Breast Augmentation Houston

Nowadays, women in Houston are increasing the size of her breasts to become more attractive. Again, statistics shows that men prefer women with well-built chests. You’ve perhaps looked for various ways to increase your boob size. Luckily, there are several non-surgical breast augmentation options you can decide on instead of going through the breast implants.

Breast Surgeon List in Houston



Clinic Name

Contact Number



Dr. Paul Vitenas

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery

(281) 484-0088


Dr. James F. Boynton

Boynton Plastic Surgery



Dr. Rolando Morales

Dr. Morales Plastic Surgery



Dr. Michael Ciaravino

Dr. Ciaravino



Dr. Franklin Rose

Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medspa



Dr. Michael Eisemann

Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center



Dr. Norman H. Rappaport

Houston Center for Plastic Surgery



Dr. Erika Sato

Houston Plastic Craniofacial & Sinus Surgery


Breast Lift Options in Houston

Many people are still wondering, why Non-Surgical is at all times better than breast enhancement surgery? Let’s have a closer preview at these. Surgical techniques can give you instant results and quick big breasts. Simultaneously, you can decide on the size and shape of your breasts, provided that it’s within the measurements of your body. However, the surgical practice is very expensive.

At the same time, there are high chances of risks such as bleeding, scarring pain and other negative results during and after the surgery. Conversely, non-surgical breast augmentation is safer. It gives you a better chance to increase the size of your breast without experiencing pain, and it can’t affect your breastfeeding plans. However, the results are slower so patience is important.

There is also a possibility that the natural methods you are using may take longer time then you expect because it vary with person to person. But breast enhancement without surgery is still the best option. It is cheaper, safer and doesn’t have negative side effects unlike surgery. Here are various breast enhancement options without surgery:

Natural Breast Enhancement Techniques

Breast Enhancement Pills in Miami:

This is the most prevalent non-surgical breast augmentation technique today. However, it is very important to choose reliable and trusted products, like Breast Actives (Learn Top 3 Pills Comparison Review). Many pills have harmful ingredients and may affect your general health in a negative way.

Breast Enhancement Creams:

once you apply the cream on top of your skin, it will flow straight to your bloodstream, without passing through the liver and kidney, and combine with other breast augmenting properties do perform effectively.

Wear the Appropriate Bra Size:

Wearing the appropriate bra size will bring to light the size and shape of your breasts and add size to your sculpture and make them look tight and attractive.

Natural Food:

Eating breast enhancing foods such as avocado, milk, flax seeds, nuts, and seafood, parsley, soy and sunflower seeds will definitely increase the size of your boobs.

Recommended Exercises:

Without any doubt exercise will help you to boost up your breast size in natural & healthy way.

Breast Implants Steps

Step 1: Administration of Anesthesia

Step 2: Making the Incision

Step 3: Inserting the Implant

Step 4: Closing the Incision

Step 5: Review of Results

Here is the in-depth guideline article you should learn: Breast Augmentation: A Step-by-Step Advanced Guide

What You Should Know About Breast Augmentation

The practice of breast enlargement has tripled for the past two decades, despite of the increasing number of women conducting breast enhancement, questions continues to rise day by day about their safety. This controversial information has confused many women every time they hear. Here, we’ve listed you on what is known and what is not known about the non-surgical breast augmentation techniques.

There is no undo step once you done surgery so we always recommend to go for natural breast enhancement method in Houston including breast enhancement exercise, eat right foods, breast massage and take breast enlargement pills & creams as being a natural means to enhance breast size, thus suggested as risk-free breast enhancement options.

Breast Augmentation Results

If you plan to go for surgery process of Breast Implants in Houston then time & result will be 2-4 week and vary with the time of recovery. It is because breast implants shows instant shape of your breast and just need to wait for complete recovery. You should keep in mind the surgery issue & all possible complication can happen after surgery before you decide to go for surgery.

If you plan to go for natural breast enhancement journey then results may take 3-6 month of time but there is no side effect and no further surgery issue.

Breast Augmentation Prices in Houston

Breast surgeon’s breast enhancement costs are very high in Houston which include anesthesiologist’s fees, doctor’s fee and surgical room fees. In addition, these fees may incorporate vitamins, overnight stay, home health visit, advices and garments. Their prices vary depending on the time you will served in the clinic and the level of doctor instructions and advises.

This is just an approximate average starting price range, as prices may vary with doctor to doctor.

1. Breast Lift with NO Implants (B or C cups) $6,800

2. Breast Lift with NO Implants (D or DD cup) $7,800

3. Breast Reduction with Lift (DD or E cup) $8,500

4. Breast Reduction with Lift (DDD or F cup) $9,500

5. Breast Reduction with Lift (G or more cup) $11,500

6. Overnight Charges $900

Why Choose Non-Surgical Over Surgical Breast Augmentation Option

According to statistics done by the American Plastic Surgeons Society, breast surgery were the most conducted cosmetic surgical practice in 2014 & 2015. Here are the things you should think of before going for surgery option.

1. Your first boob surgery won’t last forever. 25% of women have been reported going for another surgery after ten years since implants won’t last forever.

2. Normally, you will be required to take 5-7 days off work for a breast enhancement and about the same for breast reduction.

3. Breasts implanted doesn’t have the same feel as real breasts when touched. Though silicone breasts look alike to real breasts, they’re usually manmade and completely differ with natural breast when touched.

Pros and Cons of Natural Breast Augmentation


  • Long-term solution for obtaining an ideal figure
  • You will better your appearance and look attractive
  • You will look younger
  • No general anaesthesia is required
  • No recovery time because this is natural enhancement
  • No fear of implant replacement
  • Breasts look and feel real


  • Natural breast enhancement takes time
  • Requires your complete commitment


Have in mind that breast enhancement results may vary on users. This means that the one that you will be comfortable with may not work well in others. Besides, trial will always be important towards getting bigger boobs, particularly when you go for non-surgical breast enlargement techniques. Though it may require more time and commitment, this mission will be best if you focus on improving your general health than only longing for larger boobs.