6 Amazing Breast Massage Benefits

Breast massage is a gentle form of massage therapy performed on the breasts for several purposes including to boost self-confidence of a patient, treat various conditions that may affect the physical form of the breast as well as for relaxation. Massage itself is an ancient technique that is known to be beneficial for every part of the body.

Despite this, breast massage is not a subject so commonly talked about and practiced in most massage places or beauty spas. Most beneficiaries of this treatment would hardly admit ever receiving the treatment for reasons only known to each one of them. However, once you read this article to the end, your perception of this amazing treatment will completely change and you will not feel embarrassed about the subject anymore. In fact, you will be more than glad to invite your family and friends to accompany you to your therapist.

There are several reasons why every woman should have this kind of massage in her regular beauty, health and wellness routine. The following are some breast massage benefits that women who have regular therapy sessions enjoy;

1) It Prevents Breast Sagging and Improves Breast Shape

The breast tissue contains no muscles which one could exercise to get a firm rounder look, like with other body parts. Due to this, the only method to get a well-rounded breast shape is breast massage. The massage will lead to improved circulation thereby toning up the fat tissues and tightening them hence preventing sagging.

2) Breast Massage Relieves Pain and Discomfort

Some women may feel some discomfort and tension around the breast area when approaching menstruation. Women like these need regular breast massage. The improved circulation of blood around this area will relieve pain. For instant results, the therapist may add a few drops of a soothing essential oil such as lavender to the massage cream or oil.

Breast Massage Benefits

3) It Enlarges Breasts

Large breasts are always considered attractive. There are certain hormones that influence breast size and this kind of massage can prompt the body to generate more of these hormones. For better results, good massage oil should be used together with a soothing essential oil.

4) Breast Massage Boosts Immunity

This kind of massage has been found to activate natural killer T cells which combat tumors and viruses. Research demonstrates that breast massage enhances immune function of women with breast cancer. Those who receive regular therapy have more active killer immune cells compared to their counterparts who go for the therapy less often or who have never had it at all.

5) Reduce Blood Pressure

Females suffering from slightly high blood pressure who receive regular short session breast massage tend to exhibit a significant reduced blood pressure over a short period of time. Their counterparts who take medications show a very insignificant improvement over a long period of time. Due to this, it is true to say breast massage has some hidden therapeutic effects on blood pressure. Nothing much has been said about this discovery since the research is still underway.

6) Breast Massage Can Ease Anxiety

A study was recently carried out whereby the levels of serotonin, dopamine and cortisol (stress hormone) were measured in some women before breast massage and immediately after massage. A huge difference was noted in these three hormones, cortisol level reduced significantly by up to half whereas serotonin and dopamine increased after the therapy. Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters that help reduce depression. This explains why breast massage is believed to be helpful to patients with anxiety disorders.

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From the above points, it can be deduced that breast massage benefits extend far beyond cosmetic. Getting the therapy frequently can do you a world of good. Joining in this form of regularly scheduled self-care can play a big role in how healthy you will be and how attractive you will remain with each passing year. Allocating time and money for this healthy bodywork at consistent intervals is truly a worthwhile investment. And bear in mind that; just because this kind of bodywork feels like a pampering treat does not mean it is any less therapeutic. Deem your therapy session appointments a necessary part of your health and wellness plan and wok with your therapist to establish a treatment schedule that best meets your needs.

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