Breast Actives Review: In-depth Buyer’s Guide & User Reviews

Breast Actives Review

What is Breast Actives?

Breast Actives is a very renowned company for DIY at home therapy kind of breast enhancement program, which includes:

 “a dietary supplement, a topical cream and an intensive exercise program.”

It is also known as “the three step enhancement system” claims to be all natural and not a “fat pill”. Quite frankly, the Breast Actives system seems to be smart, as it is encompassing all; diet + exercise + topical care for larger and shapelier breasts without surgery. 

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"To deliver the highest quality health and beauty products with the best value to our customers."

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What Makes Breast Actives Popular?

Breast Actives is a natural breast enhancement system, which has been tried and tested by several women across the globe. It contains natural ingredients that the US Food and Drug Administration have categorized as safe for both consumption and use. You do not have to worry about side effects after you apply and ingest the cream and supplements contained in this product. A variety of natural extracts and herbs are found in the product including:

  • Kelp
  • Aloe vera
  • Fenugreek seed
  • Fennel seed
  • Vitamin E
  • Dong Quai root

Women who have used the product describe it as effective. This suggests that these ingredients actually enhance breast shape and size.

Breast Actives Kit Contents

When you purchase Breast Actives, you get a cream and supplements. It is not possible to get the supplements or cream individually. It's because, you will get better results if you use the two simultaneously. You also get the following:

Breast Actives
  • check
    Instructions on how to apply the cream
  • check
    Comprehensive description of how to massage your breasts to enhance them
  • check
    Health and diet programs to help you attain your desired goals

What Are its Ingredients?

As Breast Actives program has two packages dietary supplement (pills) and topical cream, so we will be discussing the formula for each separately for your discretion.

Breast Actives Dietary Supplement (Pills) Formula

Breast Actives Pills have all-natural herbal formula, the list of its ingredients is given below:

  • check
    Vitamin E (as d-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate): 60 iu
  • check
    Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) (seed): 400 mg
  • check
    Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) (seed): 350 mg
  • check
    Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) (root): 250 mg
  • check
    Blessed Thistle (Cnicus benedictus) (root): 125 mg
  • check
    Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) (root): 125 mg
  • check
    Kelp (ascophyllum nodosum) (whole plant): 50 mg
  • check
    Watercress (Nasturtium officinale) (leaf): 50 mg
  • check
    L-Tyrosine: 50mg

As you can see, many of the ingredients in these pills are very well-known breast enhancement herbs and their combination is supposed to provide the required lift, shape and size to the breasts.

Below we are going to further describe each ingredient briefly and this might give you better idea about its effectiveness.

  • Vitamin E
  • Fenugreek
  • Fennel
  • Dong Quai
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Dandelion
  • Kelp
  • Watercress
  • L-Tyrosine


L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid mostly found naturally in milk, eggs, meat, oats, beans and fish. It is also used in protein powders used for weight reduction. This amino acid has significant effects on brain and endocrine glands like adrenal gland and thyroid gland. It is also known to relieve stress and regulate healthy functioning of endocrine glands, responsible for all hormones including estrogen and stress hormone “cortisol”.


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All of the above ingredients used in Breast Actives pills have few to many scientific studies proving their effectiveness in promoting good health and breast growth, also many are known to prevent many diseases like cancers and stress related disorders.

However, these ingredients may or may not interact with other drugs to produce unwanted results, so if you are on any medication then it is always advised to consult doctor before taking any medicine.

Breast Actives Cream Formula

Just like breast actives pills, breast actives cream has an all natural formula constituting following ingredients:

  • check
    Chamomile oil
  • check
    Almonds oil
  • check
    Red clover extract
  • check
    Wild yam 
  • check
    Pueraria mirifica extract
  • check
    Aloe vera concentrate
  • check
    Avena sativa
  • check
    Saw palmetto

As you can see all of the above-mentioned ingredients are natural and are supposed to provide good breast shape, growth and look when mixed and match in certain quantities in Breast Actives cream formula.

Below we are going to further describe each ingredient to help you know about their effectiveness.

  • Chamomile oil
  • Almonds oil
  • Red clover extract
  • Wild yam
  • Pueraria mirifica extract
  • Aloe vera concentrate
  • Avena sativa
  • Saw palmetto

Chamomile Oil

It is one of the most used herbs in beauty and relaxant products like teas. It has rich volatile oils (alfa-bisabolol), flavonoids (quercetin, lutein) which are known to increase sexual drive, relieve stress related menstruation cramps and undesired effects. It appears to be among the best anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and hypocholesterolemia herbs.

