Wonder World of Double Sided Tape for Clothes

Buying Double Sided Body Tape is a Must Act for a Confident Style!

Can you imagine an individual who doesn’t like wonders? Anyone who doesn’t get excited about anything that can be miraculous? Perhaps you can but let me just tell you that the thing we’re going to talk about here now is something that surely is capable of entitled as “miraculous”. You’re familiar with the standard adhesive tapes, aren’t you? But have you used the unusual double sided bra tape for clothes?

Well it’s a tape with coated adhesive on both sides usually used to stick two surfaces together quite neatly.

But we’ll talk about it with reference to its usage in clothing and stuff. So let’s dig into the details of this remarkable product.

Types of Double-Sided Clothing Tape

Variety is fun, isn’t it?

Most suitable types of tapes for clothing should always be considered because they will be used against the skin and we won’t want anything that can cause any sort of irritation or looks rather inadequate. Following are some suitable double-sided tapes for clothes:

1. Double Sided Duct Tape

double sided clothing tape

This is considered easy to use because of its easy-release liner. Tearing it with hands is easy. Although it can only be used where there isn’t any risk of its showing up because of it being non-transparent.

2. Double Sided Foam Tape

best double sided tape for dresses

In this tape a layer of sticky foam is sandwiched between two layers of paper. It’s easy to tear and apply but it can be difficult to take it off as it sticks very firmly. Therefore, it’s advised to use it in small lengths.

3. Double Sided Tissue Tape

double sided tape for skin

Lastly comes the double-sided tissue tape and believe me when I say this that this one’s a darling. Firstly it’s transparent, and then it’s easy to tear and apply with no risk of showing up thus giving a new look.

4. Double-Sided Fashion Tape Strips

Double-Sided Fashion Tape Strips

Fashion Tape comes in small packing which contain already cut strips of double sided tape for clothes protected by a covering.

Which Double Sided Cloth Tape is Best?

Well now that’s the question you may be asking. We will recommend Hollywood Fashion Secrets Double Stick Fashion Tape Strips. Why?

  • Firstly because of its most convenient packaging with take-away tin included.
  • Then there’s no need to cut the strips every time, this has already been done for you.
  • ​Protective covering is applied to all the strips so no chance of them to get wasted.
  • It’s clearly easy to apply and its fabric friendly also.
  • ​You won’t even have to fret about the size of the strips; they are already perfect in size.
  • I haven’t even told you the BEST part yet, it is hypo-ALLERGENIC.

Yes, the people who were wondering that it might cause any sort of allergy or that they have extra sensitive skins, this might be a complete darling for them. Impressed yet?

Now the question that arises is when are we supposed to use this product? Well indeed you people should have experienced broken buttons or your bra straps just peeking out from under the shoulder of your shirt to know about its usage and dire need.

These are some common troubles one has to witness and the miraculous double-sided tape will take off that for you. This particular guide will give you all the details about where can this magical thing be used and how can it be used. Getting Impatient? Alright, let’s jump into it!

Marvels of Double-Sided Clothing Tape

Alright so digging deeper into the uses of this little darling one thing you should know is that it’s one of the must-to-keep things for models and actresses around the globe and that it’s PERFECT!

Does the extended side of the belt or the extra long length of your blouse bother you? I’m again asking questions, am not I? Okay Just look below at the uses of this tape (I’m serious this time).

  • To shorten the blouse length
  • In mending the gap between buttons
  • ​In making a long-cut dress passable
  • ​In keeping the bra straps at place
  • ​As a lint roller
  • ​In keeping the bow intact
  • For Perfect arm-hole coverage
  • In maintaining the high slit of dress

These are some basics problems people face with their clothes and the double-Sided Cloth tape will just give its wand a little stroke and all your worries will be gone. Just take a small length of the tape and stick in under you garment between your skin and dress and you are All Ready to Charm and Chill.

​Even if button of your shirt is broken and you’re kind of late for your meeting or stuff, just take a strip of this tape and stick it onto the button line then place your button on top. Now who was saying your T-shirt is missing a button today?

​You just need to be creative with this product. You should know your problem pretty well and then you should have this marvelous thing in your bags and it’ll solve any wardrobe malfunction you have quite quickly, giving you a neat delicate look.

Double Sided Body Tape - Magical Tips

Not only that, this guide also holds numerous tips for you because again we want it to be as magical for you as it has been for others.

  • Contain yourself to use it in hot days or at places where there are high chances of sweating because it’ll somehow affect its bond.
  • Always use where it’ll stay hidden from the view.
  • ​Avoid using long strips; just a little one is also capable of fulfilling the purpose.
  • ​Don’t apply body lotion before sticking this because obviously the moisture will not let it stick properly.
  • Don’t use deodorant or perfume where you’ll going to be use the tape.
  • Always keep it the part of your kit. You never know when you’ll need it.

There are no such bad effects of this tape in general, but the thing you might need to know here is that if you have a sensitive skin then keeping it stick for a long time can cause your skin to appear a slight red when you remove it. But no worries, it’ll fade away after a short time and it won’t cause any long-time rash or same sort of issue. It’s simply the BEST! Trial is must, so if you have question of where to buy double sided tape for clothes then click here for best double sided cloth tape at better price.

Final Words

So I guess now all you want to have is this perfect fashion fix in your kits and who wouldn’t. Where else will you find such a magical supply with this many uses? Not only is this accessory comes in cheaper price but using double sided tape for clothes will also help you feel confident that your dress will stay in place.Moreover,there will be no residue remains on your dress and also, it’ll peel off easily when you want it.

But if you want it to stay intact all night then follow our magical tips and all the instructions on product label properly. Rock your style with confidence!.


  1. Can you tell me which would be the most suitable tape for fixing a shoulder pad to clothing (wool, cotton etc) making sure the pad is secure and will not move about. This would not be a permanent fixture as I need to move the shoulder pads on to other items of clothing. I would be very grateful for your advice, thank you. Sally Griffiths

    • you can use that but here you need to take care the weight of your dress, if your dress is too heavy then it may fall down the taping so you need to test it before you wear on your final occasions.


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