Top 10 Must Have Sticky Bras For Your Wardrobe – An Ultimate Review Guide

Sticky bras have become a fashion necessity these days for the modern women.

It is also called "adhesive", "silicon" or "stick on bras", having surgical-quality adhesive on the interior side of the cups.

It is considered to be one of the best alternatives to everyday bras. The question arises that why to use adhesive bras only? The answer is very simple; it can be used to fulfill various purposes and has following benefits which make it bizarre:

  • It provides perfect round shape from all directions to your breasts.
  • It hides your nipples ideally under steep and slinky clothes.
  • Provide excellent cleavage by maintaining the seamless look.
  • Prevents unnecessary movement and bouncing of your breasts.
  • Averts saggy looking boobs and provide an appropriate lift.

Top 10 Best Sticky Bras 2018 - In a Nutshell!!

If you have no fashion knowledge or you are too busy to do the research, then there is nothing to worry about. We have reviewed and carefully selected these 10 products for you, to save you from the hassle and worries.

Product Name

Distinct Features

Suitability (according to breasts size)

Editor’s Rating

Excellent figment, permeable, adjustable drawstring closure design and is reusable as well.

Comes in various sizes, most suitable for size C and D cup women.

Push – up design and gives an appropriate lift to your breasts.

Different sizes are available in market but women with B cup, C cup and D cup are highly recommended to use it.

Butterfly-shaped edges, drawstring closure design and could be used as a push up bra.

It is more suitable for women having A cup, B cup and C cup.

It has hypoallergenic adhesive which is suitable forall types of skin and helps to push up and lift busts. It has no back straps and has breathable holes.

Women with A cup, B cup, C cup and D cup can wear this Stick on strapless bra comfortably.

It give quality assurance, rope design allows you to adjust your breasts shape.

Women having A cup, B cup, C cup and D cup can wear it fearlessly.

It has drawstring closure design, exterior part is made up of Cotton and Polyester

Women from cup size A TO D can wear it.

Extraordinary soft, form enhancing

It suitable for women ranging from cup size A to D.

Double thickness is also available, high quality silicone

Small to large cup size women can wear it.

Drawstring closure with butterfly design gives your breasts a deep v shape.

Suitable for small to large cup size women.

Hook and Eye closure, demi Cup

Women of cup size from A TO E can wear it, but bustier women should avoid using it.

In-depth Product Reviews

Fashion trends keep on changing with the speed of a bolt. U – Plunge dresses, backless dresses, strapless dresses, halter dresses and others of this kind where each category is further subdivided into other categories. How can one manage to deal with all this? Take a deep breath and relax. sticky bra to the rescue! We have done some homework and reviewed different products for you in the later section. You can choose the perfect fit according to your size and dress.

MEINAIER Women's Self Adhesive Bra For Backless Dress

MEINAIER Women's silicone push up bra has adjustable drawstring closure design, which enables women with small size cups to have a perfect cleavage. Keeps your boobs at their place and helps to produce a deep V-shaped bust. The adhesive used is absolutely harmless, no skin reaction and is gentle to the skin. You can wear it without being noticed at all.

Distinct Features

Basic Features

  • Type: push up
  • Size: C to D
  • Colors: Beige and Black

Comfort: It is made up of nylon & spandex, which makes it, light in weight. It is highly permeable and breathable.

Support: The gel used inside cups keeps breasts in place and is reliable.

Flexibility: It is adjustable and brings your boobs closer to give you a seamless cleavage.

Longevity: It is reusable and washable. Gently clean it with detergent and water.

Perfect for Outfits: It is suitable for low-cut outfits, backless dresses, wedding dress, party dress

Sizing Guide: Depending upon how they are stick on boobs, small breast woman can have a little cleavage. Follow the size chart and it is better to order a size up.


  • This bra manages to stay in place even if the temperature increases beyond 30 degrees.
  • It is economical.
  • The material used, is comfortable.


  • A special care about the size of your busts must be taken while ordering one for you.
  • Bustier women can’t wear it because it won’t be cozy.

What makes it our top choice?

  • It can easily make your boobs look bigger.
  • It has good and satisfying adhesive layer.
  • Excellent appearance and quality.

