How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost? – The Complete Guide

Breast lifting and augmentation have gained popularity over the recent past. Many women now want to get firmer and uplifted breast. One may choose to boost her bust for reconstruction needs like after beating cancer or mastectomy. Also, with the need to look glamorous, and having an all improved body, a woman may choose to have her breast enhanced.

So, could you be interested in getting the perfect breast but are uncertain about the overall cost that you may incur? Then, fret not, as in this post, we go a step further to discuss the value of various methods of breast lifting and augmentation.

Our aim is to help you get a clear insight of the amount of money you will sacrifice in your quest to get the best and the safest breast lift.

We discuss the cost of all the known methods of breast lifting including massage, exercises, natural foods, natural pills and creams, breast lift surgery as well as the use of implants.

Breast Massage Cost

Massage is a common and efficient method of breast enhancement. If you want to get the best breast size and shape from massage, then you must be willing to sacrifice few dollars.

The cost of massage varies depending on your country, the selected massage center, products used to perform the massage, as well as your desired level of breast improvement.

You may perform the massage yourself or with the help of your partner. In this situation, you only need to purchase the recommended massage oils and a clear guide to take you through the various massage techniques. The cost of massage oils is also variable depending on your preferred brand and your country of residence. When buying these oils, be prepared to spend between 5$ to 100$ per bottle of breast massage oils.

If you are planning to subscribe to a breast massage center, be prepared to spend between 20$ to 30$ per session. This is just an estimate. The cost may vary depending on how long you choose to proceed with the massage.

The cost of breast massage may, therefore, vary depending on your choices and preference as discussed above.

Breast Enhancement Exercises Cost

Exercising is a routine known to work magic regarding body fitness and well-being. If you want to see your breast grow larger, firmer and uplifted then you should consider employing the various exercise techniques that are recommended by experts for breast enhancement. They include pectoral push-ups, dumbness press, and pec press. Yoga is also another form of exercise which plays a significant role in breast enhancement.

The cost you incur in the various exercise techniques will depend on some factors. First, if you own a gym at home, then you should expect a little cost. On the other hand, if you have to subscribe to a gym then the price may be a little higher.

At home, you may purchase an exercise guide to lead you through the whole process. This would reduce the cost of hiring an instructor.

The cost of subscribing to the gym will depend on your country, your preferred gym class as well as the professionalism of your instructor. Summing up the gym membership and monthly costs, the total cost per year may be between 250$ to 350$.

For yoga classes, you might be lucky to find free yoga classes online. Again, you may choose to enroll in a yoga school. Be prepared to spend between 18$ to 25$ per yoga class. Go for a yoga center that offers reasonably priced packages.

This cost incur only when you go for particular membership or else you can perform at home without any cost.

Natural Breast Enhancement Foods Cost

According to medical professionals, some foods play a significant role in breast enhancement. They include cruciferous vegetables, flaxseed, salmon, walnuts, coffee, fiber-rich foods, parsley, leafy greens, olive oil, peaches, and plums. The various foods contain vital phytochemicals and antioxidants that not only enhance your breast but also protect your body from diseases such as breast cancer and cell damage.

If you want to stay free from diseases and boost your bust significantly, then you should plan on adding these natural foods to your daily diet.

The cost of these foods will depend on your country’s food prices and the quality of the product you purchase. Always go for the highest quality products to realize the best results.

Some may choose not to cook and rather buy prepared food. This may increase the cost. Again, IT’S RECOMMENDED THAT YOU PREPARE THE MEALS ON YOUR OWN. This is to ensure that no harmful ingredient come with the food. You will also ensure that all the ingredients are natural and are in the right amount.

On average, you may budget to spend around 50-100$ per month on these natural foods in the quest to enhance your bust.

Natural Breast Enlargement Pills and Cream Cost

One of the significant advancements in the field of breast enhancement is the development of natural pills and creams. These products come from natural ingredients and provide tangible results when used by a woman for breast enhancement.

Today, many brands of natural breast enhancement pills and creams are available on the market. The cost is solely dependent on the brand you choose, and the quality of the product that you prefer.

One needs to use the natural pills and creams continuously for a period to realize the best results.

The use of natural pills and creams is the cheapest and the most effective. On average, a six-month supply of the natural pills and creams should cost between 240$ to 300$. Within this period you should realize substance results.