Related Study: Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with bright future

Most of the ingredients in Breast Actives cream formula are harmless herbs and plants of great nutritional value for skin and women’s health. However, these ingredients may or may not be suitable for some skins due to ailments, ongoing medicinal programs or natural sensitivity to the ingredients. In such a case, please consult your doctor.

How it Works

Breast Actives relies on a three step system to help you enhance your breasts. These three steps include:

  1. Ingesting a supplement pill each day
  2. Massaging a cream on your breast
  3. Following an exercise program to promote breast enhancement

You are supposed to take a single capsule of the supplement every day. The pill should be taken with a glass of water and you can either take it before or after you have a meal. It is advisable to take the supplement in the morning. A pamphlet is provided with the enhancement program with detailed instructions on how to use the cream. To use the cream do the following:

  • Place a small amount of the cream on your fingers
  • Massage it into your breasts using the fingertips.

The most appropriate time to use the cream is after taking your morning shower. A hot shower helps to open up your skin pores and this allows the active ingredients in the cream to get inside the cells.

The various ingredients used in the product work together to stimulate your breast glands. Once the ingredients are absorbed in the glands, your brain will respond by releasing additional estrogen hormones in your body. These hormones play a very important role in breast growth. Estrogen is found in high levels in girls going through puberty and pregnant women. If you have low estrogen levels in your body, you are more likely to have poor breast development. This product is designed to enhance estrogen levels in your body. The hormone levels are only elevated to an appropriate level therefore you do not have to worry about side effects.

Safety Matters

One of the aspects that have drawn several women to use this product is the fact that it only contains natural ingredients. There are no side effects when you use Breast Actives. However, like all supplements and skin creams that are used to enhance breast growth, it is important to get advice from your doctor before use. This is necessary to prevent any complications. You may be allergic to one of the ingredients contained. If you are taking medication for a pre-existing condition, it is important to determine if it is safe to combine it with the natural extracts and herbs found in this product. Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding are advised to avoid the product. Women go through different hormonal changes when they are pregnant or breastfeeding and the ingredients in the product may alter them.

Why Enhance Your Breasts – Benefits

There are various benefits that you will enjoy after using Breast Actives. These benefits include:

  • check
    An increase in breast size
  • check
    Improved self-confidences after breast enhancement
  • check
    Shapely breasts
  • check
    Clothes will fit better

The product enhances the shape of the breasts and this is helpful if you are worried about sagging. You will look younger with firmer and shapelier breasts. It will be easy for you to fill up your favorite dresses and tops. When you are happy with the way your body looks, your confidence will improve and this will be evident in how you engage with others.

breast enhancement benefits

Pros And Cons Of Using Breast Actives Pills


  • More effective option as compared to surgery.
  • Reliable and healthy option due to all natural nutritional value.
  • Easy to keep privacy while using.
  • The user only has to pop a pill twice a day, that’s it.
  • Comes with 90 days return policy, in case you don’t want to use the product.


  • Results may not be as quick as surgery.
  • Any inconsistencies in following the pill program will give no or minor results.
  • If prescription is not followed properly it may prolong results time..
  • May need some minor to major changes in lifestyle.

Pros And Cons Of Using Breast Actives Cream


  • It is a cheap and safe option for females as compared to the surgery.
  • Cream has undetectable pleasant odour.
  • Comes in discreet packaging.
  • Easy to use in the privacy of home.
  • Gives no pain or scars like surgery.


  • Users usually complain about little soreness and tingly feeling on breast area in the beginning, maybe because of growth process.
  • Might cause allergies to highly sensitive skin.
  • Missing routine can result in undesirable results.
  • Not as fast as surgery for getting quick results.

Breast Actives has worked for many women but you need to remember that individuals differ. Your body will react differently to the ingredients compared to another woman. Some will notice results within a short time while others have to use the product for a while before they notice any changes. This product will not make your breasts big in a few days. It is a three-step system that you need to follow carefully to get good results. If you follow the instructions, the results will be evident with time.