2. Holisouse MEINAIER Sticky Push Up Bras – Adhesive Push Up Bra

MEINAIER Self Adhesive Bra For Backless Dress, Reusable Push Up Invisible Women Bra

MEINAIER Self Adhesive For Backless Dress is specially designed drawstring 4 clasp adhesive push up bra. You can get the desired curve without binding your shoulder straps. What else do you need!!

Distinct Features

Basic Features

  • Type: push up
  • Size: B to D
  • Colors: Beige and Black

Comfort: It has high quality thickness and does not come off easily.

Support: It is super adhesive. The bra sticks to your skin and holds your breasts together.

Flexibility: Especially designed Drawstring 4 clasp helps to give V – shaped breasts.

Longevity: You can reuse it by washing it with mild detergent.

Perfect for Outfits: It is ideal for halter, backless, strapless, evening gowns, low-cut outfits and party dress.

Sizing Guide: If you are between cup sizes, then try to buy a size smaller.


  • Works appreciably well in humid atmosphere.
  • It is good at holding your chest.
  • It provides a cleavage to women of smaller cup size.


  • If the pads are bigger for your boobs then appropriate lift won’t be observed.
  • Holes in adhesive make it difficult to wash.
  • Thick padding does not allow it to air dry suitably.

What makes it our choice?

  • It can be worn whole day without any irritation and is cheaper.
  • The delivery is fast and is reusable.
  • The quality is fine and the working of glue is beyond imagination.

3. FOMANSH Strapless Comfortable Comfy Vicky - Strapless Push Up Bra for Deep Cleavage

Adhesive Bra, Strapless Push Up Bra Silicone Invisible Nude Backless Light Comfortable Bra Comfy Vicky

Backless dresses are a no problem at all, as this Strapless Push Up Silicone Invisible Nude Backless Light Bra is incredibly comfortable and provide you fuller plus charming deep V shaped curve.

Distinct Features

Basic Features

  • Type: backless, strapless, push up
  • Size: A to C
  • Colors: Nude

Comfort: It is Made up of 100 percent Medical Grade Silicone. It is easy to carry and material is so soft that it will increase the comfort.

Support: This Backless Bra has butterfly-shaped edges which stick amazingly to your skin and combines the additional fat of armpit with the breasts.

Flexibility: The drawstring closure design in the middle of bra enables you to adjust accordingly and gives you flawless and fuller cleavage.

Longevity: It can be reused, but special care must be taken while washing it.

Perfect for Outfits: It is appropriate for strapless, backless, low cut, plunging, halter, crisscross, and party gowns.

Sizing Guide: If you are of cup size DD, then D cup size would be sufficient for you.


  • The butterfly edges put your extra fat from armpit into the bra which gives your body a perfect shape.
  • The silicone material used in this bra makes it extra soft and comfortable.
  • The non - sticky area around the nipples doesn't make your nipples clammy or scratchy.


  • The silicone slightly weigh your boobs downwards
  • Over sweaty body may produce stinky smell.
  • Bustier women may feel like having a little more coverage.

What makes it our choice?

  • The silicone material makes your boobs look bigger and gives you great cleavage.
  • Can stick to its place without losing the thickness of adhesive.
  • As it is strapless and nude, people fall for you and think that you have a gifted breast.

4. WingsLove Reusable Push-up NubraSelf Adhesive Nude Push Up Bra

WingsLove Reusable Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Invisible Push-up Bra Sexy Nubra

If you are having smaller boobs, then this form enhancing silicone strapless bra is the good option. Wear WingsLove Reusable Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Invisible Push-up Bra Sexy Nubra and have the breasts anyone would wish to have. In addition to this, they provide extra softness and push up look.

Distinct Features

Basic Features

  • Type: strapless, adhesive, push up
  • Size: A to D
  • Colors: Nude

Comfort: The material used is 100% pure medical-grade silicone.

Support: It provides the same comfort and coverage as any normal bra, in spite of the fact that it is strapless and backless.

Flexibility: The self – adhesive cups do not fall off easily and stick comfortably to the skin.

Longevity: You can wear it again by simply washing it with warm water and mild soap. After air dry, the adhesive regenerates itself.

Perfect for Outfits: It is perfect for off shoulder, backless halter blouse, low cut tops and evening dresses.

Sizing Guide: Try to order a plus size bra, which means if you have cup size B then consider ordering cup size C.


