Breast Growth – The Perfect Guide

breast growth perfect guide

Breasts are considered a secondary sexual organ, developing in a female when she hits puberty. Under the influence of estrogen, the breasts grow to their full size. Women who want to look perfect would want to have the perfect pair of breasts as well. When the nature fails to endow these ladies with the shape and size of breasts that’s wanted by them, they opt for artificial means of breast growth.

Breast Growth Options

There are numerous different techniques out there that claim to help you in increasing the size of your breasts and enhance the process of breast growth, and they are proved to be useful time and time again. In spite of this, women these days prefer to opt for the natural ways rather than going under the knife and rightly so. Following are some of the tried and tested natural ways of improving breast growth and making sure that they remain perky and not sag.

  • Breast Growth Cream

These breast growth creams are made from natural supplements and are a definite way of increasing the size and enhancing the shape of the breasts. They are comprised of mainly herbal products, making them extremely safe to use with next to no side effects. Their ingredients comprise of dandelion root fennel, fenugreek, oat bran, Damian, wild watercress and blessed thistle. Not only does this cream promote breast growth but it also helps slow down the ageing process with the help of the herbs, keeping the collagen strands intact and the breasts firm and perky.

  • Natural Breast Growth

We can never stress enough on the benefits of having a smart posture, especially throughout your puberty and adult life. Not only does that help you maintain a well-poised body but also helps in the maximum development of the organs in a balanced way, including that of the breasts. Along with that a healthy and balanced diet as well as regular exercise can do wonders for your breast growth. Keeping that in mind, one should keep all food groups in their diet and eat at regular timed intervals.

  • Breast Growth Pills

It is a widely known fact that hormones play a major role in the development of our secondary sexual organs, including the breasts. Now, if due to any reason, a woman has under developed breasts, she can rely easily on these breast growth pills which have a herbal and hormonal base to help them grow to a beautiful size. There are multiple brands and combinations of these available in the pharmacies as over the counter pills so can be acquired easily, paving your way to a swift breast growth.

  • Breast Growth Exercises

Breasts, like any other tissue in the body are surrounded by muscles, despite themselves being made of adipose tissue. The muscles that lie beneath the breasts are pectoral muscles, whose strengthening lead to perking up of the saggy breasts. Exercises that make these muscles work have been known to show remarkable effects when it comes to making the breasts look bigger and fuller. They include:

  • Lifting Dumbbells Using Chest Muscles

You need a pair of dumbbells for this exercise, all you have to do is lift them like you would normally do to work your biceps but instead, use the chest muscles, which are the pectorals, to lift the weight. You will see the positive results in no time.

  • Chest Press

For this you might need to go to a gym or buy one of those chest press equipment that you see at your regular gym. Set to your desired weight and you are good to go. The muscles of your shoulders and chest are used to lift the weight in this machine, giving you the perfect round breasts.

  • Rotation Push-ups

They are essentially the same as your regular pushups, the only difference being in your stance. Your arms should be shoulder width apart and you have to be on your toes and palms with your body all aligned in one axis. Lower your body by bending your arms then straightens them to raise your body back up. Raise one of your arms then rotate your chest to the right. Repeat this movement on the alternate side and complete the set for the perfect workout regimen.

  • Elevated Push-ups

These are by far the most effective exercises when it comes to working your pectorals. They are like regular push-ups, just that the toes are slightly elevated from the ground and are resting on a step. This gives your muscles the extra burn that is needed.

Other exercises that have shown some improvement in women’s postures and shapes and sizes of breasts include rowing, standard barbell chest press, wall-ups, flys and punching a punching bag. Who knew that exercise could be this fun along with being an important aid in shaping your breasts the way you want them to be shaped.

  • Yoga for Breast Growth

Women of all ages and times have always preferred yoga over regular means of exercises when it came to keeping themselves fit as a fiddle. It has shown great improvement in not only a person’s physical wellbeing but mental as well. And when it comes to breast growth, it is one of the safest options out there.

Following are some of the yoga poses that are regularly used by women worldwide to help them in increasing the sizes of their breasts and also to keep them firm for longer.

  • Bhujangasana

This is popular as the cobra pose, being an easy one to perform and can be practiced by anyone at home. You need a yoga mat for this one. Lie down, prone on the floor with your palms pressed on the ground beside you. Now try and lift your body up by pushing against your palms and do so until everything above your navel is off of the ground. Maintain that pose for a minute or two and then relax. You can increase the timings as you go along in your daily yoga routine.