Dosage & How To Use Guide

Dosage and Directions for the Pills

Pills are a natural and reliable way of enhancing your breasts, only when used properly

Here are the proper directions for dosage and usage of Breast Actives pills to achieve the desired results:

  • check
    You are required to consume two pills daily but try making sure that there is a gap of 8 hours between each dosage. 
  • check
    It is recommended to consume one pill in morning and the other one in evening. 
  • check
    You can take water or fruit juice to swallow the pill. 
  • check
    Try avoiding carbonated drinks like coke, Pepsi, soda, etc. 
  • check
    Moreover, you should also not consume the pill with a drink containing caffeine, like tea or coffee.

Directions for Use of the Cream

Creams are also an effective way for enhancing your breast for a better outlook, but must be used as directed.

Those who are hesitant to use pills can use this alternative. Here are the proper directions for using Breast Actives on your breasts for desired results:

  • check
    It is recommended to apply the Breast Actives cream once daily. 
  • check
    You are not bound to apply it at a certain time, thus you can choose a time when it is best for you to apply. 
  • check
    But you have to ensure that you apply the cream around that particular time every day.
  • check
    To apply the cream, take a small amount of the cream on your fingertips and massage it gently and thoroughly into your breasts to increase its absorption through the skin.

Remember: Don’t exceed the usage of cream or pills beyond the prescribed quantity or volume, as it might result in undesired results so sticking to the directions is a wise thing to do. Also, Breast Actives creams and pills come with a complete package that provide instructions for special exercises developed for toning, shaping and firming the breasts. Try ensuring that you exercise regularly according to instructions.

How To Make It Work Faster?

Right results come from doing the right things. There are some ways by which you can increase the speed of getting those right results. Follow our lead:

  • check
    Never ever skip your daily dose of pill or cream massage, consistent efforts are the key to great results.
  • check
    Be patient, don’t get frustrated or demotivated easily if you are not seeing immediate results.
  • check
    Incorporate healthy habits like drinking more water, exercising, getting enough sleep each night and eating a balanced diet.
  • check
    Cut back on bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, eating junk food and drinking lots of carbonated and caffeinated drinks.
  • check
    Start measuring up your bust the right way and get well-fitted bras. 
  • check
    Adopt a confident posture and stop slouching.
  • check
    Manage your stress levels, be happy for no reason.
  • check
    Keep yourself motivated on this breast enhancement journey.

Quick Tips & Facts about Breast Actives System

Here are some quick tips and facts about Breast Actives breast enhancement system to help you make an informed decision.

Best For Women

  • check
    above age 16 and below age 60
  • check
    who want painless breast growth
  • check
    who like to use natural products
  • check
    Who are concerned about their health
  • check
    Who want to maintain their privacy
  • check
    Who have busy routines.
  • check
    Who can’t afford expensive surgeries and down-time.

Do not Use if

  • check
    You are under 16
  • check
    You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • check
    You are allergic to any ingredients
  • check
    You are using medicines which can interact and cause undesired health issues.
  • check
    You are having breast or ovarian health issues.
  • check
    You cannot be persistent to follow the routines.
  • check
    You are developing any allergic reactions.

When Using this product

  • check
    Avoid switching to other products
  • check
    Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • check
    Keep patience
  • check
    Be persistent
  • check
    Don’t combine with other breast enhancement products
  • check
    Watch out for any side-effects

What People Are Saying About Breast Actives?

Breast Actives Results & Testimonials

To check credibility of any product, customer reviews are an ultimate and reliable source to dig in. Well, here are few of many real customer reviews we have found for you:

Positive Testimonials

Just like any other product Breast Actives has its fair share of positive as well as negative testimonials from women of various colors, ethnicity and ages.

A mother of three kids said

I breastfed my three boys for more than three years (the youngest is 2 now), so my breasts after the last one looked like those infamous "rocks in the socks". Not that I would be desperate because of that, they did great job :o), but they didn't look nice in the swimming wear :o). An augmentation hurts, and you have to maintain it, plus not everybody likes the result. So I encountered with this product by googling some breast enhancing stuff and Breast Actives significantly led all the reviews and tests. So I purchased them. Both Pills and Creams. After one month of using them, my breasts feel much firmer and fuller. Really! I can't say whether they will also grow a lot, but from size 34A I had to switch to 34B two weeks ago. So probably it is working on this field too. I recommend this product! Also I stopped having pain during my periods (I had two so far and I was surprised how smoothly I got through them).

A lady from New York said

After one month of using them, my breasts feel much firmer and fuller. Really! I can’t say how much they will grow, but from a size 34A I had to switch to 34B two weeks ago!

