Does Bovine Ovary Really Work?

Hormones are the essential chemical substances in animals and humans which are often regarded as the chemical messengers since they have to carry the instructions and information from a certain cell group to the other. These hormones have an impact on almost every organ, tissue and cell. The hormones can regulate the metabolism, function of the tissues, moods, usage of food by body, sexual function, body growth and especially the growth of breasts.

Science Behind Bovine Ovary

There are two main types of breast enhancement therapies:

  • 1
    The herbal breast enhancement products
  • 2
    The glandular therapy, i.e. bovine ovary pills.

The idea behind herbal products is to supply phytoestrogen to the body which is converted to estrogen afterward. However, if the body has enough level of estrogen already, then the herbal products won’t work. If the breast enlargement is not occurring, then the reason is not estrogen but something else. In this case, the preferred alternative to the herbal products is bovine ovary which comes with a very reliable concept of glandular theory. The human body can receive various important enzymes that will help in performing different functions of the body.

How Does Bovine Ovary Supplements Really Work?

The main task of the bovine ovary supplement is to stimulate the pituitary gland.

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    This gland is known and regarded as the master gland in the human body as it takes care of the functions of some endocrine glands. 
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    By stimulating the pituitary gland, the bovine ovary supplement will help in the development of female breasts by reactivating the formant growth mechanism.
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    The pituitary gland handles the production and secretion of growth hormones and also the secretion of prolactin.
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    The pituitary gland is also responsible for the secretion of hormones that can affect adrenal gland, ovaries and the uterus.

Review On Whether It Works Or Not

Well, if we talk about the effect of bovine ovary supplements in different people, then we come to know that the bovine ovary pills are really helpful in increasing the bust size. They are helping the women and men to increase their breast size and most of the people are very happy with that. There have been some cases with the cheap bovine ovary pills that don’t fall up to the standard and are thus, causing more harm than good. Well, the bovine ovary is not to blame here, rather the source of the bovine ovary which is the cow and the way of harvesting the bovine ovary is the real culprit which might not meet the standards, hence producing low-quality bovine ovary pills.

Final Verdict

As far as some of the highly reputed bovine ovary breast enhancement products are concerned then swanson raw ovarian glandular is really work and don’t have many side effects too. This is because they are sourced properly in fine laboratories and the cows are also fed and kept nicely. Thus, the good quality bovine ovary is derived from them. Bovine ovary therapy has proven to be a safe and natural hormone therapy that can benefit both the men and women who want to increase the size of their breasts.

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