Breast Augmentation FAQs

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Breast augmentation also known as breast enhancement or implant mammoplasty is a surgical procedure. There are many good reasons that women want this type of surgical treatment including revitalizing the balances between chest to hip difference, improving self-confidence and self-image that gives a boost in self-belief, restoring bust size decrease after a fat loss or maternity, or after mastectomy. Whatever the reason is, before you find a surgeon, do your homework to find out everything you can about this treatment.

Moreover, we have answered almost all your concerns in detail so that you know all about your safeties before opting for a breast implant.

Breast Implant Experience

The things you experience during breast augmentation!

Am I A Perfect Candidate for Breast Implant Surgery?

The perfect candidates for breast augmentation are usually in good health and physical fitness but want to increase the shape or size of their bosoms. Perfect skin firmness and tone, supple skin tone can also help to get the best aesthetic results.

Do Breast Area with Augmentations Experience Sagging Skin Over Time?

All bosoms unwind after some time mainly because the weight elongates the skin, flexibility is lost as we grow older, and the level of breast growth often reduces as the person ages. These three elements signify that breasts can be likely to de-stress and droop whether or not there are augmentations present.

The augmentations add more weight to your breast, which can improve the rate of comfort, and yet augmentations and surrounding scar tissue formation can provide a few internal aids for your breasts. The general outcome is that usually, the breast tissue droops less, specifically if the woman frequently wears any properly fitting brassiere.

Would My Augmentations Seem Like Natural Breasts?

This problem varies according to a couple of factors. The more organic tissues you will have preoperatively, the higher the chance that you may have natural-feeling bosoms postoperatively. On the other hand, in case you have natural plastic or overfilled saline augmentations, your breasts will feel tighter as compared to natural busts. Underfilled saline augmentations can lead to ripples, as well as overfilled enhancements may trigger unnatural stiffness. Consult with your plastic surgeon before surgical treatment how she or he wants to stuff your saline implant for the best healthy look.

Can I Get Big Implants?

It is recommended that you should get implants which your upper body can lift easily while standing straight. If you get big implants contrary to your body weight, then it may cause some complications and would sag early.

What Is Bottoming Out?

It is another name of sagging, but it happens after implanting. Further treatment is required if it happens.

Breast Implant Expectations

What can you expect from breast implants?

How Much Time Do I Need to Wait After Surgical Treatment Until I Start Exercising?

Doctors usually recommend a recovery period for at least 14 days before workouts; a bit longer can be better. Although you may possibly feel much better, you won't be completely recovered for some time. Be careful working out with heavy things, twisting over, or taking part in athletic activities when given the go-ahead by the medical expert. Always follow your doctor's directions.

How Much Time Would It Take to Soften Up?

Just as before, this will depend on your augmentation area type, an implant for filler injections, overfill, the tone of muscle, and augmentation placement. You'll be firm for some time caused by postsurgical swelling. You'll find so many elements which will affect the stiffness of your implant. Ask your doctor for assistance.

How Much Time Should I Expect My Augmentations to Last?

Any 'guesstimate' for any product lifespan is approximately 10 years, in accordance with the Institute of Medication. Augmentations don't need to be transformed unless they shrink or shatter. You can consider transforming your silicone-filled augmentation out after this time has passed to cut down the likelihood of a rupture, which may further require a silicone gel treatment procedure. There's a 2% level of deflation in the very first ten years, although damage changes in each person based on augmentation surface type. Having said that there are women of all ages who have experienced augmentations for over twenty-five years without any problems. With that being said, don't be surprised to replace augmentations at least one time in your lifetime.

Breast Implants: Before and After

The story of both sides

How Would I Be Look Like After My Breast Enhancement?

There are lots of factors which affect what your bosoms will look like after surgical treatment. Included in this are your organic anatomy, the particular locational of your incisions and the form, shape, size, consistency, and placement of the implants.

Am I Going to Be Sorry for My Decision to Get Breast Enlargements?

You may look and feel unhappy and despondent after your breast implant surgery. This is usual and could be due to quite a few elements, including negative medication effects and typical reactions to the sedation and post-surgical strain. A few women might think that the slight bruising, inflammation and soreness won't ever disappear, which can develop feelings of depression and anxiousness.

FYI: This is one of the major reasons we recommend the natural breast enlargement treatments. Because there’s no risk of surgery and you won’t be despondent as the natural treatment will enhance your breast size slightly, it will not be magically increased overnight.

Why Should I Have to Massage My Bosoms After Implant?

Our recommendation is that you massage your bosoms including Downward Massage, Upward Massage, Medical Massage, Lateral Massage and Massage for Capsular Contracture, However consultation to a professional breast surgeon will be a plus and follow his instructions for massage. Starting about seven days after your surgical treatment. This particular augmentation displacement massage would be to retain your soft tissue "pocket" around the augmentation open, supple and soft.

