Content Editor Guideline

Content editor is the person responsible to get final article ready from content writer and directly work with me to discuss the topic/keyword and give final touch to the article about to post.

Article Production Process

  1. I will share article keyword/topic with content editor
  2. Content editor prepare article outline to send article writer
  3. Article writer writes article and send back to editor for review
  4. Editor with check the article thoroughly for quality & structure and if require more correction then send back to writer with correction point.
  5. Once received good article then editor will do final editing touch to make it PERFECT
  6. Editor will post the final article live on website with proper formatting, images, etc.
  7. Content posting guideline on website.

Content Editor Role:

  1. Quality control - Responsible to check the quality & authority of article that meet our website guideline and entire focus is making the final product look really good.
  2. Editor must know that we don’t want to produce QUANTITY of articles but we want to produce QUALITY of article on our website that is valuable & authentic (you must know that producing 10 article in a day that don’t have any credibility & authority that DON’T MAKE SENSE for our website and rather we stick to product only 1-2 article in a day that make value to the visitors).
  3. We need at least 1-2 article per day minimum but only AUTHENIT & VALUABLE!
  4. I & you (Content Editor) involve to hire more writer for the project that meet out guideline

Content Editor Quality:

  1. Only require experience writer (especially women health interested are most preferred).
  2. Must be perfect in English (native English), grammar, spelling, etc. to make error free copy.
  3. Regular & hard worker, quick response
  4. Be on time every time
  5. Available on skype or Gtalk every time (very responsive person)
  6. Enthusiastic to produce thrilling & awesome content rather than just complete the article

If you think you are really suit for this post then get in touch with me with your previous quality & authority content sample you did in past (make sure don’t send me any marketing article list).

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