An uncanny review from a customer undergoing gender conversion

I didn't buy product from amazon,bought on their website. I've been taking the required dose 1 in the morning & 1 at night for 3 weeks now.. I was born male so I was really surprised at how much growth I have already. Plenty of comments about the size & shape. You also must eat right & massage your breasts daily. I say I was an A cup now more a B cup. Also starting to see a curvy figure too. Will be ordering more of this product, just to see how much more breast cups i'll achieve.

Negative Testimonials

Breast Actives have also few negative reviews from its customers, particularly from those who haven’t bought the product directly from its manufacturer’s website and that’s why we suppose those negative testimonials are a result of substandard fake copies sold by many retailers via online stores.

So beware of the copies and buy only the original products from Breast Actives official website to avoid the below mentioned complaints.

The negative reviews are mostly about:

Remember: The time period of results is also dependent upon many factors like your body chemistry, physical and emotional health, lifestyle, physical activity and genetic makeup. So, some women are getting earlier results while some are getting more time to see results.
  • check
    Uneven enhancement of breasts
  • check
    Tricky wording on the package
  • check
    No mentioning of few important ingredients on the label
  • check
    Discomfort caused by cream
  • check
    Itchy feelings
  • check
    No return policy and guarantees given by the sellers

Side Effects; Is It Safe?

Some of the females face a few minor side effects of using breast actives creams and pills as it all natural product and is declared safe by majority of its users. Following are the most common side effects of breast actives reported by few of its users.

  • 1
    Usually in the first week of use, swelling of breasts that is followed with inflammation and sensitivity to touch.
  • 2
    Females with sensitive skin usually face allergy problems due to one of the herbal actives found in the Breast Actives pills.
  • 3
    Few females also complain that they feel addicted to these pills. Thus if they miss a dose then they either feel nausea or dizziness.
  • 4
    Other common symptoms include soreness identical with PMS soreness of the breasts.
  • 5
    Headaches is also a common problem faced by some females consuming these pills which is caused by sudden surge in hormone levels but it got regular after few days use.
  • 6
    Improper application of the Breast Actives may result in ineffective results.
  • 7
    Unhealthy lifestyle might also interact badly with Breast actives and delaying in results.

How Long It Will Take To See Results?

You cannot expect results overnight because this is not a magic pill and in fact, no magic pill exists which can give you results overnight. But you can clearly see the results with a given time frame. After regular use of Breast Active for four weeks you will notice that the bosom is slightly larger. Within 60 days you will definitely gain one cup in breast size, with enhancement in shape and firmness of breast size.

After using it for 3 months regularly breast actives will promote the health of the reproductive system, uplift the cleavage and increase its appeal. Once you have used this for 5 months not only you but people around you will see the maximum results and your breast will gain 2 cups in size.

Remember: The time period of results is also dependent upon many factors like your body chemistry, physical and emotional health, lifestyle, physical activity and genetic makeup. So, some women are getting earlier results while some are getting more time to see results.

Difference between Breast Actives & Other Products

Breast Actives is different from the other breast enhancement products in the market.

  • check
    It contains natural ingredients to improve the shape and size of your breasts in a safe way. It is affordable and you can get supplies to last you for up to four months.
  • check
    Purchase the product directly from the manufacturer’s official website to avoid scams.
  • check
    You can also look for certified affiliates who supply genuine products. When you purchase from the official site, your order will be delivered discreetly.
  • check
    The product will be delivered to your preferred location in an unmarked package to ensure the contents remain confidential.
  • check
    There are many things to talk about but the above insight will shed light in this regard.
  • check
    You can learn the top 3 best breast enhancement pills in-depth review & comparison here.

Breast Actives Comparison With Other Alternatives

There are so many other products and methods for breast growth and it will be a good idea if you can compare and analyse your choice smartly.

