Natural Breast Enlargement Foods

Breast enlargement has always been a consideration most women will ponder if given the opportunity. There are several debates ranging from why breast enhancement is a very interesting topic to natural breast enhancement foods, implants, pills and surgery among others. The answer is often simple, but requires elaborate clarification. Breast enhancement basically results in a larger, firmer breast, which is both attractive and what every woman wants.

It is accepted worldwide that men are attracted to firmer and larger breasts typical of young women from puberty into early 20s. Breast enhancing foods have long lacked clear explanation and support as most testimonials emphasize on the efficiency of surgeries and implants. Here, however, is a detailed description of available breast enhancement natural foods and explanation of how they work towards giving you the desired firm and large breast.

The Science Behind Firm and Larger Breast

Scientifically, doctors and breast surgeons have made no relationship between a specific type of food to increase breast size or enhance it. As a matter of fact, it is often thought that breast enhancement goes hand in hand with gaining more weight. While arguments can be made of these thoughts, the truth is breast firmness and size is controlled by hormones. Through puberty, hormonal release increases and results in significant increase in size. As one gets older, the breast quickly begins to lose its firmness and shrink in volume.

Research and studies have shown that a proper balance of the hormones estrogen and progesterone in addition to prostaglandins, prolactin and other compounds is the key to breast tissue development. A poor balance between the vital hormones may result in poor development and reduced size. The good thing is body hormones are formed from the food we consume and nutrients we introduce to the body. However, some foods and other harmful compounds we consume can inhibit the release of these hormones and affect their balance. Nonetheless, you can still eat some nutritious foods that will increase production of and create balance between breast development hormones.

Natural Foods and How They Work

As above-mentioned, breast enhancing foods exist and taking the right proportion and balance of some foods will increase the firmness and volume of your breast. However, there is an approved supplement & pills for breast enlargement. The foods basically consist of simple grocery items and organic ingredients. These foods include the following;

A. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains

These plant foods are known for their phytoestrogens, which are capable of mimicking estrogen produced naturally in the body. Consuming these natural breast Enlargement foods therefore help in regulating the amount of natural estrogen and also affect testosterone production. Testosterone is known to limit feminine features and consuming these natural foods therefore limits its effect. The foods that are rich estrogen and improve breast enhancement include;

Fruits – Apples, peaches, cherries, raspberries, dried prunes, strawberries among others of such kinds. These fruits contain sufficient amounts of estrogen that will balance hormones to create an environment that favors breast tissue development.

Seeds and Grains - Some of the best grains and seeds include barley, rice, wheat, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds and others of these kinds. However the mentioned ones will cause a better effect since they contain better levels of the hormone and are also safe to consume.

Vegetables and legumes – These are the biggest sources of phytoestrogens. They include carrots, cucumbers, beets, green beans, chickpeas, black eyed peas, garlic among others.

Nuts – Like vegetables and seeds, some nuts are very rich in phytoestrogens that are essential for hormonal balance. They include walnuts, chestnuts and pistachios among others.

Best Breast Enhancement Foods

B. Leaves, Herbs and Green Vegetable

When your breast starts to increase, this may cause stretch marks or cause other unpleasant discomfort especially when the tissues are developing. Green vegetables and leaves are good sources for skin enhancement vitamins. They prevent the appearance of stretch marks and also make the skin surface of the body firm.

It is always important to remember that enhancement foods contain essential compounds that often result in a uniform effect. Distribution of nutrients is carried to all body parts and results in an overall body rejuvenation. The skin will become firm and with the developing breast tissues, the body naturally focuses on where nutrients are needed most thus resulting in firmer breasts.

There are various herbs rich in phytoestrogens and they can increase breast growth. The good thing about herbs is that they often contain more than just one type of phytoestrogens and therefore more effective. Some of the herbs you should include into your diet include;

Watercress leaves – These foods have a high content of different phytonutrients. An example is Pueraria mirifica which is native to Thailand and Myanmar. It contains five different phytoestrogens and will evoke the same response by regulating testosterone and increasing estrogen.