  • You can order normal or double thickness bras according to your skin.
  • You can adjust the padding and can easily deal with any abnormality in breasts size.
  • It can fix the saggy looking breasts and make them look sexier


  • If you know that you are going to sweat then wearing them with loose tops is a big mistake.
  • Special care has to be taken while ordering this bra
  • Remove the bra slowly and carefully as rushing may cause skin damage.

What makes it our choice?

  • It is cheap and stays at its place for a long time (More than 10 hours).
  • It provides a natural look and there are no noticeable weird lines.
  • Quality customer service is provided and the zipper pouch is reusable. So, no waste of your money.

5. Holisouse Push Up Drawstring BraReusable Self Adhesive Strapless Bra

Pushup with Drawstring, Strapless Bra,Invisible bra,Self-Adhesive Bra,Reusable Backless Bras for Women From Holisouse All size available

This Bras is weightless and come with a quality assurance. Its specially designed by experts to provide you next level comfort. The great thing about sticky strapless bras is that it is consistent in performance.

Distinct Features

Basic Features

  • Type: strapless, adhesive, push up
  • Size: A to D
  • Colors: Beige and Black

Comfort: It is made up of nylon and spandex, which make it light in weight and breathable.

Support: It provides tough protection for your chest health. The adhesive used is of medical grade and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Flexibility: The self – adhesive cups do not fall off easily and stick comfortably to the skin.

Longevity: It is reusable and can be worn up to 50 times without any loss of stickiness.

Perfect for Outfits: Goes perfectly with strapless, low-cut, backless, wedding dresses and club tops.

Sizing Guide: You must order a size of cup less than your breasts size, for a stunning shape of breasts.


  • It has good fitting and gives flawless shape to your breasts.
  • The adhesive layer is safe to use even for the sensitive skin.
  • The bodice is perfect and gives you a feeling that you are wearing nothing.


  • Sometimes it needs pressing when you move your hands up and down.
  • Special care has to be taken while washing it.

What makes it our choice?

  • It is easy to use.
  • Good adhesive layer and satisfying delivery service.
  • The product description matches the original product.

6. Fomansh Self Adhesive by Comfy VickyStrapless drawstring Bra for perfect support

Self Adhesive Bra, Silicone Push Up Strapless Bras, Backless Reusable Invisible Drawstring Bra by Comfy Vicky

The drawstring clasp design of this bra gives perfect support to all breast sizes. If you have extra fat then don’t worry, This is good you can have. Wing shaped center collects extra fat of armpit and adjusts it in the cups.

Distinct Features

Basic Features

  • Type: strapless, drawstring, push up
  • Size: A to D
  • Colors: Beige and Black

Comfort: It is made up of nylon and spandex, which make it light in weight and breathable.

Support: The adhesive is reliable and wings give good support

Flexibility: The drawstring design makes it adjustable

Longevity: It is reusable and Stickiness does not come off soon.

Perfect for Outfits: It is the choice for strapless, backless, low cut, plunging, halter, crisscross and party dresses

Sizing Guide: Feel free to order the same size.


  • The gaps inside it, prevent adhesive from sticking to breasts.
  • Light in weight.
  • Pushes breasts together, giving enhanced cleavage.


  • Care is to be taken while washing it.
  • Can’t be worn in hot weather for a long period of time.

What makes it our choice?

  • It is both affordable and comfortable.
  • Hard to tell that you are wearing this bra.
  • It is adjustable, gives a push up and is of good quality.

7. Komene Strapless Silicone Pink BraClasp Strapless Bra

Komene Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Push-up Pink Bra 2017 New

If you have smaller boobs than you can use this form enhancing bra. Silicone material increases your level of comfort. Komene Strapless Self Adhesive is absolutely easy to remove and apply.

Distinct Features

Basic Features

  • Type: strapless, adhesive, push up
  • Size: A to D
  • Colors: Beige and Black

Comfort: The silicone material used is super comfortable

Support: It manages to hold your breast in place with the help of clasp that connects two pieces.

Flexibility: Different sizes are available but can’t be adjusted.

Longevity: You can reuse it

Perfect for Outfits: Perfect for all strapless and low-cut clothes

Sizing GuideOrdering stick on cups of up size is not a bad idea.


  • Works surprisingly well for bustier women.
  • Could be used for whole day use.
  • Gives you a decent cleavage.


  • Complicated to place cups on right place.
  • Does not work well as a push up bra.

What makes it our choice?