Factors You Should Consider

Breast Growth Pills & Cream

Breast Surgery

Breast Actives

Total Curve


Breast Implants


100% natural formula

All-natural product

Herbal product












Results Time

25 days

30 days

Within first 3 months of use, initial results start appearing

Immediate or quick results if the procedure is successful

Weight gain




In some cases, yes











Comfort level




Very poor

Success rate

95% success rate

91% success rate

86% success rate

85% success rate


Good deals

Easy on Pocket


Very Expensive

Pricing & Packages

The manufacturers of Breast Actives offer the most attractive packages for their customers, probably because they value their smiles. Their classy packages are one reason due to which their customers have always preferred them over other breast enhancement pills in the market. Following are the pricing details of some of their packages

breast actives offer

OFFER 1: 5 Month Package = Buy 3 Month, Get 2 Month Free (Best Offer)

Their first offer is a package that provides you around five months supply to get the perfect breasts. If you can get 3 JARS (cream+pills complete combo) from the official website then you will get 2 Jars for free. Not only this, they are providing worldwide shipping right at your doorstep for free. This is a 5 month maximum plan that would help you give a perfect breast size.

As it is their bestselling package and their customers have always loved buying this package, so for this package you will just have to pay $179.85.

(1 jar means 1 month supply of pills & cream)

OFFER 2: 3 Month Package = Buy 2 Month, Get 1 Month Free

Their second offer follows a 3 Month Moderate Plan that comes under their tier 2 package that costs only $119.90. This package is also a best seller because with this package you will get a free jar as well. Moreover, this package will be delivered right at your doorstep without any cost.

OFFER 3: Trial Package (1 Month)

This is the starter package that provides you the chance to check their amazing product before using it regularly. Just buy 1 month as a trial and get to know what kind of products and services they offer. It is a 1 Month Test Plan that is known as Sampler Package which will cost only $59.95. So you can order it right now to get to know what kind of services they offer.

  • 5 Month Package (Buy 3, Get 2 Free) = $179.85
  • 3 Month Package (Buy 2, Get 1 Free) = $119.90
  • 1 Month Package = $59.95

NOTE: Breast Actives Free Trial or Coupon Code is not available because company offering deal price rather than coupon or free trial. So select your best package and get respected free bottle offer.

They are offering 90 days money back guarantee, so trial package can really be a great choice even if you are feeling too much skeptical but we always recommend to go for 5 month plan to save money yet be motivated to use that regularly.

Why To Choose This Product?

Well there are so many good reasons for you to choose this product over many other breast enhancement options. Here are the few for your clarity:

  • check
    Breast actives is popular across the globe because they provide natural and effective solution to their customers. 
  • check
    Their breast active plan is following a holistic approach, which consists of a detailed workout program detailing an exercise regimen designed to help you increase your bust size. These exercises are being used for centuries by females to enhance their bust shape and overall look.
  • check
    They have included the ingredients which are safe for most of the population and they have excluded widely complaint about allergens from their products.
  • check
    The price and package deals are quite easy on the pocket.
  • check
    The results you are going to achieve are not going away anytime soon. The results are claimed to be PERMANENT.
  • check
    Breast Actives is claimed to be supported about some scientific studies and that’s the reason many women are opting to buy it, as it naturally enhances the breast size and shape by controlling the estrogen hormone in body. 
  • check
    Although minimum 25 days time is usually required to get noticeable results from breast actives but many women claimed they have achieved some quick initial results just within two-four weeks of use.
  • check
    It will not be wrong to mention that Breast Actives is a well-reputed and trusted brand by its customers, which makes it higher in demand.
  • check
    It is so much easy to use that you can use it in the privacy of your home without any help from anyone.
  • check
    Breast Actives system is a bestseller among its market and that can be one of the many reasons you can consider to purchase this product because it takes great deal of quality and good reviews to get to best seller position. 

We think the most convincing and sought after reason for many women is that:

Breast Actives is a painless and non-invasive plan to grow breasts, SIMPLE!

Five Super Useful Tips For Using This Product

helpful tips

Using breast actives pills and/or cream is an effective way to increase your breast size but to make sure the cream and pill you are using are effective you need to follow a few tips that will assist in better and quick results.

  • 1
    Breast actives pills and cream come with proper instructions and they are meant to be followed. It is recommended to follow all the instructions mentioned on the package.
  • 2
    The package also includes an exercise plan that helps to enhance breast size. It is recommended to ensure that you follow the exercise regularly.
  • 3
    A healthy diet is extremely significant to ensure that you are getting desired results from the breast actives. Avoid caffeine during the period when you are consuming breast active pills or cream. Prefer consuming foods such as wheat, rye, barley and soy beans which are really helpful.
  • 4
    Try using a bra that fits perfectly. Don’t use bra that is bigger than your bra size.
  • 5
    You need to ensure that you do not sit or sleep in a posture that will squish your breasts as it may also hinder the results.

