Which Is The Perfect Bra To Wear With A Backless Dresses? 5 Best Solutions For Low Back Dress

There are many ways to show off your bra, but sometimes this isn’t the goal. Sometimes we need a bra that provides proper support without being visible. It can be extremely difficult to find such a bra for backless dresses. Every woman owns an elegant dress with a low back for special occasions but fails to find a perfect bra to go with it.

Low back bra is all you need to glam up your look at special occasions.

It is specially designed bras for very low back dresses. These types of L gives you perfect look and tremendous support with a surety that your bra won’t peep through your dress. They can go with any type of low back dresses, giving your busts perfect shape and an increasing level of comfort.

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There is a wide range of bras to wear on special occasions. You can wear low back gowns and party dresses without the fear of your bra sneaking out at your back. Luckily, there are many options available to choose from, but it's very hard to decide which one is the best fit.

Let us do some quick tweaks to help you decide which bra is a perfect match to rock your next low back party dress.

Product Category


Distinct Features




Low Back Bra

Longline Smooth Strapless Bra

Strapless, underwire longline, 3 column and 8 row hook

Underwire support

Bra Converter

Closecret Women's Adjustable Low Back Converter Straps (Pack of 3)

Comfy nylon blend, convert any bra into backless bra

convertible Straps with adjustable length

Low Plunge Backless Bra

Intimate Portal Women Convertible Plunge Bra - Push Up Strapless Low Back Halter


Underwire, push up, extra low plunge core, convertible straps

Low Back Torsolette bra

Dominique Longline Strapless Smooth Torsolette Bra

Microfiber, 100% polyester, Padded underwire, 2 column and 13 row hook

Boning, padded and underwire for maximum support

Low Back Bustier

Jezebel Women's Caress Bustier

81% Nylon, 19% Spandex; Plunge front

Push-up longline bustier, boning support

Comprehensive Product Reviews

Our Recommendations For Your Low Back Dresses

Do you have a difficult time to decide which product is a perfect match for your dress? Well you’re not alone, it's hard for many women to pick the best out of so many options available. But not now, as we have compiled the top products for you to wear on any special occasion. These are carefully hand picked considering the distinct features, support and comfort. Follow through these reviews, pick the best catch and be in the spotlight!

1. Strapless Longline Bra

Best Low Back Bra

Take some pressure off from your shoulders and relax. Strapless longline bra is one of the many kinds of long line bras. These are usually extended 2-3 inches below the bust line which offers extra stability and comfort. You must try these because:

  • Boning provides desirable shape and look.
  • Available in variety of sizes.
  • ​Different variety in cups.
  • Perfect for formal, revealing dresses.

If you are looking for a perfect strapless longline bra then do try longline smooth strapless bra for your low back dresses. It is perfect for deep neckline and deep low back dresses. It is adjustable and can go with any formal and bridal dress.

Important Features

Type: Longline strapless

Cup Type: Underwire, boning

Size: X-Small to Large

Color: Black, nude, graphite grey and white.

Suitable for (Occasions): perfect for all sorts of formal occasions.


  • Perfect back support
  • ​Push up pads could be added
  • ​No shrinking or malformation.
  • Could be used for long period of time


  • You might have to go one size up to fit in perfectly
  • ​Underwire is not everyone's choice
  • Cups are not already padded

Alternatives To Wear

“Other Best Options to Complement Low Back Dresses”

The struggle and fear of finding the right product might push you back from buying one for yourself. You need not to be worried about it as there are many alternatives available in the market to choose from. Check out these amazing alternative options which are equally suitable to rock your low back dress.

2. Low-Back Bra Converter

Low Back Bra Converter for Low Back Dresses

Selecting a right fitting with maximum comfort may be a hard choice but if we get one. It becomes our closet’s best item to hold on to forever. What if you are told that your favourite bra can also go with your low back bridal dress. Isn’t it amazing?

Get your hands on Bra Converters to convert your favorite bra into low back. It goes with any type of everyday bra and provides maximum support with adjustable straps. Its an all rounder solution for a perfect fit.

  • Length is adjustable
  • Easy to wear both at front or back
  • ​Goes with any closure bra
  • Provides deep V-shaped

Many low back convertibles are available but we have picked the perfect one for you. Its high quality, economical and easy to carry with any bra, find yours perfect pack of low back convertibles below.

Closecret Adjustable Low Back Converter is the only thing you need if you want to wear backless dress, but you don’t feel comfortable wearing adhesive bras.

Important Features

Material: Comfy nylon blend

Type: Adjustable and Low back accessory

Cup Type: Non adhesive

Size: X-Small to X-Large

Color: Black, Beige and White.

Suitable for (Occasions): Suitable for lower back and backless dresses on all occasions.


  • Can transform everyday hook bra into low back
  • Helps to minimize back fat
  • Can be hand washed


  • Only one clasp
  • ​May not be suitable for some body types
  • Might affect the support for cups

3. Low Plunge Backless Bra

Best Low Back Bras for Low Back Dresses

When you are not in a mood of wearing an adhesive, but still want to go backless; then low plunge backless is the best option. It is extremely comfortable and supportive when have underwire support. Following are some of the reasons you would want to know to wear low plunge backless bra.