  • Dwikonasana

This pose is great for all the muscles above your stomach as it puts maximum pressure on those, strengthening them. To begin with, stand straight with your feet in level with your shoulders and lock both your hands together behind your back. Now, slowly bend the upper part of your body forward and lift your locked arms up at the same time, stretching all your muscles, giving them the much needed burn. Stay in this position for about 20 to 30 seconds, and then release. Repeat this yoga pose around couple of times.

  • Ustrasana

This is a pose that can be used for multiple purposes, including increasing the size of your bust. Begin by sitting on your knees comfortably. Now you need to bend backwards, and to do this try to hold your left ankle with your left hand and your right ankle with your right hand. Lift your buttocks up slightly to create a beautiful arch, and drop your head back down. You need to maintain this position for a couple of minutes to achieve the maximum results before returning back to the starting position. Repeat at least two to three times.

Yoga, thus, not only helps you in achieving that perfectly toned body but also increases the metabolism and helps distribute fats evenly in your body, especially to your breasts. That enhances your breast growth and makes them wonderfully full and perky.

It also helps you maintain that perfect poised posture, that automatically means that the breasts sit higher than usual, and remain shapelier for longer time.

  • Supplements for Breast Growth

There has been a talk around town about certain supplements that are used to help your breasts grow in size and they have managed to work beautifully amongst the women who have tried them, giving positive results. These supplements comprise of estrogen, the hormone, which has been scientifically proved to increase the breast growth in women. Other than that, they contain a high sugar and fat content as that is what our adipose tissues are made of mainly so should be taken with caution, consulting with your dietician and GP first.

If you are not comfortable using these hormonal supplements, you can always opt for herbal ones as they contain all natural ingredients that are known to increase the size of your breasts and keep them younger for a long time.

  • Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills, commonly known as Oral contraceptive pills or OCPs are said to contain high levels of estrogen that increases the size of the breast tissue in women. These, however, being really effective, have to be taken after the consultation with your doctor since unwarranted hormone intake can hamper the normal functions of your body and cause more harm than good.

  • Breast Growth Diet

The hormones in food play a major role in the development of breast tissue in women. Some plants have pro-lactic in them while others have phytoestrogens that have estrogen-like effects on the body, even when the endogenous production ceases in a woman. They may be found in things such as flax, cloves, pepper, garlic, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, dairy, soy products, sage etc. Other than this, watercress, a major source of vitamin E has also shown a great increase in breast growth with regular use. Nature always has proven to have the best alternatives for any deficiency in our bodies.

Natural Breast Growth vs. Surgical Breast Growth

This turns out to be a major dilemma in the lives of majority of women out there, whether to opt for the safer natural methods or more conclusive and permanent surgical ones. We have compiled a list of reasons for you to consider natural ways of breast growth rather than surgical ones below:

  • Do not have to go under the knife in natural ways.
  • Lesser side-effects as compared to surgery, for example, no scarring, no tissue rejection, and no leakage of implants, among many others.
  • No risk of poisoning by the silicone implants or their leakage in natural ways.
  • Can be terminated easily whenever it is wanted or needed.
  • Easily modifiable depending on the time and need of the woman.
  • Cheaper than surgery
  • More cost effective, hence can be used by women belonging to all socioeconomic strata.
  • Safer than a surgery generally.
  • People who are wary of surgeries can opt for these natural methods without an ounce of reservation.


Women have started to opt for ingenious ways to make themselves look good when it comes to the grooming these days and the science has helped them greatly in this regard. There is no harm in looking good and definitely not one in feeling good about oneself in the process.

The main aim of any of these methods, then let them be surgical or natural is to empower the women, helping them regain the self confidence that is lost whenever they see themselves in the mirror and look at this unshapely woman staring back at them. It gives them the control that they have always yearned for, so there is essentially no harm in opting for ways to change how they look.

More importantly, the natural ways of enhancing breast growth just happen to be a better choice pertaining to their safer usage and greater control by the women, and then let them be breast growth supplements or yoga, exercise or diet. If one can have the best of both worlds by sticking to these methods of increasing one’s beauty, then there is no harm in them, rather, they should be encouraged and the women who opt for them should be guided in the right direction, rather than being questioned on their choices.

Looking good has never been this easy or this safe!

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