Effective Breast Massage Techniques and Therapy for a Bigger Bust

No doubt, there are a lot of women out there who aspire to become a cup size larger, but most of them are against breast augmentation, because of the negative side effects it has. Thus, learning how to increase breast size naturally at home is slowly become a trend, especially to flat-chest women.

Aside from breast implants, there are a number of nature options that you could try, ranging from supplements, breast massage and proper exercises. Unlike breast surgery, by opting to the natural methods, you'll be guaranteed to avoid the side effects and only experience the goodness after a period of time. Best of all, these are considered to be the cheapest alternatives that you could try. To help you with your search, we've gathered some of the most common, yet effective types of breast massage that you could easily perform in the comfort of your home. Read on to learn more about these.

Simple Breast Enlarging Massage

This is considered to be one of the easiest breast massage tips to increase size. However, despite its simplicity, it's still known as one of the most effective methods you can try. As much as possible, in order to achieve optimum results, perform this massage at least twice a day, or as often as you can.


1. Lie on yo
2. Then, place your hands over your breasts and start performing the massage.
3. Perform this simple massage by doing circular massaging movements from bottom to top of your breasts.
4. Then, move to the middle of the sternum and reach the top, going to the outside.

Try to perform more or less three hundred moves each day in order to experience the maximum effects. Likewise, don't forget to be regular and systematic. For instance, you could perform this simple breast massage when you wake up, before going to bed, and while taking a bath.

Breast Firming and Enlarging Massage

This technique is considered to be one of the oldest, yet natural breast massage tips that you could ever try. The breast should be massaged in circular motions from a hundred to three hundred wheels on each breast. The left should be massaged counterclockwise, while the right breast must be massaged clockwise.

Aside from that, this massage could also be done with the help of your partner. Let him sit on you and massage your bosoms with both hands. Try to relax as he does.


1. Draw your breast up by switching both hands while doing the massage.
2. Do the same thing again, but start from the side, going to the other side.
3. Repeat the same procedure with your other breast.

Breast Lifting Massage

This breast massage technique relies on proper care, and it could also relax the muscles and improves the skin tone of the person. It should be performed several times a week, and as much as possible.


1. Before applying regenerating cream or any breast enhancement cream of your choice, such as BREAST ACTIVES cream, it's important to massage the neck with ice cubes first. The coldness of the ice cubes could improve blood circulation, resulting to faster skin regeneration.
2. Likewise, it's also possible to massage your breasts while applying some lotion on your bosoms. Though, keep in mind that just like any other breast massage tips, you should follow the circular moves, starting from the bottom going upwards.

Japanese Breast Enlarging Massage

A medical specialist from Japan believes that it's possible to move the adipose tissue from the armpits, together with the sides of the body near the breast. This massage technique relies on fast and strong hits on the side of the hand in the area under the arm.


1. The breast should be hit slightly, moving to the chest.
2, By doing this, the adipose tissue would be drawn out, resulting in breast enlargement.

Chi Massage

This breast enlargement massage technique is considered to be extremely effective when it comes to breast growth. To support that, it has two purposes - massages and acupressure.


1. In order to perform this massage, start by rubbing your hands together until it gets warm. Likewise, you could also use a heat pack and place it over your breasts; this is another effective way to warm up your breasts, increasing blood flow circulation before the massage itself.
2. On the other hand, if you're going to use your fingers, place your fingertips on your chest and gently pressing down on the pressure points.
2.1 Cup a hand over each bosom-- the right hand should go on the right breast and the left hand on the left breast.
2.2 Then, spread your fingers out, until both of your breasts are fully cupped. Though, let your nipped peek through your fingers. You don't want to overstimulate them during the massage.
2.3 Your fingertips should move in a circular motion and don't forget to rotate them inwards every now and then.
2.4 Ensure that you'll perform at least 50-60 of this rotation once or twice a day.

Note: Studies show that this breast massage is perfect for improving blood circulation around the breast area, guaranteeing the enlarging effect.

Friction Massage

The friction breast massage is considered to be one of the effective ways to trigger breast growth, because the friction the hands make could generate warmth and this would lead faster breast development.


1. Start by rubbing your hands together in order to create heat and energy.
2. After that, place the palm of your hands over your breasts and you should feel the warmth by now.
3. Rub inwards and in a circular motion. Additionally, you should ensure that if you're massaging your right breast clockwise, your left breast should be massaged counterclockwise. Repeat this technique daily for about 20-30 minutes in the morning and before going to bed.

Cocoa Butter Massage

This breast massage technique would improve blood circulation, resulting in firmer and bigger breasts.


1. Using a small amount of cocoa butter cream, rub it all over your breasts in a circular motion.
2. This is very important, because it could ensure that the friction would be avoided.
3. Do this for about 15 minutes. Repeat this process at least twice a day.

