Breast Lift Tape – Best Hack for Cleavage and Instant Breast Lift

The one universal wish of ladies around the globe is to have fuller breasts, perfect cleavage which would add to her femininity and beauty.

Thanks to science, herbs and technology there are many ways that can provide breast lifting. Out of all, Breast Lift Tapes are common and effective these days. It is basically tape pieces designed to lift breasts when you are not wearing bra. So, basically it is going braless but not giving a look of being one without.

Kinds of Breast Lift Tapes

1. Adhesive tapes (recommended)

It is transparent, waterproof and hypoallergenic adhesives for instant breast lifting. These lifts are applied at the top of the breast unlike other which are applied at the underneath of the breast. These adhesive tapes are comfortable to wear and they are ultimate bring it up breast lift shapers. They keep the shape of breast natural. There are adhesive lifting tapes of various brands available in the market. You need to be careful and check whether it causes your skin irritation or if your skin is allergic.

2. Gaffer tapes

Gaffer tapes are also known as Gaff tapes or Gaffer's tapes. Such tape basically is a heavy cotton cloth pressure sensitive tape. Look wise this tape is somewhat similar to duct tape but has clear and distinct properties. These tapes are used on temporary basis and should not be worn for longer time.  

3. Duct tapes

This is one of the handy breast support tapes. This duct tape is also known as duck tape. It is scrim-backed pressure-sensitive tape and is often coated with polyethylene.

4. Medical tapes

Medical tapes are usually surgical tapes that are used in surgery or in a medical setting as a general. Medical tapes are hypoallergenic and adhesive tapes. Such tapes too are used to go braless.

These breast tapes are considered instant breast lift tapes as you get an instant result as soon as you apply.

Top 3 Best Pick's - Comparison & Reviews

Product Name

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape

Nip 'N Lift - 3 Premium & Reusable Pairs

3 M Utility Duct Tape 2929 Silver

Qualities Overview

Hypoallergenic adhesive and won't irritate your skin

Waterproof, Hypoallergenic, free of latex etc. and hygienic

Adhesive and conformable to be used on smooth, contoured and textured surfaces

Final Appearance

Gives appearance of wearing bra without wearing one

Supports breast and covers nipple giving a fuller look

Adhesive sticking gives a bra like appearance.

Skin Type

It does not irritate skin, therefore, is suitable for most skin types

This is suitable for most skin types

It is better to be sure that it does not irritate your skin.

Get Started

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Breast Lift Tape

Hollywood Fashion Secrets is considered No.1 because of the unlimited and unmatchable properties this tape holds. This tape gives you a killer look and that too without bra. Now you can confidently step out and feel comfortable whole day long with this Hollywood Fashion Secrets Tape. This tape really works great with all types of fabric. It is amazingly strong tape and as it is transparent so there is no worry about showing it on a light or white shirt.

Though this product is matchless, still it cannot be stamped as flawless too. This product is slightly expensive when we compare it with other such products in the market.


  • It does not leave sticky residue when taken off
  • The size of these tapes are perfect
  • It comes in a metal case which makes it compact and very portable.


  • It is a bit pricey
  • Might not work on a hot summer day
  • Won’t work for women who sweat a lot
Nip 'N Lift's Nipple Cover Pasties

This product is a premium breast care bundle. The cover ups it offers are adhesive and non-adhesive both have qualities that are worth appreciating. The adhesive cover ups have a secure fit and the non-adhesive ones seamlessly hide your nipples. This product is best for women who want to have breast lift and nipple covers, all in one!

Nip 'N Lift - 3 Premium & Reusable Pairs sometimes do not give that killer look, especially to those breasts which have lost a lot of volumes or to those which have a lot volume.

There are adhesive and non-adhesive covers


  • Easy to wash and reuse for many times
  • You can wear it with any top, nothing shows up


  • Unfortunately, it does not give that covers look to all breast types and sizes
  • Despite being a waterproof breast tape, this product is not good with sweaty skin

You can buy this product at Amazon

3M Utility Duct Tape

3M Utility Duct Tape 2929 Silver is a versatility tape, it is built to stick. So why not stick it to look great and go braless when it is adhesive too. You might be wondering, why you would need a duct tape when there are breast up tapes available in the market. Well, this duct tape is truly versatile in what it can do for your breast’s appearance.

One flaw we find in this product and we want to reveal it to you. It is thin and hardly sticks at times.


  • Handy, available easily
  • Leaves stickiness but manageable
  • Best for a strong hold


  • It is thin
  • Sometimes it is hard to keep it in place
  • It is not invisible

Yours How-To Guide

Why do you need a This Tape?

Before knowing why you need this Tape it is necessary to be aware of what it is.

“It is basically pieces cut down from a tape and these pieces are used to keep breasts straight and tight.”

These tapes are alternatives for bras. Some women don't like to use bras so they can use these breast tapes and go braless. You need boob lift tapes to provide support to your breasts, to lift them up so that they don't sag when you don't wear bra.

DIY - Step by Step (convert any tape into a lifting tape)

Accept it or not it feels bad when you have zero cleavage. A woman when stands in front of a mirror she becomes cautious about her cleavage and bosoms. If you want to make your bosoms look larger without wearing bra you can use any type of tape and transform it into a breast lift up tape. These steps will tell you how to tape your breasts and look awesome.