  • It is best to reveal your sexy cleavage
  • These come in various types and sizes.
  • ​Put these on for a formal occasion like wedding or wear them for a sexy look, perfect to go with all your dresses
  • ​Perfect for deep V line and low neck dresses.
  • Extra support and convertibles to adjust according to your requirement

Below find a perfect low plunge backless bra if you are looking for deep cleavage with perfect support.

Intimate Portal Women Convertible Plunge Bra can be a perfect match for your low neckline and low back dresses. It is comfortable for bustier women and a good cleavage enhancer for women with smaller breasts. A perfect fit to show your cleavage without revealing even a hint of your bra in deep low neck and low cut dresses. It goes well with all your formal and bridal dresses and provides you with an elegant look.

Important Features

Material: Nylon/ Spandex

Type: Low back, low plunge, backless, push up

Cup Type: underwire demi push up

Size: X-Small to X-Large

Color: Black, nude, dark blue, burgundy red and violet purple.

Suitable for (Occasions): Suitable for bridal and formal occasions.


  • Graduated push up pads.
  • ​Makes your boobs look bigger without any extra effort
  • ​Comfortable to wear and no bulging at inappropriate places.
  • Convertible and can be utilized as backless bra
  • ​Easy to remove straps


  • Not provide enough coverage for bustier women
  • ​Underwire could be uncomfortable for bustier women
  • If you are size 38 and up you might need extra extenders as band length is short

4. Low Back Torsolette Bra

Dominique Low Back Torsolette Bra

When you want to explore more options and step out of comfort-zone, try low back torsolette. These are specially designed for low back dresses. You can wear them elegantly without showing your bra to anyone. A great variety in it could be used to vibrant fashion hues. A few reasons to try these are:

  • Add some flavor to your life.
  • Desired “hourglass” body shape.
  • ​Could be worn on any occasion.
  • Both comfortable and fashionable.

Dominique Longline Strapless Smooth Torsolette is a perfect choice for a comfortable fit and support. It is best for busted woman but can enhance your feminine beauty by enhancing cleavage even if you are flat or have smaller breasts.

It is also good to hide some extra pounds on belly and give you a slimmer look. It’s a great choice for all party dresses including bridal wear to get a gorgeous outlook.

Important Features

Material: 100% Nylon

Type: Low Plunge, backless, long line

Cup Type: Seamless molded low plunge demi cups

Size: Small to Large

Color: Black, ivory and white.

Suitable for (Occasions): Suitable for sheerest of gowns.


  • Hidden underwire provides a soft curve.
  • ​Extra low back for revealing dresses.
  • ​Hidden front boning for tummy control.
  • ​Microfiber skin adds more comfort.
  • Works really well for both larger breasted women and flat chest women.


  • Loose cup fitting.
  • ​You might have to go up one size to get comfortable fitting and movement
  • Good catch only if you are proportionally bustier

5. Low Back Bustier (Best for Large Breast)

Jezebel Low Back Bustier

Are you bustier? Is it difficult to find a comfortable lower back bra? If you have tried tons of bras and still looking for a better option, then Low back bustier is exactly what you need. Some reasons are mentioned below:

  • Boning provides comfortable support
  • Low back and strapless
  • ​Gel pads give you proper lift
  • Adjustable hooks provide a good fit for bustier women

Find below the best low back bustier, perfect to cater you all party dresses especially backless and low back dresses.

Jezebel Women's Caress Bustier comes with flexibility to adjust according to needs. It is packed with comfort and support. If you are bustier, then it’s a perfect choice to pair with any party dress. Its corset feature gives you slim waist line with a gorgeous look.

Important Features

Material: 81% Nylon/19% Spandex

Type: Push Up line bustier

Cup Type: firm foam cups

Size: X-Small to Large

Color: Nude, White and Black

Suitable for (Occasions): Suitable for special occasion gowns.


  • Supportive and fits perfectly.
  • ​Comes in variety of sizes.
  • Firm cups to maintain shape under heavy backless bridal dresses


  • Can be uncomfortable for women with short torso
  • Only suitable for larger breasts

Why it is challenging to find a perfect bra for low back dresses?

Most of the times, it is difficult to find perfect type of bra for your deep neckline. And it has become very frustrating to show off a deep cleavage without revealing even a hint of your bra. Finding the right bra is itself challenging and it becomes more complicated if you are looking for a perfect match for your backless and deep neckline dresses. Following difficulties could be experienced in search of best bras for low back dresses:

  • Online promotion of the product is sometimes not original and the product ordered does not match the requirements.
  • Finding a right color could be a nightmare.
  • ​Appropriate bra for certain activity is hard to find.
  • There are numerous types of bras in market, push up, low plunge, longline, low plunge bodysuits and many more. Selecting right bra could be a great pain.
  • Different bodies adjust themselves differently.
  • Some bras don’t support extra large breasts.

Bras have specifications, Some people are really choosy and face problems in finding bras according to their desire. For example, some people want a strapless bra but they don’t like boning or don’t want extra padding, finding bra for this type of person could be a nightmare.

