Herbal Breast Enlargement – An Ultimate Guide

Beautiful face always attracts, but another physical feature that attracts is women’s breasts. Regrettably, not all women have large breasts and a common view is that bigger the breasts, the better. This is the reason women get intrigued with breast enhancement creams, breast implants and herbal breast enlargement techniques.

BreastHow compiled this easy to follow guide to help you find the best herbal products. So, you can easily choose the one best suited to your needs and pocket.

Why to Choose Herbal Breast Enlargement?

Herbal breast enlargement is active even before the marketable pills advent. Herbs were used for well-being, breast enlargement, and so on. There are many options for breast enlargement, but people consider the natural over other options. This is because of its benefits namely:

  • Totally Natural

The herbal breast enlargement is all natural. They grow naturally in size and look natural. The products increase the size of the breast and offers firming up ingredients keeping the women’s breast firm.

  • Safe

Safety is another benefit, The herbal products have natural ingredients and so are absolutely safe. On the other hand, with breast surgery there is worries including the leaking or falling of implants, etc.

  • No Side Effects

Using herbal products, you need not undergo any surgery or pain and the side effects are ruled out. The risk with surgery is in losing the nipples sensation; there are chances of having scar tissue and above all, having breast implants may be painful and they do not appear natural.

  • Save Money

There is surely the benefit of saving money with herbal breast enlargement. The fact is not hidden that breast implants are expensive. Using the herbal products is best such as cream, oil, pills or even other herbal supplements. These will save you lots of money.

Four Essential Nutrients of Natural Herbs for Breast Enlargement

Breast enhancement is a goal of many women and this trend does not see the age or size. Whatever the reasons, most women wish a safe approach avoiding usage of unknown chemicals and additives. The direct and simple way is to have diet containing effective and proven natural vitamins supporting the growth of breasts to produce the required result. Here are four essential nutrients for breast enlargement and they are natural herbs.

1. Phytoestrogens

This is a plant based estrogen. This word comes from the word ‘phyto’, a Greek word for plant and the hormone causing fertility in female mammals is ‘estrogen’. As these cannot be created by the endocrine system in humans, it has to be consumed or ingested.

How it promotes Breast Growth:

The hormone estrogen stimulates the breast tissue resulting in the breast size. The stimulation makes the milk ducts bigger and results in bigger breast size. These are produced by plants and mimic the working of estrogen. So taking the foods that promote breast enlargement naturally is helpful.

Phytoestrogens Rich herbs:

Phytoestrogens herbs are fenugreek, saw palmetto, hops, red clover, pueraria mirifica and soy.

2. Phyto-progestins

Phyto-progestins are plant based progesterones. Your body naturally produce progesterone or progestin hormones and these help in preparing and maintaining sex hormones, pregnancy and other behaviors.

How it promotes breast growth:

The plant based progesterones function is to groom a woman for pregnancy and it is maintained with more round breasts. This is due to the alveoli and milk glands that become bigger with the production of progesterone within the body. Thus the milk ducts grow making up mammary glands.

Phyto-progestins Rich herbs:

The phyto-progestins rich herbs are wild yam, fennel and damiana.

3. Antiandrogens

The male hormones are referred to as Androgens and these get produced by testosterone. There is a need for anti-androgens to avert the testosterone from producing DHT or dihydrotestosterone in your body. The anti-androgens block the estrogen by decreasing DHT. Actually DHT is the main reason that men have facial and body hair, they handle stress better and have high libido.

How it promotes breast growth:

Taking anti-androgens helps in promoting the breasts. The anti-androgen herb reduces the DHT and so estrogens, the female hormones allow the growth of breasts. But as testosterone is responsible to create estrogens as well, decreasing the androgens amount makes sense.

Anti-androgens Rich herbs:

The anti-androgen rich herbs are fenugreek, saw palmetto and licorice.

4. Prolactin

Prolactin is a hormone assisting women in producing milk. The pituitary gland produces it in the brain and it helps with milk production and regulates the immune system as well. A woman's body secretes prolactin during pregnancy and puberty the most.

How it promotes breast growth:

Prolactin helps in breast enlargement as it activates the milk production and swelling of breasts. This swelling causes growth of breast tissues by stretching them. Prolactin works with estrogen and develops mammary glands, thereby increasing the estrogen receptors numbers in the breasts.

Prolactin Rich herbs:

The prolactin rich herbs are wild yam, fennel, licorice and fenugreek

Different Types of Herbal Breast Enlargement Options

Different Types of Herbal Breast Enlargement Options

The surgical methods are expensive for breast enlargement. At the same time, there are risks such as bleeding, pain and scarring. In fact, the non-surgical breast enhancement is safer and it means the options are herbal breast enlargement.

  • Herbal Breast Enlargement Pills

Considering the herbal breast enlargement pills are safer as they are all natural herbs. The prominent herbal breast enlargement pills include Breast Actives, Total Curve, Bust Xtreme and Breast Success pills.

  • Herbal Breast Enlargement Cream

The popular herbal breast enlargement creams include Breast Actives, Brestrogen, Naturaful and Total Curve creams. It provides the required firmness to the breasts. These combine the dietary pill supplement all-natural power with rejuvenating topical cream of high-quality to work at best.

  • Herbal Breast Enlargement Oil

The herbal breast enlargement oil include Olive oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Almond oil, Clove oil and Fenugreek oil. These oils benefit the body as they mostly contain omega fatty acids and vitamins in high levels, which can be used to massage or rub gently on the breasts. It improves blood circulation and the toxins get flushed out improving the breast size.

  • Breast Enhancement Herbal Supplements

The natural breast enhancement herbal supplements contain phyto-estrogens and these are found naturally in plants. These help in making your breasts bigger as it promotes the tissue growth in the breasts.