Type of Tape: You can use any of these tapes; gaffer tape, medical tape, and fashion tape. They are equally good to provide support to your breasts.
  • 1
    You need to measure the tape precisely so that it does not show up through your dress. 12 to 16 inch length wise suits most of the women body, Cut tape of this size.
  • 2
    Place the strip from bottom of the right boob and take it all the way up to the shoulder.
  • 3
    Same method is to be applied on the left boob too.
  • 4
    Now to make perfect cleavage, take another tape strip and stick it from right boob to the left boob.
  • 5
    It is better not to use tape on the nipples, as it might hurt when you remove it, instead utilize nipple covers and/or use cotton pad on your nipples before taping that nipple area.
  • 6
    Use another supportive tape strip and this one should be longer than the lifting strips.
  • 7
    For a secure and perfect tight support it is better to place this third strip to arm pit.

Precautions and Suggestions for Using Boob Lift Tape

  • To take help of someone would be better.
  • Make sure you don't leave gaps otherwise it will give an uneven look.
  • Taping nipples hurts, so use other options to cover nipples.
  • Do not apply on sensitive and damaged or burnt skin.
  • Keep this lifting tape essentials handy, you might need them.

Essentials – Must haves for Application

  • Baby oil: for safe removal of tape
  • Cotton pad: for cleaning and drying the breast area before taping.
  • Scissors: in case you need to cut the tape in your desired shape and length.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: if you want it to stick better and last longer.
  • Oil Control Moisturizer: You wouldn’t want your skin to be too slippery for the tape that it loses stickiness.
  • Mirror: you would get it done right by looking into a good-sized standing mirror.

How to Lift Breasts with This Tape?

You can follow these steps using 4 pieces to lift your breasts with tape.

  • 1
    Take 4 pieces of tape, medical/clothing tape is the most suitable tape. The pieces should not be smaller than the width of your breasts. Otherwise it won't provide the desired lift and support.
  • 2
    Start with the first piece of tape. Place it on the outer bottom part of your left breast and tape the part half of it down. Make sure it is firm; press it by using your hands.
  • 3
    Now do the same with second boob, put the other piece and this time too snug the tape with your hands so that it is firmly placed.
  • 4
    The third piece of tape is "security tape". Place this tape from left side and move towards the right side. Lock down the first two pieces with this third security tape.
  • 5
    For added cleavage it is always recommended to place a small piece of tape approximately 2 inches in length in the middle of the tape which is holding bosoms.

How to Tape Large Breasts for Lift?

When you have full breasts naturally, thought of losing the stickiness of tape might haunt you. But no need to worry, plus-sized breasts too can be tapped with this tapes.

Secret Tip: It is better to use supporting transparent cups for instant lift along with tapes which provide extra support to larger and fuller breasts. So, going braless is an option for you too!

Follow these 3 steps:

  • 1
    Lean a bit to give your breasts a lift, longer piece of tape should be used. One end of tape goes from one side of the boob to the side of arm pit. The other one goes to the other side.
  • 2
    Stand up and place tape across your breasts. Make sure to pull them together for cleavage.
  • 3
    Use thirst strip over the second strip for pulling boobs together and an extra reinforcement.

How to Tape Breasts for Backless Dresses?

These tapes are usually used in a way that they cannot be seen through dresses, be it backless or deep cut or strapless dress. Here are few points to be taken into consideration to tape breasts for backless dresses.
  • From bottom of your breast, tape the breast and place other end to the side of your arm pit.
  • You don't need to take tape all the way to back.
  • You can also use transparent tapes or transparent cups to hold your breasts and give extra support if your breasts are fuller.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, it really does if you follow the taping instruction properly and choose the product wisely. Fashion industry and those bare cleavages on magazine-covers are a proof!

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Use adhesive/medical/non irritant type of tape
  • Have a hot shower or soak in the bath if you are having trouble removing tape
  • Use baby oil and rub gently to take off extra stickiness if left.


  • Do not apply on damaged or burnt skin
  • Do not use moisturizer or powder before you apply tape, it will make it harder to stick

Factors to Consider While Shopping

Never Buy Cheap: The foremost factor you must consider is not to buy cheap tape. Cheaper product in quality might harm your skin. Go for the brands with good name. Therefore, consider buying a reasonably priced tape that shall not irritate your skin.

Check for Re usability: Also, another factor to keep in mind is whether it is wash and use kind or is for a single use. You need to read all the precautions, usage and benefits of tape before buying any brand.

Where to Buy Breast Lift Tape?

You can buy this tape in stores of Amazon (links given) is available at reasonable prices. Buying online feels scary but Amazon is a good marketplace, which provides you the luxury of hassle-free shopping. Real customer reviews, budget friendly deals and ensured delivery services are the best offerings of online shopping via Amazon.

Final Thoughts from Editor

Bras are conventional ways to support women breasts. Today in the modern world, a modern lady demands quick, easy, comfortable and killer options for herself. This lifting tapes are unconventional methods and well accepted, approved and used by today's women. Finding the best breast lift tape is yet a difficult task but made easy through our platform. We brought out the best options out there, shop wisely!

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