offers. They are offering Best Value Pack of Buy 3 and Get 1 box free which will save you $179.95. You can grab the deal.

Customer service: They respond to customer queries quickly. Customers can reach them via email, contact form and phone.

Customer Satisfaction: As the product has natural ingredients and there are no long lasting effects we have found good number of customers satisfied after using this product.

Best Feature of the Product: It not only enhances the breasts but also diminishes stretch marks and wrinkle and improves the texture of the skin.

Recommendation: This would be really helpful if you want to increase your bust up to two cup size. We do recommend this product.

Bottom Line

Brestrogen cream is a breast enhancement cream which is trusted by thousands of women around the world. Without surgery you can get fuller and firmer breasts by using Brestrogen cream. The natural ingredients of this cream absorb into the skin easily and give you a more youthful appearance. It is advisable that pregnant and lactating women should avoid using this product.

naturaful reviews

Naturaful is herbal cream which increases breast size, firms it, and lifts it up. It is clinically tested, safe and effective treatment for breast enhancement. We would recommend it for all the women who are into herbal breast enhancement options.

Naturaful breast cream is the choice of women who wants a breast enhancement solution they can rely on. Though slow results, but due to herbal formula it’s risk-free.


All the ingredients found in Naturaful are natural botanicals which have been used since ages for various ailments. Naturaful is composed of Mexican Wild Yam, Dong Quai and Blessed Thistle.


  • It gives a youthful look to your breasts.
  • It is safe and easy to use as it contains all natural herbs
  • It is an inexpensive cream which is available globally.


  • Slow results
  • At times breast enhancement creams give you a limited increase in cup size.
  • New size tops and bras will be needed.


Usage: The cream is easy to use. It involves no rocket science and just a small amount massaged properly on each breast brings results.

Promised Results: The manufacturers claim that this cream gives its results within six weeks onwards.

Safety of Use: As Naturaful is an all natural product, so it is the safest cream to be used.

Ingredients: The safe formula of Naturaful includes Blessed Thistle, Dong Quai, and Mexican Wild Yam.

Success rate: This formula has been popular among women from quite a time. Women claim it to be 1 easy solution for larger, fuller breasts which shows that the success rate is really good.

Speed of Results: It takes up to six week to show its results.

Side effects: No serious side-effects are reported.

Discount deal: They offer 60 days money back guarantee, free shipping (on selected packages) and free Naturaful handbook to reveal secret tips and exercises.

Customer service: An efficient customer service is available 24/7. Customers can reach them via contact form and toll free number.

Customer Satisfaction: Those women who have used this cream for breast enhancement purpose have reviewed this cream as the reliable one and are more than satisfied.

Best Feature of the Product: The best feature of this product is that it can also be used by mothers. Yes, women when become pregnant and give birth undergo a body deformation. Naturalful helps them to get back into shape and feel confident.

RecommendationNaturalful is recommended because it is clinically tested and proven product.

Bottom Line

Naturaful is one of the most used and trusted breast enhancement creams. It lifts, firms and even balances hormonal imbalance. This is the cream which is safe to use post pregnancy as it reshapes the deformed body after birth. There are no noticeable side-effects of this cream. It also enhances bust line and improves sense of well-being.

Buying Guide - Why and How You Should Buy Breast Enhancement Creams?

Why to prefer breast enhancement cream over surgery?

Breast enhancement creams are becoming popular and the women are negating the notion that only surgery can improve your breast size and shape. Breast enhancement cream should be preferred over surgery for following reasons;

  • It is inexpensive as compared to surgery
  • It does not need anesthesia or hospital stay
  • Easy to use
  • Long term results
  • Globally available
  • Most of the creams have all natural ingredients which do not have side effects

How Breast enlargement creams work?

The breast enhancement creams stimulate the natural body's estrogen which in return stimulates the growth of new cells in breast tissues. This way breast tissue start growing more and give a fuller, firmer look to breasts.

General Side effects of Breast Enhancement Creams

Mostly, breast enhancement creams are made up of all natural ingredients. Therefore, there is less to no chance of side effects. The general side effects which might be caused by breast enhancement creams are:

  • The hypersensitive skin might get allergic or a rash might appear on the skin so, it is always better to test the product on your skin before using it.
  • These creams might increase production of estrogen to a level to disturb nursing and pregnant women.
  • Skin conditions or cysts patients might find some side effects on their health.

What factors should be considered when buying breast enhancement cream?