  • It is for summer outfits.
  • Comes in a fancy case with full instructions.
  • It is super soft and perfect for all types of clothes and breast sizes.

8. Tidetell Strapless Silicone Invisible BraInvisible Push Up Bra

Tidetell Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Invisible Push-up Bra(FBA)

This is available in double thickness which makes your boobs look bigger and gives more support as well. Tidetell Silicone Invisible Push-up Bra can give you perfect cleavage and seamless look in any backless and low cut dress. Wear it with comfort and ease.

Distinct Features

Basic Features

  • Type: strapless, self -adhesive, push up
  • Size: A to DD
  • Colors: incarnadine and Light Version

Comfort: It is made up of silicone, which makes it extremely soft.

Support: It provides good support, but not preferable in summer season.

Flexibility: It is flexible and adjusts comfortably

Longevity: You can keep after use.

Perfect for Outfits: Goes perfectly with strapless and low-cut dresses

Sizing Guide: You should order a size up for yourself to get a perfect fit. It is not recommended for size over DD.


  • Gives you look of a bustier women.
  • Could be worn in humid atmosphere.
  • The adhesive serves its purpose well.
  • Its soft, flexible, reusable and easy to apply.


  • Does not provide required lift.
  • Not suitable at all for bustier women and size over DD.
  • Not a good option for flat chest women.
  • Not suitable to wear in hot weather, always check the temperature first.

What makes it our choice?

  • It is almost invisible and hard to notice.
  • Adhesive layer keeps your breasts in place.
  • It is flexible and adjusts according to your breast shape.

9. WELOVE Strapless BrasReusable Self Adhesive Push Up Bra

WELOVE Invisible Bra Self Adhesive Bra Strapless Backless Silicone Push-up Bras

This strapless adhesive gently adheres to the skin. Its drawstring closure with butterfly design gives your breasts a deep v shape look. This Bra could be used by both lighter and darker skin tone women.

Distinct Features

Basic Features

  • Type: strapless, adhesive, push up
  • Size: A to D
  • Colors: nude, nude 2, nude 3, nude 4 black and Black 2

Comfort: It gently adheres itself to the skin and is comfortable

Support: It brings your breasts together and provides appropriate lift.

Flexibility: The self – adhesive cups are adjustable from the front

Longevity: It can be reused and can be worn up to 50 times.

Perfect for Outfits: Goes perfectly with any type of strapless and backless dresses.

Sizing Guide: You must order a size of cup less than your breasts size, for a stunning shape of breasts.


  • It matches your skin tone and is hard to tell that you are wearing something.
  • Provides perfect lift, even for bustier women.
  • It does not interfere at all with your dress.


  • Reusable but does not stick itself again as expected.
  • Bending too much can make it peel off.
  • The size chart is not accurate.

What makes it our choice?

  • Lifts your breasts without any straps.
  • Can go with any skin tone.

Kissbobo Women's Strapless Bra Invisible Self Adhesive Silicone Bras

Kissbobo Women's Strapless is uniquely design to gives you perfect support and adequate cleavage. It is actually demi cups, It is sticky, flexible and goes with any kind of outfit.

Distinct Features

Basic Features

  • Type: strapless, adhesive, push up
  • Size: A to E
  • Colors: Nude

Comfort: It makes you feel at ease immediately.

Support: The Hook and Eye closure design provides good support your breasts.

Flexibility: The silicone is flexible and allows body movement.

Longevity: It is a long lasting wear

Perfect for Outfits: It goes perfectly with low plunge necklines, sheer clothes, off shoulder dress, halter, strapless tops, tank tops, low-cut outfits and back-buckle dresses.

Sizing Guide: For premium fit, you must choose plus size bra.


  • It offers maximum cleavage without any straps.
  • Its Storage bag is very useful and can be used to prevent deformation of bras.
  • Easy to wear and remove.


  • Does not lift the breasts as it is claimed.
  • Thickness might be a problem for some people.
  • Not suitable to wear during high temperatures or very hot weather.

What makes it our choice?

  • Highly useful for small chested women.
  • It goes with any backless party dress.
  • The color of bra matches your skin and gives you natural look.

How to Choose the Sticky Bra? - Buying Guide

One small mistake and you are doomed!