Reiki Massage

Are you familiar with the term, “Reiki?” It's a Japanese word that means “spiritual” life energy. Basically, this massage could also improve the circulation of the blood going to your breasts and research shows, it could prevent the formation of soggy breasts.


1. In order to perform this massage, you should get into a comfortable position. It doesn't matter if you'll lie or sit down, as long as you could relax yourself and easily grab your breasts with ease.
2. Put the palm of your hands on each breast and start rubbing in a circular motion. Your left hand should move counterclockwise, while your right hand clockwise.
3. Then, gently press down your breasts, but don't forget to apply a little pressure as you do.
4. Rotate your bosoms.
5. As you massage your breasts, it's important to rotate them, not just your palms. Do this on both sides.
6. For optimal results, it's important to perform at least 300 rotations. This wouldn't take much time-- usually 5-10 minutes.

Oil Massage

Most breast massage tips to increase size promotes the use of essential and herbal oils. By combining 15 drops of Ylang Ylang and 10 drops of Geranium oil in a 50 mL essential almond oil, you could come up with a very potent breast enlargement oil.


1. Mix the ingredients real well and pour the mixture on your palm.
2. Rub your hands together and gently spread the oil all over your chest, applying a little pressure as you do.
3. Massage inwards in a slow motion and in circular strokes. This would improve the blood circulation, stimulating breast growth.

These oils are also considered to be effective for breast massage:

Olive oil- this is widely used to promote breast growth, especially if utilized properly. In order to do that, it's important to massage your breasts in a circular motion, starting outside going inward. Try to massage your breasts at least 10-15 minutes each day.

Almond oil- This is considered as one of the best oils that could effectively promote breast growth. As much as possible, apply this oil on a regular basis and the results would be visible within 8-10 weeks. Additionally, studies show that it could make the breasts grow by 2-3 inches, the least.

Soybean oil- Soybean oil has a number of uses and one of these is to trigger breast growth. The reason behind this is that, it has the ability to increase the estrogen levels of the body, resulting to faster development which only implies suppler and fuller breasts. Likewise, studies show that the results are noticeable within 1-2 weeks of use.

Fenugreek oil- Another effective oil for breast growth would be the fenugreek oil. It works in a way where it could expand the skin near the chest region, results to a fuller breast in no time, especially if used regularly. Likewise, if you're really looking forward to instant results, you should try mixing egg yolk with 3 tablespoons of this oil and apply it generously around your breasts. For optimum results, apply it before going to bed. The results would be noticeable within a month or so.

Clover oil- A lot of people suggests the use of clover oil, because they believe that it's one of the most effective remedies that could stimulate breast growth. Likewise, this oil works perfectly if mixed with the extracts of ginger. The results could be noticed within 8-10 weeks.

Coconut oil- Aside from being a very effective moisturizer, coconut oil is also known as an effective remedy for stretchmark’s, but it could also make you a cup size larger. To support that, some women who have tried using coconut oil when massaging their breasts have asserted that it did help them in a positive way. It could balance the hormones, that it could probably be the reason behind breast growth. Try it yourself to find out if it's true or not.

Breast Slapping Technique

This breast enhancement technique as developed by a well-renowned therapist from Thailand. Apparently, slapping the breasts could actually help in increasing their size as much as 4 inches instantly.

This technique could be done by holding one of your breasts and slapping the area around it. This would sting a little, but that's a good sign that it's working.


1. Start by slapping, pinching, and squeezing the muscle fat on the upper half of the breast for about 6 minutes. This could be quite painful, but it's a good sign that the technique is working.
2. You could incorporate this technique with the fat brushing method and it's considered to be more effective.

Feng Shui Breast Massage

This method is based on facilitating the circulation of energy all over the body. By making circles on your breasts using your knuckles, slapping them alternatively, and clawing your breasts with both hands from outside going to the nipple, you'll experience breast growth after a few weeks.


1. Start by making circles on your bosoms with the use of your knuckles. This should be performed 20 times.
2. Grab and slap your breasts alternatively 50 minutes on each side.
3. Try to claw your breast using both of your hands for 20 times.
4. Whenever you wear a bra, don't forget to squeeze your breasts ten times after removing them.
5. Hold your breasts and massage the top half for at least a minute.

Lymph Draining Massage

Last, but definitely not least on our breast massage tips would be the lymph draining massage. This technique was first practiced in Germany to treat lymphedema. However, throughout the years, it has been noted that it could also improve the breast size by a cup or two.

This massage involves rubbing the body down with a little pressure in the direction of the lymph nodes in order to improve estrogen activity and development.


1. Rub your body down and apply a slight pressure on the direction of the lymph nodes.
2. The direction should be followed religiously-- from the breast going to the nipple.

By following this technique, you're going to experience its optimal results. Likewise, don't forget to perform this massage at least twice a day.

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