Bovine Ovary – Natural Breast Enhancement

What is Bovine Ovary

Bovine Ovary is a type of breast enhancement procedure which is perceived as a natural therapy derived from the Glandular therapy concept. This is an ancient concept according to which you have to inject glandular matter of a particular animal and by doing so, you can increase the functionality of your corresponding gland. The Glandular Therapy is widely used, and it is not limited to the breast enlargement but can also help the body in attaining different important enzymes that tend to be used for various bodily functions.

Glandular therapy is considered natural and safe procedure because of the way it transmits minerals in the body. The glandular matter of the animal gets adapted to the body and plays the role of a substitute to human glands that are weak in performing their function. So, the ingested glandular substance helps out in this matter by reproducing cells and tissues.

How It Helps In Breast Growth

The word ‘bovine’ in ‘bovine ovary refers to the cow. The freeze-dried and exclusively prepared ovaries of the female cow are used as a base to derived bovine ovary supplements for breast enlargement. Once these supplements are ingested inside a human body, the bovine ovary starts re-stimulating pituitary gland. This gland works as one of the vital hormone regulators of the human body. Thus, the bovine ovary helps in reactivating the natural hormones in humans who are related to growth.

For Whom It Is Fit To Use?

The breast enhancement supplements in the form of the bovine ovary are highly recommended for all genders whoever wants to promote their breast growth. The bovine ovary is also said to be safe for such teenagers who are past the second year of menses. The pregnant women must avoid using any such pills.

Tips To Use Bovine Ovary

There are different things that you must take care of before going for any bovine ovary supplement.

1. Phytoestrogens have to be avoided

The working of the bovine ovary is natural where the natural growth hormones are reactivated for this purpose. Thus, you should take care of this natural hormone reproduction in your body and don’t interfere with it by adding phytoestrogens. Any cream that you are using with the bovine ovary, you should make sure that it is not made by using phytoestrogen herbs.

2. Your temperature plays an important role

If the body temperature is below 98.2 degrees, then bovine ovary supplement is not going to work for you. The temperature must be above 98.2 for the bovine ovary to produce a significant result.

3. Get protein-rich diet

Proteins get along with the production of the hormone and play an important role in promoting breast growth. So, it will be good to have a protein-rich diet.

Bovine Ovary Side effects

Since bovine ovary is derived from cows and all cows are not equal. So, there can be some side effects depending on the quality of cow which is mentioned below.

1. Weight gain

You will have to consume protein-rich diet for the complete effectiveness of bovine ovary, and as you do so, it also has an enhancing effect on other body parts where you might not want growth.

2. Acne

As already mentioned, the puberty phase is started by bovine ovary supplements. This second phase of hormones is effective for growing the breasts, but it is not limited to this side, it may also bring the teenage acne back.

3. Allergic reaction

In some cases, you might feel an allergic reaction to the bovine ovary supplements. In such case, stop taking pills and consult a physician.

4. Headaches

Your body has to adjust to the additional hormone production and while doing so, it is possible that you start having headaches.

Bovine Ovary Pills review

It is a natural breast enhancement bovine ovary supplement by Swanson. It is made up of high quality since the base of these supplements is certified laboratories of United States. In the US owned certified laboratories, the Argentinian Cattle was used for making the pills. In the 1930s, glandulars were considered to be the foundation of health and there are four reasons for it:

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    The abundance of material for producing these glandular products
  • check
    Historical validation of usage of glandular
  • check
    Strong evidence that using this material was safe
  • check
    Their affordability
Bovine Ovary for Breast Enlargement

The benefits and features made them attractive and thus, Swanson Premium Raw Ovarian Glandular got manufactured in line with the glandular matter. When you take Bovine Ovary pills, it starts the regeneration of puberty phase of women in which female hormones like progesterone and others are sent in the female body.

This is a hot piece right now adopted by many women including transgender women. The women use these Bovine Ovary pills for enhancing their curves and breasts and thus their figure. However, the effect can vary from individual to individual.

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Bovine Ovary - Q&A

Some questions can arise in your mind regarding bovine ovary. The most commonly asked questions regarding bovine ovary are mentioned below:

Q - What is the recommended dosage of bovine ovary supplement?

A - The recommended dosage varies from individual to individual. It depends on the reaction of your body. So, you can start with bovine ovary pills a day and see the effect. If there is no side effect experienced, then you can gradually increase the dosage. However, if there is any side effect, then it is strictly recommended to stop taking pills and reduce your dosage.

Q - What is the recommended bovine ovary procedure for men?

A - For men, a proper procedure of taking bovine ovary pills must be followed. According to the recommended procedure, you need to absorb the pills properly for which you will take them on an empty stomach. You can eat your meal 30 minutes after taking the pills.


The bovine ovary supplements are a proven way of naturally increasing the bust. However, care should be taken, and in case of any side effects, the dosage of bovine ovary pills must be reduced. Users must follow the recommended procedure.

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