Take a deep breath, fling your everyday bra on the couch and choose the best bra for yourself. There is a huge variety in market and one can face a hard pick. Choosing a right type of bra for your dress is as much important as buying a perfect dress. One small mistake is enough to ruin your looks and whole fashion life. It can make you viral on social media for a wrong reason.

A wrong type of bra can make your breasts look saggy, not medically graded adhesive can also cause a great damage to your skin, moreover, nip slip and wardrobe malfunction is the worst of all that you can face. If you are new and know nothing about buying sticky, then in the subsequent section there are some useful tips for you.

  • Size varies among the brands. So, it is important to have a wise look at the size chart provided by the brand. Usually plus size serves the purpose well.
  • The thickness of bra should be kept in mind. Less thick bras provide a natural look while thicker bras can make your curve look stunning by increasing your cup size and people will go wow!
  • Diversity is a good thing. Do consider adjustable bras.
  • Thoroughly go through all of the reviews about the product which you want to buy.
  • There are many replicas of brands in market, be aware of them and buy the authentic brand only.
  • Buy those which are economical for you but buying a good quality sticky cup bra and then using it carefully is recommended.
  • It is better to take an expert’s advice before buying.

Get A perfect Fit

Editor’s Recommendations to grab a perfect Bra according to your breast size

Self adhesive sticks to your breasts and provide necessary coverage. A right type of bra will stay at its place for a long period, provide appropriate lift and cleavage and help you to have a perkier shape. If you fail to buy a right type of bra, your fashion life would be easily destroyed.

  • Read product reviews carefully and then consult the size chart provided by the brand.
  • If your breasts are not bulging out of the cups and your cups are not wrinkling or gaping, then your bra size is fine.
  • There is a wide range of sizes and types in almost every brand. Some brands are good for smaller cup sizes while some are good for larger cup sizes.
  • Buy the suitable bra according to your cup size.

Subsequent is the list of top bras sorted on the basis of cup sizes.

Our Recommendations For Cup Size A:

The following brands are perfect for smaller breasts women and provide the magical cleavage and enhanced look:

Our Recommendation For Cup Size B:

You can consult the subsequent brands for cup size B. These brands are worth mentioning because no other brand can provide this level of satisfaction, comfort and ease

Our Recommendation For Cup Size C:

The products for this cup size C are easily available. We have listed most suitable products below. Be a normal cup sized woman or give yourself a bustier woman look is totally up to you.

Our Recommendation For Cup Size D:

For D cup size are hard to find. The following brands are a perfect fit and do not need frequent adjustment.

What Things to look for?

Finding a best product is just like finding a black cat in a coal cellar. It must have certain qualities in order to save your day and to give you breathtaking looks. Consider following qualities while buying;

  • This must be a perfect fit. There should be no bulging or spilling of breasts. No loose fat should be seen by the people.
  • Having an appropriate comfort level is really essential because uncomfortable feeling will make you adjust your bra repeatedly, which is not a decent thing to do in public.
  • A good support can enhance your confidence level. Lack of support can lead to wardrobe malfunction, which consequently results in lifetime embarrassment. There are drawstring for adjustment.
  • Weather suitability is a major factor to be kept in mind while shopping. Too much sweat can reduce the adhesiveness of a bra.
  • There should be no spillover because it does not look nice and is indecent.
  • The thicker bra can give you more cleavage to show off and makes you look bustier.
  • Smaller breasts women need to have a push up look. For a perfect push up look, you must consider buying this bras.
  • Adhesiveness is an important factor. A less sticky may slip frequently and may result in a nip slip.

How sticky bra is different from strapless bras?

It’s time to stay loose and take some pressure off your shoulders. Strapless bras and stick-on bra are very popular because women don’t prefer showing their bra strap while wearing sleeveless dresses and shirts. These are worn to achieve that perfect body shape and cleavage. However, the struggle behind the perfection can’t be ignored.

Bras play a vital role in enhancing and adding a special flavor in your alluring looks. Both of them are similar in many aspects. Following are some of the similarities between both;

  • Both have no straps at all and put absolutely zero thrust over your shoulders.
  • Both are supposed to prevent peeking of boobs, and manage to do their job well.

In spite of all these similarities, It somehow managed to have an edge over strapless bras. Subsequent table explains this fact clearly.


Sticky Bra

Strapless Bra


Material such as polyurethane and silicone which are being used, are actually extra comfy. It is absolutely weightless that you will feel like a free bird.

