Effective Tips for Success with Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica is a herb which is used by women as a herbal supplement. It has been in use since ages for breast enhancement. This medicine is the biggest source of a hormone known as phytoestrogen that is very effective in breast enhancement. The phytoestrogen hormone is of very high potency as compared to other breast enhancement products. Let’s have a look at some effective tips for success with Pueraria Mirifica.

Don’t Overuse PM

Since the Pueraria Mirifica provides an additional dose of hormone to the body, the body should not be given this in extra amount that it cannot handle. Phytoestrogen hormone is not produced naturally by the body. The overuse of Pueraria Mirifica medicine causes the imbalance in the body which can lead to many problems such as disturbed cycle etc. Because of all these reasons, it is always recommended to use Pueraria Mirifica in moderate quantity.

Best Time to Start Taking

To know about the right time that you should start taking this medicine, you should get the information about your cycle. It is important for you to know that which day of the cycle you are at. Some people recommend the user to take this medicine throughout the month. Some physicians also ask the user to take it in only first 15 days of the cycle. You may get a different advice on the right time to get started with the Pueraria Mirifica depending on your body structure and requirements.  

Every woman has different requirements based on her body structure and problems. It is most important to know what works for you when you are intended to start taking Pueraria Mirifica.

Different hormones in your body are directly related to your cycle such as estrogen, progesterone, etc. Which hormone is going to increase in your body on a specific day of the month depends on your cycle. Some physicians recommend taking the Pueraria Mirifica at the start of the cycle when the estrogen level is slightly higher.

Take the Harvested PM

Harvested PM refers to the quality of this medicine. Although the harvested PM is not much potent as compared to the farm cultivated PM, it is considered to be more useful because it does not affect the hormonal balance of the body. Moreover, the people who have recently started taking PM may not be able to withstand the high potency tablets.

The medicine with high potency may or may not be good for the body. Although the harvested PM takes longer in affecting the body, it causes no serious problems in the body because of being low in potency. You can easily distinguish a harvested PM from a cultivated farm PM through its taste. A harvested PM is bitterer and also not white.

Use Effective PM Product

Finding an effective PM product is very important for you. Purchasing a high-quality PM can ensure that it is effective for you. To use an effective product, you should be well aware of the manufacturer who provides the high-quality PM. Here are few other factors to consider that can help you get an effective PM:

1. Colour:

Many people believe that the PM which is in pure white color is more effective. It is said that the medicine which is brown may not be filtered properly and it may not be good for the growth of breasts. For this purpose, the white tablet should be considered.

2. Taste:

The high-quality PM has no taste. Many experts recommend tasting the PM at the time of purchasing.

3. Price:

Since the farm cultivated PM is considered to be more pure and useful, the user is recommended to buy the farm cultivated pills. These pills are usually high in price because of being more potent. So, to get best quality and effectiveness, you can pay more.

Take It with Milk

Take Pueraria Mirifica With Milk

It has been found that taking PM supplement with the calcium makes the bones stronger along with breast enhancement. It is better to take half of PM with milk in the morning right after waking up and remaining half of the supplement at night before sleeping. It is often said that the calcium present in the body makes it easier for the body to absorb PM and also enhances the potency of the body.

Use A Topical

Using PM topical supplements such as creams (brestrogen), lotions, etc. can be more effective for the body because when the breasts are massaged with the cream or lotion, the body directly absorbs these topical supplements in the skin and hence these products are considered to be more effective for breast enhancement as compared to the oral pills.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine can be the biggest obstacle in your way to breast enhancement. It weakens the ability of the body to absorbs the herbs and supplements for better results. When you are regularly using the PM, you will be required to stop using coffee and tea to maximize the effects of this PM in breast enhancement.

The Ideal Time During the Menstrual Cycle

Many people believe that the ideal time for taking PM during the menstrual cycle is the starting 15 days of the cycle. The first 15 days of this cycle are known as follicular phase, and the estrogen level is quite higher at this stage. The doctors recommend taking this medicine in first 15 days because they believe that PM introduces an excess of estrogen level to the body which boosts the estrogen level in the body. Moreover, the next half cycle is not considered to be good for taking PM because at this stage, the level of progesterone hormone is higher and it makes no sense to introduce estrogen to the body at this stage.

Some people also recommend taking PM in the last 15 days of the cycle. They believe that it is good to introduce estrogen in the next half cycle because, at this stage, the estrogen is quite less in the body. The reduced level of estrogen is replaced with the potent phytoestrogen.

Taking the PM regularly can also be useful for you because of many reasons. In the end, we can conclude that the use of PM throughout the cycle can have no harmful effects on your body. You may need to take or stop taking PM on different stages depending on the needs and structure of your body.

Taking Breaks

The users of PM Are asked to use to this supplement for 6 to 9 months. However, taking a break after 5 or 6 months is important. Since you are taking PM along with many supplements and natural breast enhancement routines, it is recommended to give it a break. Moreover, your liver also requires a cleansing after taking PM regularly for a longer period. Cleansing of the liver will reset the receptors of the body due to which the body gains many capabilities to receive and accept all the ingredients that are received from the supplements as well as Pueraria Mirifica.  

Workout Routine

daily workout with pueraria mirifica

Taking PM is very effective if you have set your workout routine. Working out regularly while using PM will help you get rid of the harmful ingredients present in the PM. Working is also essential for you if you want to get your breast enhanced with complete fitness. As you start taking phytoestrogen in the form of PM, you are required to keep the balance between the hormones. Working out can help you keep your hormones in balance.  

Breast Massage

Massaging your breast on a regular basis has been found to be very effective. The prominent increase in the size of the breast has been seen in women who have added the breast massage in their routine. The breast massage on a regular basis not only enhances the size of the breast but it also improves the shape and immovability of the breasts.

There are different massage lotions, toners, serums and creams that can be used to for this purpose. The body absorbs the creams and lotions, and the effects can be seen more prominently as compared to oral pills. Using PM along with these massage creams can enhance the effects of PM


The Pueraria Mirifica is regarded as a very important and useful dietary supplement which fulfills the needs of vitamins, calcium and many other nutrients that a person is not getting from his regular diet. The dietary composition of PM ensures that it provides all those ingredients that are required by the person. Just like any other medicine, it should be taken carefully. There are plenty of ways in which the Pueraria Mirifica can be consumed. The do’s and don’ts of this supplement should be considered to get success with Pueraria Mirifica.

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