Breast Lift Surgery Cost

Before analyzing the average cost of a breast lift surgery, it’s important to understand that there are various methods of breast lift surgery. This includes the crescent lift, Benelli lift, vertical lollipop lift and the anchor lift.

Each method requires a different professionalism. The cost, therefore, varies with the type of surgery that is to be performed on your breast.

Going with the current medical statistics, the cost of breast surgery is on the rise. Currently, the minimum surgeon fee ranges between $3500 to $4000. Please note that this doesn’t entail the surgical accessory fee, anesthesia, and other expenses. You may be lucky to find breast lift surgery centers that offer full packages from around $7800.

It’s also important to know that the cost of breast surgery varies from patient to patient depending on some factors. These factors include:

  • The surgeon you prefer
  • Geographical area of the doctor’s practice
  • The surgery center – Will your surgery be performed at your surgeon’s surgical suite, in an ambulatory center or a hospital?
  • Will you be combining your breast lift with some implants?
  • The recovery expenses

Different surgeons have varying levels of expertise and amenities. It’s accurate to say that your preference on the surgeon will carry the primary impact on the overall cost of your surgery.

The higher the proficiency and experience of a given surgeon the better and safer are the surgery results. Avoid choosing a surgeon by considering the fee. Always go for a surgeon with an incredible reputation despite his/her high price. After all, your life, self-esteem, and peace of mind are more important than the few dollars.

Breast Implants Cost

Breast augmentation involves the use of implants. They are medically developed and approved products used to enhance the shape and size of the breasts through a breast augmentation surgery.

The cost of the surgery will be the same as that of breast lift surgery. However, your choice of implants will influence the price further.

There are three different types of implants. They include:


These implants consist of a saltwater solution. A pair of saline implants goes for about $1000. The saline implants are safe and easy to replace in the case of a rapture, as their content diffuses into the body without causing any harm.


The silicone type of implants contains silicone gel. The average cost of a pair of silicone implants is $2000. Many people insist that the silicone implants feel more natural than the saline.

Cohesive silicone/gummy bear:

The average cost of cohesive implants per pair is above $3000. This is the most expensive implants that we have so far. It comes with expertly shaped to give an outstanding breast appearance. This is a new entry to the market, so they have not gained much popularity.

Use of Natural Body Fat Transfer to Enhance Breast

There is a new trend where fat is harvested from a patient’s body and used in breast augmentation rather than implants. The process is called fat grafting. The cost of using fat grafting in your breast augmentation could be more costly as you will have to pay for liposuction. The level of liposuction required among other factors will influence the cost of your breast augmentation. If you are planning to use fat grafting for your breast augmentation, then be prepared to sacrifice from $8000 to $12000.

A Smart Combination of the Various Natural Methods Costs

An experienced breast enhancement practitioner will tell you that the natural methods are the safest at times and the most effective too. If you are wise and wish to get fast and better results within no time, then you could consider combining the various natural methods of breast enhancement. You will not experience any side effects with natural methods.

You could choose to combine the massage with exercises, natural foods as well as the use of natural pills and creams. With this, you are bound to see significant results within no time.

That said, the cost of such a combination would again depend on the cost of each method. You can get a clear approximation by considering the cost of individual methods.

Based on statistics, you should be ready to spend between $100 to 200$ per month on your preferred combination of the natural methods of breast enhancement. For the first phase that goes for around six months, so in this way you may spend between 600$ to 1200$.

Breast Enhancement Pills

+ Massage Oil

+ Foods

+ Exercises

= Success

$180 for 5 month so $36/M

+ $20/bottle (app.)

+ $50/bottle (app.)

+ $0 (At home)

= $106/Month

This cost is cheap and reasonable compare to the breast implants, bearing in mind that you will start seeing noticeable results within a few month.

Should you consider cost when selecting the ideal method of breast enhancement and augmentation?

It’s always good to go for the safest and the most effective method of breast enhancement. The cost of a given method should be the last factor to consider.

The cost should only help you plan your budget and not in the selection of the suitable method.

Looking at a breast lift surgery as an example, you will notice the cost increases with the level of expertise. Going for the cheapest offer would, therefore, mean going for the poorest services.

Again, going for the cheapest implants, pills or creams would mean settling for the poorest quality products.

The cost should only guide you in preparing for a breast enhancement process not to consider on selection method.

If you have any thought or willing to share your cost of breast enhancement then it would be great for other women to review.

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