Red cloves – They contain isoflavones which are chemicals that dissolve in water and mimic estrogen naturally produced by the body.

Other herbs include Saw palmetto berry oil, Fenugreek sprouts, Hop flower, Fennel seeds, wild yam roots and Dong Quai roots. These foods do not only contain phytoestrols but also help in reverse breast atrophy. They also increase the supply of breast milk during nursing. Wild yam root has vital phytochemicals like beta-carotene and diosgenin that facilitate breast tissue development. Dong Quai roots solve various feminine issues that affect hormonal balance. Hop flower contains flavonoids that regulate production of hormones known to facilitate the development of mammary glands.

C. Chicken

Chicken is the most recommended estrogen rich animal protein. It is one of the top listed natural breast enhancement foods for its high estrogen. However, it is important to stick to free range chicken and traditional variations. The modern chicken that looks quite tasty and appetizing in restaurants are laden with steroids, antibiotics and various other chemicals. Eating these chicken breeds will increase unhealthy chemicals in your body and compromise your breast growth process.

D. Healthy fats

Fats have for long been criticized for leading to unpleasant weights and undesired distribution of fat. However, not all fats are bad. In fact, some fats are very essential that the body cannot function effectively without them. Trans and saturated fats are the bad fats which settle on your belly and other undesired locations. They are also associated with various complications and ill-health. Good fats ensure uniform distribution in the body and also enhance skin properties where they are deposited. Such fats include MUFAs, monosaturated fatty acids, and PUFAs, polysaturated fatty acids. These fats are very healthy and are found in foods such as olive oil, herring, sesame seeds and seed oil as well as various nuts.

E. Natural beverages

These beverages include green tea, soy milk, red and white wines among other select homemade drinks. They basically contain various phytoestrogens which is why they influence breast tissue development.

F. Seafood

The relationship between seafood and firm breasts is in the content of manganese present in these foods. Manganese is known to increase production of sex hormones, which include those that facilitate breast enhancement and growth.

There are many other foods that are rich in estrogen. Breast development is influenced greatly by hormones. If the hormone is balanced for optimum growth and nutrients that boost breast tissue development are also consumed, there will be a substantial increase in volume and firmness.

Breast Enlargement Foods Vs Other Options

It is important to note that using natural breast enhancement foods will take time and does not result in large firm breasts overnight. Breast implant and surgery on the other hand will give you the right breast size and firmness as soon as the procedure is done. However, these options are very risky besides being expensive. Even the best surgeons who perform implants acknowledge the level of risk involved. Besides, there may be future complications since the procedure is artificial and does not fully integrate with the natural way of growth and contouring.

Natural options on the other hand have no related side effect. There are arguments that link consuming breast enhancing foods as a way of increasing breast firmness and volume to gaining weight. Of course there is a significant habit of eating since these natural foods are to be ingested. However, these foods accomplish optimized metabolism, sufficient nutrient supply and even distribution. Moreover, the items comprise vegetables, fruits and herbs that are known to increase the level of energy in women.

Going for natural enhancement foods therefore produces a whole body reformation and healthier lifestyle in overall. Those who do not want a whole body change will need to complement the foods with workouts to maintain body contouring while developing firmer and larger breasts. Alternatively, one can go for breast enhancement pills and creams like Breast Actives. It will ensure only the breast is enhanced and also has no negative impact since they consist of natural ingredients.


Breast development is influenced by hormones whose production, release and regulation is defendant on the foods we eat and compounds introduced to the body. Knowing specific foods that result in the required balance is all that is needed. Breast enhancement natural foods not only increase breast size and firmness, but also contain calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium, niacin, thiamine and iron among other minerals. These minerals and vitamins help to facilitate various body processes and functions like digestion, waste elimination, immunity, hormone production and balancing and metabolism. Pills and cream like Breast Actives are also perfect options to compliment the diet and speed up enhancement.

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