Breast Massage for Growth

Breast Enhancement Massage

An Ancient Solution for a Modern Woman

What Is Breast Enhancement Massage?

When we are in stress, tension or are exhausted what is it that brings us relief?

Ideally, a massage!

The idea of having a massage itself gives you so much satisfaction that you can't refrain yourself from having one. Have you ever thought massage cannot only release all your stress but also can aid in the growth of different body organs e.g. breast massage?

“Breast massage is a technique of rubbing breast muscles with hands in a particular direction and motion which improves the growth of breast hence results in enhancement.”

How Does Breast Enhancement Massage Help in Growth?

The feminist look is about curves of a woman's body. Many women have it God gifted whereas others strive for it. Breast enhancement massage is quite a simple and cheapest procedure that helps in breast growth. If you massage your breast daily for good 30 minutes it can effectively produce hormones required for growth.

Now the question arises, how can simple massage lead to enlargement of breast?

Here are few things you need to know:

  • It is proven that regular massage sends signals to your body to release prolactin which is a hormone that aids in development of breasts.
  • We all are well aware of the fact that massaging warms up your blood and improves blood flow. Same is the case here; massaging breasts would increase blood flow and also increase phytoestrogens, which are present in bloodstream of your breast area.
  • These phytoestrogens are vital in breast development therefore, massaging stimulates this hormone and it will help in breast enhancement.

Hence, we can conclude from above-mentioned points that breast enhancement massage stimulates breast growth hormones and apart from this by way of touch it also improves size and firmness of breasts.

We can put it all in two principles:

  • Boost Circulation: Continuous and proper massage leads to good circulation of blood which helps it in carrying more oxygen and nutrients towards breast cells. Increased circulation helps estrogen to flow through blood stream, reach breast tissue and enhance them.
  • Hormone Secretion: As mentioned earlier, breast massage releases hormone especially prolactin that stimulates breast enlargement.

Breast Enhancement Massage for Growth Technique

The worst nightmare of a woman is sagging breasts for many reasons, poor diet to pregnancy, age and more. We are sharing with you breast enhancement massage for growth technique.

Breast Massage for Growth

This growth technique will not only enhance your breasts but also provide firmness. Within 4 months up to 3cm of lift and in 2 months the cup size increases by 1 - 1.5. Fat portion accumulated on other body parts migrates and this massage reduces your body fat besides enhancing breasts. Here are the breast massage for growth steps:

  1. Start from the center of chest, distance from center to the point of first pressure must be of three fingers and assume that point as point A.
  2. Now measure three fingers distance from this point A and the second press point would be point B. Massage points A and B by gently pressing and in circular motions. Do it for seven times.
  3. Now point B and D are directly perpendicular to A and B at the base of breast. Repeat massage.
  4. Massage 7 times outer circumference of breasts.​
  5. Last step is to massage inward and upward using both hands one by one.

Different Techniques for Breast Enhancement Massage

Pick the one that Suits You!

Chi Massage

One of the most popular and effective massage till date is Chi massage. Chi refers to energy. It can be done anywhere, while watching TV, on your bed, at a workplace etc. It is also the easiest of all methods, which you can do on your own without requiring assistance from second person. This breast enlargement method revolves around two purposes - massage and acupressure.


  1. Warm your hands by rubbing them together. Alternate is to put heat pad over breasts to warm them up which will increase blood circulation.
  2. Cup your right hand over your right breast and left hand over your left breast.
  3. Start massaging in inward direction in a circular motion using your fingers.
  4. Do 300 motions which hardly take 15 minutes.

Reiki Massage

Reiki is a Japanese term which means spiritual life energy. This massage method prevents breasts from sagging, keeps them firm. If this massage is performed correctly it increases blood circulation inside the breast and helps it grow. The herbal lotion is used by professional for performing this massage.


  1. Making yourself in a comfortable position is important. Lying down or sitting is not any hard and fast rule.

  2. Put palms of your both hands on both breasts and move in circular motion, one hand should be moved clockwise and other counterclockwise.

  3. Put a little pressure on both breasts and press them down.

  4. It is important to rotate breasts for 300 times for optimal results.

Feng Shui Breast Massage

This method is a combination of pressure, strokes, circular motion and conventional massage technique. Breasts are kneaded by using knuckles and palms are used to stroke breasts. It is based on the circulation of energy inside the body. Results are visible within few weeks if this method is done correctly.


  1. Perform 20 circles using your knuckles on your bosoms.

  2. Slap and pat your breasts for 50 minutes on each side.

  3. Claw your breasts for 20 minutes

  4. After removing your bra, squeeze both your breasts for at least 10 times

  5. The top half of a breast has to be massaged for a minute or 2.

Read about more breast massage techniques here.

Best Products for Best Growth Massage

Quality products are a real game changer!

Breast Actives Cream (Our #1 Recommendation)

breast actives cream for breast massage

Breast Actives cream is number 1 recommended cream for breast enhancement. It is made up of natural and safe ingredients. Nor is it heavy on your pocket. This product has been on market since 2002 and has got excellent reviews from customers. It’s an effective product for breast massage for growth purposes.

Pueraria Mirifica Serum by Swiss Botany

Pueraria Mirifica Serum by Swiss Botany

This serum by Swiss Botany is not only for enlargement of breasts but also works to make your breast firm. This serum is the purest extract of Pueraria Mirifica and it lifts and tightens sagging breasts. It is a safer option than other serums if you are looking for a potent formula.

AFY Breast Enlargement Firming Cream Massage Essential Oil

AFY Breast Enlargement Firming Cream

The presence of lecithin in this product boosts the cell activation mechanism of the whole product. The essential oil uplifts and enhances your breast in a short period of time, hence might give you the best results.

Best Breast Enhancement Massage Quick Tips

  • Choose an oil, cream or lotion for comfortable smooth massage. It will help you get gentle strokes.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Relaxing is important.
  • Warm your hands and breasts before starting massage as it can reduce itchiness.
  • Consistently follow your massaging routine for breast growth.

Health & Beauty Benefits of Breast Massage for Growth

  • Scientific research has shown that breast massage reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  • Breast massage increase breast size, gives them firmness, and prevents sagging breasts.
  • Breast massage helps body release hormones that are helpful in retaining youthful appearance so this massage helps you look younger.
  • Improves your lymphatic system.
  • It lifts stress, exertion and depression.

Do's and Don'ts of Breast Enhancement Massage

Breast enhancement techniques and methods are not a quick fix for breast growth. They do take time. So, if you are thinking to have enlarged breasts over-night, you are wrong!

It needs persistence, consistency, regularity, patience and hard work. There are many massage techniques you can do on your own but if you feel you can't carry them by yourself it is always best to take an advice or help from a professional. Experimenting sometimes can lead to disasters so to it is better to be safe than sorry.

A point worth mentioning is:

A massage alone might not give you expected results therefore, make sure you are having proper diet and doing exercises for remarkable results.


  • Warm up your hands and breasts
  • Find a relaxing pose
  • Use oil or cream


  • Do not apply too much pressure on your breasts
  • Do not rub or touch your nipples

Final Advice

Now that you have read all about breast massage for growth using breast massage growth cream, oil or serum; whatever product you use, it is mandatory to do proper and regular massage. Though it is necessary to have proper diet and do regular exercise but truth is breast massage for growth works. Believe it or not breast enlargement products are actually fastest and most effective way to get enlarged breasts. To get bigger breasts is possible, all it takes is consistency, patience, commitment, progress tracking system and finding what technique is best for you.

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