Breast Enhancement Pills FAQs – The Complete Guide

Q: Do I really have to use breast enhancement pills?
A: yes… you can use the pills but make sure to do enough research to select the best pills which made up with all natural ingredients and don’t have any side effect with past records.

Q: Do pills alone increase the size of the breasts or do I have to take them with something else?
A: Yes breast enhancement pills increase the size of the breasts without any accompaniments. But if you do recommended exercises, massage or types of food that you should take, then the results will show much earlier than expected.

Q: how long it takes to see the results?
A: Results will depend with the individual’s body because people have different levels of hormones. Some people will start showing results after a month or two while will notice the increase after 6 to 8 months. Therefore, you need to be patient because body reacts differently. Here you should know one things that even you don’t show result in 2 month but make sure that you don’t have any side effect then you can keep continue till your target.

Q: Do all pills work similar?
A: No, they don’t work similarly. Depending on the ingredients of the breast pill, there are some that work faster and there are others that will work slowly. Besides, people have different bodies that have different levels of hormones. Therefore, don’t compare yourself with your friend, you are two different people.

Q: Do these recommended breast enlargement pills work 100%?
A: No, it depends on individual body response. Different bodies react differently thus you cannot expect them to work the same way but chances are very high to get results as per past success.

Breast Enhancement Pills FAQs

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: some cheap pill may have it but we have recommended top 3 brands that have no side effects know yet.

Q: Are breast enhancement pills results permanent?
A: yes they are permanent but after some years when you are already old your breasts will sag. Therefore they are not permanent as per see but your breasts will stay large and firm as long as your age allows.

Q: will I gain weight?
A: No. you will not gain weight because of breast enlargement pills but sometime it happens that you are taking more foods at the same time of taking pills then you feel that, you gain weight because of pills but it is because of more foods.

Q: Can I take 2 different pills at same time?
A: Never do that… Only one type of a pill should be taken at a particular time and given enough time to judge the effectiveness before you drop. If it doesn’t work you can switch to another. BUT, never take two types of pills at the same time; it is a great health risk.

Q: How many pills I need to take each day?
A: It depends on each company & its recommendations, Read the instructions on the package sheet so that you can get the full information on the drug you are about to introduce into your body. If there is something you don’t understand, make sure you get clarification from company. Make sure to follow what the company recommends.

Q: Why Breast Actives is number 1 recommended?
A: Good question, we have to select pills wisely to have more change to get results in faster without any side effects and with all that aspects Breast Actives has lot of positive results and if more people gets results then we can get an idea that it is effective.

Q: If one pill doesn’t work for me then?
A: It may possible that even large number of people get success with Breast Actives but some people may not get then you can try other pills to test because different people get results with different.

Q: Do these pills cause cancer?
A: No they don’t cause cancer.

Q: Have these pills been tested in the government laboratory?
A: Yes, most of these pills are tested and they have been a clean bill of health while others have not been tested. To be on the safe side, be sure to buy your pills from government approved pharmacies and chemists.

Q: Do these pills make the breasts firmer?
A: Yes, as breasts become bigger, they also become firmer.

Q: Do some pills also act as curve enhancers?
A: Yes, some also act as curve enhancers meaning that once you take them, not only will your breasts become bigger and firmer, you will also get bigger hips. But if you are looking for bigger breasts only, just specify to the pharmacist exactly what you need.

All the queries has been covered here but if you still have any more query then kindly post your query here and also you can comment your idea if you have anything to suggest here.


    • Angel, as i said to Allie that normally it is not advisable to take pills its because if you can stimulate the estrogen naturally without any direct intake of supplement then it is good but if you are too small in size then you can take it…. as i recommend Breast Actives which comes with pills & cream so you can use both and if you found any side effect or so then you should stop taking pills and just use cream… kindly update with your breast enhancement journey and progress so that other peoples know what’s working….!

    • Generally you should avoid this, but you can do quick research for both product’s ingredients which you plan to take together and check whether you have any allergic issue to your body from any of them. If not, then you can test both product for few days and if you found any side effect then stop one of them and if not then you can keep continue together.

  1. My breast size is too small like flat chest my age is 30 i have 1 baby 6 year old can I take only breast active pills & how much time becoz the condition of my home is a bit worse and there are problems in my married life due to breast size plsss tell me can I use only pills and how much time do i have to take breast active pills

    • Hi Preeti, You can use complete Breast Actives System of pills, cream & exercise program to get better & faster results… result time is vary from person to person so that can not predict but you can see visible result in 3 month onward

    • Most enhancement pills need to take 2 times in a day (morning & night) so you must follow those instruction given on bottle… and regarding other whitening pills then, first you should check ingredient of pill and confirm that you don’t have any allergic to any of those ingredients and then next thing is to test for few days and if you don’t get any issue then you can take both pills but if you found any issue then you should stop one of pill you would like…. hope this will help.


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