If you have decided to buy a breast enhancement cream consider these factors:

Hormonal Balance:

You should consider this factor as hormonal imbalance can cause over development or underdevelopment of breasts.


With the passage of time as you grow, breast ligaments get weaker as a result breasts start sagging. Whereas, in young women ligaments are strong and can easily be pulled back to a more firm look.

Dos and Don’ts for Best Selection


  • Read the composition and go for natural ingredients
  • Do not overspend
  • Do proper research before making a decision


  • Don't get trapped by advertisements
  • Don't over stress about money if the product is worth buying go for it.

Use and Safety Guidelines

  • As each medicine states; "keep out of the reach of children". Understood thing, right!
  • Read the leaflet before using any cream and follow the instructions.
  • If a cream says twice a day that means twice a day. Using it thrice won't do any good and over dosing might be harmful.
  • Check for the side-effects mentioned over the instructions manual.

How To Maximize Results for Faster Growth?

Everyone wants to see faster results; we assume same is the case with you! Here are the 3 pro tips to help you maximize results for faster growth:

1. Stick to the schedule

It is always better not to miss applying cream on the time you have set for yourself. Stay consistent in doing so. Following a schedule religiously plays a vital role in achievement of faster growth for your bust.

2. Massage

Just applying is not enough. For breast enhancement it is usually recommended that the cream is properly massaged in circular motion so that all the ingredients get absorbed by the skin. You can learn here different techniques of breast massage and the step by step process. Yes, massaging is a skill which you would need to learn.

3. Diet and Exercise

Fluids keep you hydrated and manage electrolytes levels in your body which can really add on to faster breast tissues growth. Along with healthy and balanced diet, exercise is a must. You can learn here the different exercises, which aid in faster growth of breasts.

4. Take Pills

Few breast enhancement system are come up with complete solution of pills, cream and exercise guide and this is really complete solution to super fast your bust growth process. You can learn here breast enhancement pills user guide & in-depth review.

FAQs for Breast Enlargement Creams

Q. Do Breast Enlargement Creams Work?

A. Yes, breast enhancement creams work really well but only if they are used with patience. These creams do not give instant results.

Q. I Have Just Started Using Breast Enhancement Cream, But Haven’t Seen Any Results, Am I Doing It Wrong?

A. No, you must be doing it right but these creams take time to show up the results. So, wait at least 6 weeks and even some person may need to wait for 3-4 month before get start showing results. Patience is the key here.

Q. I Am Small A Cup, Will These Make Me A C Cup?

A. Some creams do claim that they transform A Cup into C Cup but not all of them can do. Trust only the reputable ones and keep it continue for longer time.

Q. I Have Saggy Breasts; Will Breast Enhancement Creams Make Them Perky Again?

A. Yes, if applied as per instructions you can get the desired results.

Q. Do Herbal Breast Creams Have Side Effects?

A. No life-threatening and long lasting side-effects are associated with herbal creams as long they are from authentic sellers.

Q. I Am Pregnant, Can I Use These Creams?

A. No, Consult your doctor in case you are nursing or pregnant.

Q. I Have A Health Condition What Are My Options?

A. It is always better to ask your physician if you have a history of health conditions.

Q. I Am Under 18, Can I Use Breast Creams?

A. Not all the creams are suitable for girls under 18 years of age. Read the instructions before buying a product. Also, the normal breast maturation age is 18 – 19 years, so you can wait to see if they grow naturally till you get 18.

Q. Will These Creams Give Results For Menopausal Women?

A. Yes. Most of the breast enlargement creams do give results for menopausal women. However, it’s ideal to check with your physician before using any cream.

Q. I Am Trying To Lose Weight, Will These Affect My Results?

A. As long you are not on a crash diet and keeping yourself hydrated while losing weight won't affect results much.

Q. Will These Breast Growth Creams Make My Breasts Tingle?

A. Yes, your breasts might tingle but this tingling is just a mild one and nothing serious so, don't worry about it. In fact, tingling would be considered a good sign as it signals that your breasts are growing.


Breast enhancement creams are available in a wide variety and each one of them is claimed to be the best so it’s a hard task to choose the genuine product for healthy breast growth. We have tried our best to bring you the best breast enlargement creams reviews. Our #1 recommendation is Breast Actives as it is highly effective herbal cream and trusted by a number of women. Moreover, natural ways of breast enhancement are our recommendation for you as surgeries might give you faster results but the risks and costs are always higher.

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