How Do I Choose the Right Size for Breast Augmentation?

There are different levels of CCS (cubic centimeters) to determine the desired size of your breast. It is advisable to discuss with your surgeon to measure your breast with Digital Imaging Software to see how much fat is used and how much have to be transferred.

How Do I Choose a Surgeon?

This is important, the breast is the most critical part of woman’s body, so you have to be very careful in handing over this responsibility to anyone. Invest a considerable amount of time to find an expert breast implant surgeon. Find on the internet, read reviews about any particular breast clinic or company, interview the surgeon before receiving implants, and then decide whether you can trust him/her for this. Checking the registration from governmental bodies and certification or licenses would be the best check for breast implant treatment.

Choosing the Right Breast Implants for You

Choices shape your destiny as well as your boobs

Is There a Big Difference Between Smooth or Textured Implants?

Due to the way that preventative filling forms around the augmentation, the outer lining texture of your implant is very important. Soft silicone enhancements may give a far more organic feel if they're round. Having said that, these contain a higher occurrence of capsular contracture as compared to textured silicon augmentations, irrespective of whether the textured augmentations are round or teardrop form.

Which Is Best, Silicone or Saline Augmentations?

There are a couple of main types of augmentations: silicone and saline implants. Both of these augmentations have a silicone layer; however saline augmentations are stuffed with salt-water in lieu of supple gel. In case a saline augmentation shell drips, your body reabsorbs this saline, triggering the augmentation to flatten and collapse. This doesn’t happen with silicone breast augmentations.

Are There Any Risks of Breast Implant Surgery?

Breast Implants usually are not recommended by the health experts, just because it is risky. Not very major but risks are there, some of them are:

  • Additional surgeries, with or without removal of the device
  • Changes in nipple and breast sensation
  • ​Rupture with deflation of saline-filled implants
  • ​Rupture with or without symptoms of silicone gel-filled implants

Before going ahead with breast implant, we suggest to go with any natural treatment that can help you to boost your breast size, breast implant should be the last option to go with.

Life with Breast Implants

Would it be all unicorn and rainbows?

Do Augmentations Cause Cancer Malignancy?

As per FDA research the women who have breast implants have textured surfaces have low but increased risk of developing breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). However, that doesn't mean that these implants cause BIA-ALCL.

Will Implants Damage My Ability to Breastfeed?

No, there's no medical proof to signify that silicone augmentations hinder breastfeeding. There’s additionally no proof of silicone transmission to babies in breast milk. In the muscle tissue placement of augmentations helps to ensure that there's no dysfunction to your nipple area or milk tubes, so feeding after a breast implant surgery isn’t harmful.

When Should I Start Sprinting After Breast Implants?

You have to be fully recovered before you start sprinting again. Walking without support for your breasts can stretch your muscles, suspensory ligaments, and tissues, triggering sagging skin.

What Is This Shininess on My Breast?

It is a normal occurrence; your breast gets shined after breast implant. During implant, your breast gets stretched, and after completion, the skin gets shined. It will fade away after some time.

Can I Get Other Treatments During My Breast Implant for Refining the Shapes?

Yes, you can, but it will also be suggested by your surgeon whether your breast needs more refining process or not. You can get the treatments for refinement i-e Liposuction and breast lift.

Breast Implants: Pre-Surgery

Anxiety may be the obvious answer, so find more!

Is There Any Pain Associated with Breast Implant Surgery?

Pain and discomfort thresholds differ from person to person. Breast enlargement pain varies according to implant placement, cut placement, and if you want to take your medicines on time. You might cause yourself more serious pain by not adhering to your doctor's directions and overexert yourself at the time of recovery.

Do I Need to Wait to Get My Augmentations Until After I Have Dropped A Few Pounds?

However, you can easily get your augmentations at any time, if you're planning on dropping any substantial amount of body weight (20 pounds or more), lost breast weight can lead to sag or even ptosis. In case you have small breasts and get augmentations and then drop some weight, there should not be a major problem with droop because your breast envelopes weren't large in the first place.

Do I Have to Wait to Get Implant Until After Having Babies?

If you're planning on having babies next couple of years, you should wait because the negative effects of weight and breast cells will change the look of your breasts.

What Anesthetics Should My Surgeon Use with Breast Implants?

A well-examined blend of sedation and anesthesia should be used. Or sometimes general anesthesia.

What Is Gummy Bear?

The gummy bear is an implant used to shape your breast while avoiding breaks and leaks. The technical term which is used is “cohesive gel implants.” These implants are also used to get rid of wrinkles and aging lines on the breast.

What Is String Implant?

This is an advanced procedure; your breast gets bigger slow and steady after the treatment. It uses the substance called polypropylene material. However, this type of implant is not available in the US.

Breast Implants: Post-Recovery

Will it be the heaven or the hell?

What Can I Drink and Eat During Treatment?