Using Breast Actives needs you to adopt a healthy lifestyle because in an unhealthy lifestyle nothing can grow, except your health issues, so watch out!

Who Should Avoid Breast Actives?

Although Breast Actives is quite famous due to its safe results and there are no major side-effects but the following people might need to avoid using Breast Actives:

  • check
    Women who are pregnant must avoid using it because there are so many hormonal changes going on in the body, you would definitely don’t want to stress your hormones.
  • check
    Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid using it for the same reasons as pregnant women.
  • check
    Even if you are not breastfeeding and you have recently delivered a baby, you must also give your body some time to adjust to normal levels of hormones and then you can use Breast Actives.
  • check
    People who are allergic to any of the ingredients present in pills or cream should avoid using it or consult with their doctor.
  • check
    Women who are taking any medicines for any health condition should not use breast actives pills as it might react with those drugs and who knows what can go wrong. So avoid it!
  • check
    If you are suffering from any disease related to reproductive system, breasts or hormones then you should definitely avoid using it or check with your doctor first.
  • check
    If you are a young girl who has just hit her puberty, you should definitely given your bosom some time to bloom on its own.
  • check
    People who have sensitive skin or are facing some skin condition should not use breast actives cream, if you resolve your skin condition then you can use it after consulting your skin doctor.

Breast Actives Complete Infographics

Breast Actives Infographics

Where to Order Genuine Breast Actives?

If you have decided to order Breast Actives then you might keep in mind that buy only genuine Breast Actives product that is only available at official website to stay away from scam suppliers. 

Breast Actives is a leading brand, so what you are looking for can be ordered via their official website. They are  providing their customers the opportunity to buy products online because they probably want to give an opportunity to women of whole world to access their products easily. Though there are other online stores like Amazon and Walmart, providing Breast Actives products but beware, most of the women who are complaining about Breast Actives, have bought it from these online stores it’s because company doesn’t sell their products anywhere else. So always buy from their official website to get the original product.

They are also providing customer support to their customers because they know how significant good communication is in a business.

FAQs for Breast Actives

Q. What are the initial signs if it’s really working?

Just like when puberty hit, your breasts start to itch and feels tender, the same symptoms will appear as a first sign when Breast Actives starts working.

Q. Will I gain weight by using Breast Actives supplement/pills?

No, the product is designed to naturally increase your breast size and suppose to work on the targeted area, however, it’s known to promote good health and appetite. That’s why Breast Actives system includes an exercise program, which if followed carefully along with balanced diet there will be no complains about weight. 

Q. Will Breast Actives pills interfere with my digestion?

No, as most of the ingredients are non-allergens and naturally prone to relieve stomach and digestive issues, so there will be no digestion problems until you are already allergic to any ingredients or have health issues.

Q. Is Breast Actives cream sticky or cause discomforts?

Though the cream is claimed to absorb easily when used as instructed, however, you can also use some simple techniques to increase its absorptivity. By taking a hot shower before its application you can surely increase the absorption process or you can use a hair dryer if it feels too wet.

Q. I am on the pill, can I use Breast Actives supplement?

Though breast actives dietary supplement is an all natural product, which might not produce any side-effects if used with pills but it’s always a good idea to check with your physician before using it.

Q. Can Breast Actives cause breast cancer?Well, the answer is an absolute NO! In fact, on the contrary, Breast Actives can help keep your breasts safe from cancer as it has many natural ingredients proven for their use to prevent breast cancer due to their anti-carcinogenic properties.

Q. Can I take it on an empty stomach?

According to the instructions given for using breast actives pills, you should only take it with meals and never take it on an empty stomach.

Q. Are Breast Actives results permanent?

Breast Actives work on breast fatty-tissue growth and hormonal levels which affect the breast growth. So once the results are gained, those are long lasting unless any big change occur in body like sudden weight loss, big hormonal changes like during pregnancy, menopausal phase or any health issues concerning hormones. 

Final Verdict

So many different products are available for growing your bust but the number of options will just blow your mind and the level of scam in this industry is even more astonishing. Breast Actives as a popular breast enhancement product can be your best shot at getting that big, curvy, lifted bust you always desired. Frankly, it is better than surgery or implants!

Painless, non-invasive, natural, effective, reputable and lots of other good stuff about it. We recommend it’s worth a try!

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Get Larger, Firmer & Lifted Breast!