Bigger Breasts: Breast Lift without Surgery and Implants

Breasts are priceless treasures, they are beautiful and undeniably a great asset of a woman's body. This is why most women tend to get conscious of their breasts. Along with age comes various physical bodily changes which include the inevitable sagging and unwanted drooping of breasts. Aside from normal aging, other factors that take a toll on your breast shape would be pregnancy, nursing, weight gain or weight loss, gravity, and heredity.

Some women consider getting a breast implant or a breast lift in the light of having those youthful, firm breasts again or simply just wish to have big attractive breasts rather than the relatively small ones they possess. What exactly is a breast implant and a breast lift? Are there any other ways to increase breast size? Outlined here are the details of each procedure as well as a myriad of alternatives, natural and safe ways that lead to increased breast size.

What is a Breast Implant?

A breast implant is an artificial device or prosthesis that is used to change the shape, size and even the texture of breasts. These medical devices are placed under the breast tissues or under chest muscles to greatly increase its size. Breast implants are of two types where the distinction lies in the filler material. It could be silicone gel or saline solution. Silicone breast implants are pre filled with the said material, silicone gel, which is a sticky fluid that resembles the feel of the human fat. Saline breast implants contain sterile saltwater which are inserted while still empty and then once in place, that's the only time it will be filled. Women who get breast implants have achieved reconstructed breasts that have been made bigger and fuller. However, it may leave a scar and a visible distortion, or an infection. You may also feel breast pain, some temporary change in nipple sensation and the implant may leak or rupture.

What is a Breast Lift?

Breast lift is also referred to as mastopexy and breast lift surgery. It is a process of raising the breasts through the removal of excess skin then tightening the surrounding tissues. This aims to reform sagging, drooping and decreased volume of breasts towards a new contour. It corrects and modifies its size and shape, and provides elevation and good support.

Doctors or a surgeon would also usually recommend it when a breast implant alone may not be able to achieve the contour you desire for your breasts. It is also ideal when the surrounding tissues of the nipple or what is called the areola become stretched and also transposes the nipple high above the breast hemisphere. As a result of this surgery, you will have a dramatically improved breast shape, symmetry and projection that exhibit a youthful appearance. This allows you to feel more confident and beautiful inside and out. A lot of women have been satisfied and happy with the procedure. In fact, it has been reported in new statistics generated by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that breast lift growth hyped at 70% since the year 2000.

Though these could be the much wanted results of a breast lift surgery, it can be painful and costly, and just like any surgery it would surely have risks involved. It does not address your breasts as a whole since it does not make the upper part of your breast rounded. Its effects will also diminish over time due to factors such as aging and gravity. It may also leave scars and subsequent pregnancy can compromise the surgical outcome. Recovery may also take time, around 4-6 weeks and during this time, you must not lift heavy objects.

breast lift
Breast Lift without Implants or Surgery

Now that we know the risks these things bring, it is essential to know that there are various alternatives and methods that can also be very effective, safe and inexpensive. These include wearing push-up bras, applying creams and gels, or injections of fat. It can also be sticking to a program for proper diet and workouts. For instant full and round breasts, breast enhancers such as things like paddings come handy. Going through this course ensures your safety and saves you a lot of time, money and keep you away from danger with any risk. Natural breast enlargement pills are also sold in the market, which are said to have estrogen like effects causing fluid retention in the breasts hence making them bigger. There are quite a number of ways to have bigger breasts naturally which you may want to consider first. Here are easy to follow tips on having a breast lift without surgery and implants.

Tips on How To Boost Breasts Naturally

1. Breast Exercises.

The most natural method for breast lift without implants would be doing breast workouts. These exercises are designed to keep breasts lifted up, tone its shape and enhance the cleavage. Some of these exercises include push-ups, dumbbell flyes, and barbell bench press.

2. Proper Diet.

Eat the right kinds of food not only for your breasts but for your overall health. Make sure you are getting enough nutrients and vitamins that should meet the daily requirements. Foods that contain phytoestrogens, or what is known as plant hormones that resemble estrogen, promote breast firmness. Some examples of these kinds of food would be soya, oats, and lentils. You must also consume healthy fats like olive oil, seeds and nuts for maintaining the ideal body weight and keep your breasts plump. Foods like fish, fruits and vegetables greatly help in improving skin tone. Protein is one proven, effective way of making breasts grow.

3. Get Much Needed Support.

This is in reference to push-up or uplift bras. Push up bras squeeze your breasts and lift them high up, therefore increasing breast size and make it look full and more rounded. It will give you the ultimate support you need in a jiffy. This is great in giving you flattering curves when wearing body fit clothes or dresses.

4. Apply A Lotion, Cream or Gel.

Lotions, creams and gels are said to have natural ingredients such as enzymes, natural extracts and oils that nourishes the skin surrounding your breasts. This reduces the effects of aging, prevents the loss of collagen protein and increases it which makes breasts firm, and some may improve skin tone and increase fat cells or fat storage of breasts. Once applied, you will experience firmness and tightening of the skin around your chest in just a few weeks time.

5. Breast Enhancers.

These are also called chicken fillets since it actually looks and feels like skinless chicken breasts. Breast enhancers are made from silicone get and they perfectly fit inside your bra, instantly giving the appearance of bigger and fuller breasts. They are well hidden and can be conveniently used under a bikini.

6. Chew Gum.

It is said that chewing gum for three to four times a day would aid in enhancing the size and shape of breasts up to an incredible 80 percent. The reason behind is that the gum works due to the phytoestrogen extract it releases which contribute to firm breasts.

7. Dress for Bigger Breasts.

Some stylists recommend wearing clothes that stimulate the appearance of big breasts, such as tops that have breast pockets or dresses with ruffles in front of the chest. Clothes that have horizontal stripes or those which have patterns across the breast area gives the impression of bigger breasts. What must be avoided are clothes with low necklines that may even highlight a loose shirt for lack of curves and fullness around the breast.

8. Gain Weight.

Women who are too thin may just need to add some extra pounds to add to the fatty tissues on their breasts. However, it may not work for some because it differs for each individual. Some people may gain weight faster around the thighs or belly first rather than their breasts. Also, make sure to follow a healthy diet while trying to gain weight and not just eat for the sake of getting a bit fat and gaining some extra weight.

9. Breast Massage.

You can complement any natural method of breast lift without surgery and implants with a breast massage using organic coconut oil. With or without oil, you can do this every night and day which stimulates the growth of your breast tissues.

10. Birth Control Pills.

These are said to contain high levels of estrogen which promote breast enlargement and firmness. However, you must consult your doctor first before taking any birth control pill for your own safety.

Given all these ways to having bigger breasts you have always wanted that do not cost anything, the most important thing to remember is to be patient and to believe that you can do it. The key to breast lift without surgery and implants is patience, understand and accept that it will definitely not happen overnight. You must religiously follow routine to arrive to the end and doing so will naturally yield the most satisfying results. Believe that it is possible, have confidence in yourself and what you are doing, and persevere. One day, you will be looking in the mirror fulfilled and happy with what you see - a woman with big, full, round and attractive breasts!

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