Material used for strapless bras is not much comfortable and is not recommended for use in summer.


Adhesive gives perfect support and prevent wardrobe malfunctioning.

There is a danger of wardrobe malfunction and these may slip down.

Comfort ability

It is suitable for all types of skin. Goes perfectly well with every type of clothing without being noticed.

As there is no proper support, frequent adjustment is required.


This bra make it 100 percent sure that the bra will not come off in front of everyone, leaving you embarrassed. It is almost weightless.

The fear of bra slipping makes you uncomfortable and conscious. Adjusting your bra in front of everyone is not considered to be a nice gesture.


It is uniquely and carefully designed in the shape of wings which provides enough flexibility.

There are hooks at the back of strapless bras for adjustment but these hooks can stretch your bras at a certain level and are not suitable for bustier women.


If you think that this bra is for just one time use then rethink it, because it is reusable and washable. It could be used many time.

Strapless bras are washable and special care has to be taken.

It is A Lady’s ultimate Summer friend

Summer is that time of the year when every woman wishes to get rid of those tight, non-breathable and extremely uncomfortable bras. Bra in summer is the worst nightmare of almost every woman. Dresses like skater dresses, mini dresses and off shoulder dresses are preferred by every woman in summer. It can be a headache to choose the right type of bra and it’s a common struggle shared by all women, all over the world. In this summer heat, you can use this comfortably by avoiding excessive sweating. it have subsequent benefits.

  • It is super friendly.
  • These are nearly invisible and are also available in various tones that you can easily buy one matching your skin tone.
  • It is lightweight and give you a natural feeling. You can go anywhere without any hesitation.
  • The adhesive is comfortable and peels off easily if you have chosen your bra wisely.
  • Nipples are covered properly, so wearing this bras with lace dresses is not a problem at all.
  • Beach bikini or summer boho sexy back becomes easy to handle, as there is nothing to hide.

When to Use and When to Avoid

It is no doubt a blessing in disguise, but you should be very careful while picking up a bra to wear with your dresses. Try not to put your reputation in fashion and your looks at stake, and choose your bra wisely. Following are some handy tips which might help you getting through this whole process:


When to Use?

When to Avoid?


It could be worn in every season but care must be taken in extremely hot weather.

It is worn in summer but a special care is required because too much sweaty body can reduce the effect of adhesive cups and this may leave you embarrassed.


Self adhesive is perfect for strapless, backless, off shoulder, low cut, plunging, halter, crisscross, retro dress and beach wraps.

Try to avoid wearing this bra with U-neck tee, full sleeves shirts, T-shirts, and lingerie dresses.


t is suitable for all formal and informal occasions depending upon your activity. You can wear them on your wedding, prom night, business party, etceteras.

Wearing on occasions like dancing, sports activity, daily use, exercising and others involving too much movement is a terrible idea because there is a greater possibility that your bra may come off.

Breast Sizes

Women with cup size B to DD can wear them fearlessly and confidently. This will definitely work superbly for them.

Women with cup size A and DDD (extra small and extra large size) should avoid using these because this might not be comfortable for them.

How to Properly Wear a Sticky Bra - A Step by Step Guide

Proper application is really a vital step towards your dazzling looks. If you are new in this fashion business, then don’t worry we will guide you step by step. Follow the subsequent steps in the same order as written to avoid any sort of problem.

1. Clean your skin:

Smoothly clean your skin, especially breast area with gentle soap and water. This will remove any oily secretion of your body present on your skin. Then dry it by using towel.

2. Things to avoid:

Avoid using any sort of moisturizer, powder, oil and fragrance before applying this bra on your breast.

3. Necessary adjustment:

Stand in front of mirror and apply the cups carefully.

4. Proper pressing:

Use both of your hands to press the cups firmly and hold them for a few seconds.

5. Ready

Now you are ready to rise and shine.

How to care?

It is usually expensive. No one wants to dump one’s money in garbage. Take good care and get maximum benefit out of it. By following the subsequent steps, you can increase your bra’s life.

  • Rotate More Often:

Rotate your bra on a regular basis because various secretions from body damage the fabric of bra. Avoid wearing same bra for more than 2-3 days in a row.

  • Washing Care

It is essential to take care while washing, You must follow these steps in order to save your bra from any harm.

