Breast Implants Gone Wrong – Are They Worth Going For?

We are living in the 21st century when we can avail ourselves of limitless technological advancements where every problem can be quickly fixed as desired. You want to go to work, sit in a car and viola you go quick and fast; want to talk to someone far away, pick up a mobile phone and call him no matter how many miles away he is present. The same is the case with human body fixation where in this article, we will discuss breast implants. If you are a woman with small breasts, then there is nothing to worry about. If you need cup sized breasts, you can simply have a breast implant and get the desired breast size.

Having smaller breast? Thinking about breast implants?

Now is an age that whenever you talk about the problem of smaller breasts, a breast implant idea quickly pops up in your mind explaining the simplicity of your problem, though it's aneasy solution. Whenever you think of the benefits of breast augmentation, the possibility of breast implants going wrong is always there and should also be thought of carefully and thoroughly. So after carefully analyzing the pros and cons, you can make up your mind for breast implants or better options.

Feminist? Even then?

First of all, why do you want a breast augmentation? Are you a woman from the traditional times, when the confidence of a woman was based on how big her breasts were? Well, nowadays, you don’t need to believe on that obviously. It doesn’t matter whether your cleavage looks enticing to other people or not. Moreover, when the concept of feminism is rapidly being spread, the self-confidence of women should automatically boost up. However, if we look at the figures, then we come to know that over 350,000 women in the world have undergone a breast augmentation surgery. Now, what is the reason behind this?

Need for breast augmentation

There are many women who can simply not gain the self- confidence with their flat chests. This is the world where attractiveness plays a major role, and breasts primarily characterize the beauty of women, and this is where small- chested women develop an inferiority complex and start to look for a plastic surgeon.

Visiting a plastic surgeon for breast implant

When you see a plastic surgeon with the idea of getting larger breasts, then he or she will tell you about the various benefits of breast implants that you can have. Your plastic surgeon will tell you about how beautiful you will look after having bigger breasts, it will add in your sex appeal and attraction. But, along with that, there will also be some precautions, threats and horror stories.

Story of a breast implant gone wrong

A 25- year- old woman felt bad and ugly because of her A cup breasts and wanted them to become a double D. The woman wished to invite more femininity in her looks, and that’s the reason why she opted for breast implants.

This can be the story of anyone. You think about breast implant only when you feel bad about your smaller breasts and start collecting money for getting this boob job done. Same was the case with this woman who spent thousands of dollars on breast implants.

Starting went good, up to two months after her surgery she got some more confidence and started enjoying the breast implant. Then suddenly she came to know that her body was not accepting the implant anymore. Then, within two to three weeks, one of her breasts started to project or bulge out of her chest and ultimately, the implants just came out of the skin.

Just one story this is

This is just one story that describes how breast implants can go wrong. There are many other stories, which are terrifying, and the women who have gone for breast implants have suffered a lot because of these breast implants. But, why do these sort of complications occur and how to avoid them? Let’s find out.

Complications of Breast Implants & How to Avoid Them?

The best way to study and avoid the complications of breast implants is to do your own research and find them. Or you can simply go to a reputable and reliable surgeon who will tell you up front about the different complications and risks that are associated with breast implants. You will be fortunate if you get to avail yourself of the services of such surgeons which can guide you truly about the consequences of breast implants. It may be the case with some surgeons that they don’t come up with the truth and hide the facts and then there is the moment when breast implant mistakes exist, and the implants go wrong. Some women face the problems as mentioned above while the implants of some women turn to stone and cause further troubles. Some other adverse effects that may be caused by wrong breast implant practice are mentioned below:

Adverse effects of the wrong breast implants

  • Pain in the breasts

  • Breast implant turns to stone because of the capsular contracture. This happens because the immune system of the body rejects the implant considering it a foreign element in the body.

  • Change in sensation of nipples and breast

  • Silent rupture of implants that are silicone based and can thus cause or might not cause any further symptoms.

  • You may require further additional surgeries to modify or remove the breast implant.

  • The skin around the breast tissue starts shrinking or thinning.

  • The implant starts moving towards the wrong position in the breast region.

  • Accumulation of fluid in the implant.

These are some of the common complications associated with the breast implants gone wrong. However, these are not limited, and there are some other dreadful consequences too.

Conclusion: What should be done?

Now, the question arises that what can we do in this case? Well, firstly believe in yourself and don’t base your confidence on the size of your breasts. Secondly, if you just want to have the breast implants because you like having bigger breasts and will feel more comfortable, then the best option will be to go for non- invasive and natural options for breast enlargement like nutritious diet, exercise, natural ingredients based pills and creams.

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