When to wear this bra and when to avoid?

Wearing it with every dress is not a good idea. Learn some tricks to know when it's suitable to wear it and when you should avoid it.

When to wear

  • Backless dresses are usually not designed keeping G cups in mind. This bras could be a blessing in disguise.
  • If your dress has a low back and you want to lower then that.
  • If wearing adhesive bra is not your thing.
  • ​If alternatives for bras like pasty makes you uncomfortable.
  • Dresses having V-necklines and low backs.

When to avoid

  • Wrinkled skin and loose body.
  • If you have saggy breasts.
  • ​When you want to show off your fancy bra.
  • If you are addicted to adhesive bras.
  • When you want to go braless and feel relaxed

Which type of bra is suitable for which type of dress?

It is important to select your bra according to your outfit. A common bra worn with a backless dress could ruin your dress and money as well. In order to catch attention of each eye in the party some effort is needed, invest some time and enjoy the outcome. There are different bras for different dresses and occasions. Wrong choice of bra could make your breasts look saggy. Get an elegant look in your perfect party dress by selecting a right bra with following tricks.

Type of Bra

Do try with

Don’t try with

Strapless Bra

Off shoulder dresses, A-line off-the shoulder, jumpsuits, ball gown

Swing dress, shirt dress

A backless bra with straps

gowns which are backless, halter prom dress

Pouf, wrap dress

Convertible bra

Prom or wedding dresses which have criss cross back or are backless.

Dresses which are fully covered like Qi Pao

Semi backless bra

Dresses not having very deep back, could be worn with dancing dresses

Tent dress

Plunge bras

Dresses having deep necklines like Tie waist dress, maxi dress


Boob Tape

Summer outfits, beach wrap cover up dress

Try not to wear them with casual and formal dresses

How to care for this bras?

Almost everyone has a huge collection of bras for different occasions; most of them are really expensive. So ruining a bra after wearing after a single use is not a smart thing to do. Finding new bras also consumes time. So why not take care of your old bras?

Following are some wearing techniques to make your bra last longer

  • Rotating your bra regularly is really good for bra life as different secretions from body could harm the material of bra.
  • Sweat is the worst enemy of bra. Don’t wear same bra for more than 2-3 days in a row.
  • ​Expensive bras are to be handled with care. Wash your bra with care
  • ​Hand wash your bras after wearing it 2-3 times to remove body secretions and stains. Although it is preferable to hand wash your bras, but hand washing could be a hard job to do as everyone is not having enough time.
  • ​You can machine wash them by putting them in a bag and then placing them in washing machine to wash. This would prevent the elasticity damage and unnecessary stretching.
  • ​Use of bleach can damage the material of bra.
  • ​In order to avoid any color damage, choose mild detergents.
  • ​Bras should be dried at room temperature. Drying them in machine could damage their material and destroy the elasticity as well.
  • ​Store bras in a drawer carefully by keeping them flat without any folding. This will keep bras in its natural shape and will prevent drawer from overcrowding.
  • Overuse of anything is bad. Try not to wear same bra with every outfit. There are different types of bras for different outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to avoid showing a bra for low top tanks or dresses?

You can wear low back convertible bras or bustier, in this way your bra won’t be visible but still you’ll be in perfect shape.

  • Why my bra keeps falling and how to avoid it?

Loose straps and loose fitting could be the reason. Try to keep your bra in its place by using fashion tape. Its weight is almost negligible and is almost transparent as well.

  • I am bustier, should I wear a lower back bra?

Wearing a low back dress could be a nightmare for bustier woman. Low back bra with straps could serve the purpose. The straps will hold your breasts in place and will provide the required support.

  • Can I wear the this every day?

Wearing a bra of lower back with every dress in not recommended. Try different types of bras for different dresses. Avoid using same bra also.

  • How to hide nipples in thin low back dresses?

There are low back strapless bras and low back convertible bras in market, try those. There is a variety in these bras, try and find your match.

  • What factors should I look for on Amazon for buying low back bra?

While looking for best product on Amazon, you should consider customer reviews, size guide, size chart, instructions, features and price should be kept in mind.

  • Can I machine wash?

Although hand wash is recommended but you can also machine wash your bra. Put your bra in a bag and then wash it in the machine. This will prevent any sort of damage to the bra.

  • I love to wear low back dresses help me find a bra which provides more support?

If you want a bra which provides more support, then going strapless is not an option. Try low back with straps bras.

Final Advice

So far it is evident from the discussion that bra has become an important element in a women’s fashion life. A perfectly fit bra makes you comfortable in your own skin. It comes with an ease of movement and help to carry any dress with feminine elegance.

Not every bra is a right fit for all dresses. Especially, finding a right bra for low back dresses is not easy. Going through these right picks, dresses with low necklines and deep backs are no more to be worried about. You can have best cleavage and curves with “Longline smooth strapless bra.” It is by far the good choice to enhance your seamless looks. It is packed with comfort, proper support and also enhance waistline. A right fit for your all low back and low neck dresses. You can also check our recommendations for backless dresses here.

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