It is advisable to follow a very nutritious diet and take lots of essential fluids to ensure that your entire body has all the minerals and vitamins it needs to recover quickly.

Should I Change a Pattern of My Sleep?

As lying on your belly or sides leave more strain on your chest, you will have to lie on your back in a semi-reclining posture during recovery.

When Should I Have Normal Baths After My Surgical Treatment?

You'll be able to bath 1 or 2 days right after your surgical procedure, but you need to steer clear of massaging your incisions. Make use of a hair dryer to softly dry out them right after your baths throughout the first couple of weeks.

Can Augmentation Restore My Breast Volume?

Of course, it can restore for sure. If your body weight is lost after pregnancy or due to any other condition, your surgeon will suggest you how much body weight you should have to have implants, and that weight will help you gain volume after implants.

Cost for Breast Implants

Pain is not the only price!

What Is the Offering Price of Breast Implant Surgery?

  • Surgical or Hospital facility fees
  • Pain medications fees
  • ​Prescription drugs for medication
  • ​Post-surgery clothes
  • Lab tests and other miscellaneous fees

When evaluating your expense for breast implant surgery, be sure to be aware of these fees. Make sure you ask your doctor directly if these are generally all the charges involved in your estimation.

What Are the Expenses Associated with Breast Enhancement?

As long as you’re thinking about breast implant surgery, you most likely keep asking how much this treatment costs. Costs for breast enlargement may differ widely. Variables that give rise to the expense of breast enlargement surgery consist of:

  • Your breast augmentation cost
  • Your location
  • ​Surgery-related costs (like pain medications)
  • The surgeon’s charges

What Are the Breast Augmentation Financing Possibilities?

For people who aren't capable of paying costs for cosmetic treatments in advance, there are patient financing solutions. Financing provides you with the choice to reduce the primary expense of surgical treatment by making it possible for you to pay bills that suit your financial budget.

How Should Breast Augmentation Warranty Specifics Add Value?

Another aspect to consider is your breast augmentation warranties. Warranties increase the value of your breast enlargement package by safeguarding you from additional expenses in the future. A few warranties cost nothing when purchasing augmentations.

Breast Implants: Risks and Complications

Best safety is knowledge!

What Should I Do for My Breast Augmentation Surgical Marks?

There are many solutions that improve recovery and improve the look of scars. As the cuts are closing, several doctors make use of tissue sealer (such as fibrin adhesive) or healthcare paper tape items. You can ask your doctor that which product or solutions he suggests.

Am I Allowed to Drive Myself After Breast Surgery?

Absolutely no. You need to have a friend or relative drive you home and look after you during the first two days after your breast augmentation surgery.

What Issues I'd Face During Breast Surgery?

An unsatisfactory reaction to sedation is usually a possibility. Although very uncommon, you may lose blood postoperatively, leading to another surgical treatment to operate and deplete your amassed blood. You could possibly acquire a postoperative contamination and need to get your implant eradicated, cure your contamination, and then hang on a few months before one more surgical procedure that could be carried out to reimplant.

Is It Safe to Have Breast Implants?

Saline and silicone breast implants have a great safety. Although the conspiracy occurred in 1992 about silicone gel implant in the United States, but several studies, tests, and research have made it more evolved for users for their safety. Now both implants are safe. FDA approves them.

Why Do I Need Mastopexy If I Lost My Lift?

It depends on the sagging grades. If the nipple is below the equal level or folded, then you need a mastopexy. It will remove the ptosis all around for the equal balance.

What Is Annual Mammogram and How Can I Avoid Its Interferences?

It’s a rare case; it can be removed if your surgeon understands the condition well and can place the implant to the pectoral muscles.

What Is Symmastia?

This will be your bad luck if you hire someone for implants who doesn’t have decades of experience. Symmastia is a condition that occurs after wrong implants which is generally known as breadloaf. It occurs when both of your breast implants slide down to the middle of your chest.

Why do My Implants Make Noises?

Your implants make noises because there is a gap left between your breast and implants, an air pocket is responsible for this. Your surgeon will remove these air pockets by filling them up with surgical fluids.

Is There Any Sensitivity That May Occur After Implants?

Yes, it’s also natural. But if your surgeon is well acquainted with examining the skin tone before implanting then the sensitivity won't occur. Some sensitives last for a month even years, but it will ultimately fade away in your life.

Can I Use Fat Fillers (Injections) For My Breast Enlargement?

Absolutely not, these may cause some complications such as misdiagnosed mammogram readings. On the other hand, the results would be short term.

Is There Any Test for Implant Safety?

Yes, the medical device directive and other standards are used to secure the implant’s safety. Many renowned implant companies use these standards for the optimum and best results.


We hope We have summarized all the basic answers you need before you make your choice to get breast augmentation. However, I would recommend to go with the natural breast enlargement tips or treatments instead going with the surgical treatments. This is better and safer for your health.

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