1] Hand wash

Machine wash can damage the material and adhesiveness of the bra. Hand wash your bra by using mild soap and warm water. Don’t use your fingernails. Washing it under a running tap is effective.

2] Avoid soaking

Avoid soaking, This might reduce the thickness of adhesive and might come off.

3] Dry Properly

Avoid drying in machine, Air dry your bra at room temperature.

4] Do not use Bleach, Alcohol and cleansers

Bleach, alcohol and cleansers are the worst enemy of this bra. Use of these might spoil the stuff of your bra cups and affect the adhesiveness.

  • Store with Care

You should Store this bra carefully in the pouch. Covering bra with a lid is a good option because it will prevent dust particles from settling on the adhesive of bra cups.

Pro Tip: How to make your adhesive Bra Sticky again

It loses its adhesiveness with the passage of time. Unnecessary body secretions can reduce the adhesiveness and effectiveness of a bra. You can restore the stickiness very easily by just gently rinsing your bra cups with soap and warm water and then air drying them. This will remove all unwanted secretions and make your bra more sticker as before.

Things to Remember: Get the Full Benefit

It is inexpensive, so why not to get full glamour by using them to make any special occasion perfect. Everyone wishes to get full attention and to be life of party. It is best for any party or occasion to add an enhanced elegance, grace and beauty. For prolonged use of bra, special care is required. Refer to following points for some tips regarding careful use of your bra.

  • Take Skin Sensitivity test

You must take the skin sensitivity test and try not to use these bra on sensitive skin as this might cause any reaction.

  • Do not apply on damaged Skin

Avoid applying stick on cups on damaged skin, having open cuts or sunburn. In case of depigmentation consult the doctor immediately.

  • Avoid Moistures

Moisturizers can reduce adhesiveness and may result in wardrobe malfunction.

  • Avoid Sweating

Wearing these bra on the occasions like exercise and any sports activity is not a good idea. You can use different techniques to avoid sweating.

  • Clean and Dry Skin

Before applying, make sure that your skin is completely dry. If this is not the case, you should clean your breasts with soap, water and towel. This will help in sticking those cups to your breasts easily.

  • Hot Shower for easy removal

If you are facing trouble in removal of the remains of adhesive, then a hot shower might work for you. This trick is both effective and simple.

  • Remove Sticky residue gently

Aggressively removing this bra is never recommended. The residues on your skin must be peeled off carefully and gently.

Still have a Question? Check Our FAQs Section

Q: What size of this bra should I get?

Size of the bra differs from brand to brand but it is good to buy an up size bra.

Q: How to avoid sweating with sticky bra on?

You can use cooling deodorant which will work fine for your boobs or you can use special made boob pads to absorb sweat on your boobs.

Q: How to store this bra properly?

The best way to store is to put it in the pouch or any airtight container. This will prevent fibers and dust particles present in the air from sticking on the adhesive.

Q: How this bra do works?

It has cups layered with adhesive which sticks to your breasts and gives you a fuller cleavage.

Q: Is this a right option for bustier women?

Bustier women should avoid using this. It works fine for women of cup size DD but cup size DDD could be a problem.

Q: How long do this last or how long can you wear?

It depends on brand you are using, Some branded product can stay at their place for 10 hours or more.

Q: How to use it properly?

Cleaning your skin before application and firmly pressing of stick on cups will keep bra in its place for long time.

Q: How to reuse?

With the help of mild soap and water wash your bra by the circular movement of your fingers. Then air dry them.

Q: How often should I wash?

Washing your bra after 2 to 3 time of use is recommended. Regular wash can spoil adhesive. If necessary, you can gently clean it to remove body secretions.

Q: How do you wash?

The best way to wash is to apply mild soap with gentle hand and then to hold it under the running tap. Avoid any sort of scratching and wiping with towel.

Q: Do this work for size DD?

Yes, this bras work absolutely fine for DD cup size.

Q: Can I wear an overnight?

No, wearing an overnight is not recommended.

Q: Is sticky bra a right option for flat chest women?

This might work perfectly for cup size A but can’t guarantee anything for flat chest women.

Q: How to avoid spill over?

Spillover means wrong cup size. Try using a plus size bra instead.

Q: How to remove sticky bra without peeling off skin?

Gently remove your bra. Rushing is not a good option as this might damage your skin.

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  • Adhesive is medical graded and is usable by the sensitive skin women.

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