Breast Actives FAQ

We are receiving lots of email regarding common questions so we thought to make FAQ page so that user can learn common question here itself faster & without contacting to company & place your order faster.

Before move on to FAQs section, if you have not ready our full breast actives product review yet then kindly read that first; 

Q – From where I can get genuine Breast Actives product?
A – Company has own direct official website for selling genuine breast actives so DON’T BUY FROM ANY OTHER LOCAL OR ONLINE SELLING STORES and stay away from all scammers.

Q - Where can I buy Breast Actives?
A – You can place order only from official website here

Q – Where can I buy other than USA? Like UK, Australia, UAE, India, etc. country?
A – Company has international shipment channel so don’t worry about your country and place your order from official website and you will receive your product at your desire address within given time frame.

Q – How can I order Breast Actives?
A – We have in depth guideline article about order process that you can learn here

Q – Order page does not have listed my country then how can I order?
A – If you are not able to find your country in country list then, it means company is not able to deliver the product in your country.

Q – What is pricing for breast actives?
A – You can learn pricing & packages here and make sure that this is USD price so if you want to calculate price in your currency then you can convert with your current conversion rate to get pricing idea in your currency.

Q – Product package delivered in confidential or has mentioned the product name?
A - 100% discreet shipping, Breast Actives is dedicated to your privacy which is why company ship the products in plain brown packaging with no indication what product is inside.

Q – I do not have Credit Card then how can I order?
A – We apologies but at presently, company only accept credit card payment from official website.

Q – Can I use my Debit Card OR ATM card for payment?
A – Yes, if your debit OR ATM Card Company supports the online payment then you can proceed with your cards but make sure that if you received any error in payment process then you must have to use credit card only.

Q – Can I have Cash on Delivery or other payment options?
A – Sorry to say but at presently, company don’t have cash on delivery or any other payment options. You must have to proceed your order online from company’s own website with your credit card only.

Q – How many days it will take to delivered product?
A – It depends on your country & selected shipping options, standard ground shipping takes from 5 to 10 business days within the continental United States. For international orders, company ship via Federal Express. Generally international shipments take 14-21 business days from day of shipment unless customs causes a delay for some reasons.

Q – I have ordered but did not yet receive tracking status details?
A - Please wait for at least 5 days from your date of purchase to get tracking status details on your order and if you still not received then contact support center.

Most of questions are answered here but if you still have any more queries regarding product then you can contact us.


  1. Hi! I am Priyanka, I have ordered 3 breast actives product. order no. 19575933 on 15-Nov-2017 from India. Can you please help me? I have spend a huge amount to get the product. Is it sure that i will get my product delivered in India. Did ever delivered the product in India. I am really stressful about the delivery. Looking for some positive response. Help me out pleaseeeee.

    • Yes, Company will deliver to India (worldwide deliver the product except few countries only) so don’t you worry… but as company only send tracking number to USA so you will not get shipping tracking number but it will take around 21 days or so to arrive the product.

  2. I ordered it from india but didn’t get any order number till date nor any confirmation.Moroever no money has been deducted from my account. Its been almost 2 weeks since i ordered. What to do now?

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