The phytoestrogens include lignans, resorcylic acid lactones, soy isoflavones and coumestans. The herbs you must look for in breast enhancement herbal supplements are wild yam, fenugreek, fennel, damiana and saw palmetto.

  • Herbal Breast Enlargement Gums, Soaps, Serums and Patches

Gums: The breast enlargement gums come formulated with 13 herbs. They have phytoestrogens stimulating the breast tissues.

Soaps: It help in regular use and they promote the breast enlargement. They contain olive oil, distilled water, palm oil, herbal supplement, sea salts, silk fibers, and lots more. The soap studs must be left on the breasts at least for a minute.

Serums: The serums ingredients include almond oil, wild yam extract, vitamin A and E, Red Clover extract and Avena Sativa extract. These are useful to stimulate estrogen. The result is the mammary glands get excited and helps in breast enhancement.

Patches: The patches ingredients are Pueraria mirifica, salvia, papaya protein, damiana and wild yam. It increases the mammary cells on using for 2 to 6 months and the cup size increases.

Where to Buy Herbal Breast Enhancement Products?

  1. These can be bought locally only in selective stores, but you must assure it has the required herbs.

  2. Buying online from official website of product is best recommended and other shopping sites such as Amazon may be helpful if product does not have its own official shopping site. (Note: some product are only

  3. Preparing at home is possible, but it is sure to consume a lot of time and a small mistake can go completely wrong.

Thing to Remember:

Though you can prepare a herbal breast enhancement blend at home, however it will require a lot of time and energy to find the right products and to wait for blend to settle down completely. To save energy and effort we recommend you to look for alternative options like buying a 100% natural product online.

How Much Time Required for Herbal Breast Enlargement?

The time required for herbal breast enlargement varies with each person. However, here are quick 5 tips that assure success with herbal breast enlargement.

  • Tip 1:

It is right to initiate right from day 1 of your monthly period. It is recommended to start the herbal breast enlargement routine from the menstrual cycle follicular phase right from the first day. The benefit is that during this period your estrogen levels are at the peak. Thus, starting from this day means it helps you in staying with your normal body rhythms.

  • Tip 2:

Follow a steady rise and do not rush with right from the day 1. It means you may take lesser than the recommended, this means initially you will be taking less dosage and gradually in a week’s time you may increase the dosage such that you reach the supplement dosage recommended. In this way, your body also slowly gets adjusted normally.

  • Tip 3:

Regularity is a must. Divide your dosages such that you are able to take the dosage for the entire day. You can consider morning, mid-day and evening dosage. This ensures the required hormones are flowing through your body regularly and steadily.

  • Tip 4:

Give breaks. It is good to take breaks at times. After each quarter, that is after every 3 months, take break by stopping the entire herbal breast enlargement herbs. Continuously taking these herbs may result in your body getting used to receiving herbs and overtime it becomes ineffective. Thus your body gets into resetting without herbs and thus you earn the benefit of growing your breasts naturally with the herbs.

  • Tip 5:

Anything has its results only when you maintain consistency. Taking herbs daily assists in maintaining the hormones balance required for breast enlargement. If you are consistent, there is regular flow of hormones within your body. Even if you skip, the stream will receive a break, but it must be build again. It is like taking two steps ahead, and one behind.

Our Recommendations - Top 3 Best Herbal Breast Enlargement Products


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Breast Actives


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Total Curve


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#1 Breast Actives - Best Recommended

breast actives herbal breast enlargement pill

Breast Actives are one of the convenient forms of herbal breast enlargement. Breast actives are a dual system that includes topical cream and a balanced nutritional supplement in the form of a pill.

What it Contains?

The Breast Actives pill contains effective compounds promoting breast enhancement. The compounds are fennel, fenugreek, hops flower, damiana, saw palmetto, Mexican wild yam, dong quai and blessed thistle.

How it works?

Referring to its working, it offers a complete enhancement to breasts. It is active from inside and outside. The blend of ingredients in the pill and cream tighten the breasts and soften the chest skin. There will be best results for a longer time by taking daily supplement.

This supplement delivers vitamins and hormones to the breast tissue and thus promotes natural development of breasts. It offers the best result when it is combined by following the guidelines for exercise and nutrition that are tailored for bust enhancement.

Why to Choose Breast Actives?

  • You receive breast enlargement without the need for surgery.
  • Clear and safe and no side effects
  • Balances glands and hormones
  • Breasts are firmer, fuller and healthier

Why Breast Actives is our top choice?

“It is outstanding as it offers naturally looking firm, full breasts, a complete woman”

#2 Brestrogen

brestrogen herbal breast enlargement cream

Brestrogen is also an herbal method ensuring breast enlargement such that your breasts look fuller and you look much younger woman within a short time. There is no greasy feel or unpleasant smell and the results are thrilling, making viewers jealous of my breasts.

What it Contains?

Brestrogen contains Pueraria Mirifica. It has a unique ingredient that makes the body to produce estrogen naturally and this helps woman in getting bigger breasts. It also contains other ingredients namely, Miroestrol, Coumestrol, Deoxymiroestrol and Isoflavones.

How it works?

The ingredients in Brestrogen work together and it also has Vitamin E that prevents premature ageing and assists in maintaining healthy cells. In association with all the other ingredients it works effectively in promoting the breast tissues and results in full breasts that are admirable.

Why to choose Brestrogen?

The benefits of Brestrogen are:

  • Breasts become perkier and firmer
  • This cream involves no risk and offers guarantee of 45 days as money back
  • Anti-aging effect thus alleviates menopausal symptoms and reduces wrinkles

Why Brestrogen is our top choice?

“Brestrogen works for firm and perkier breasts and also offer guarantee of money back”

#3 Total Curve

herbal breast enlargement total curve

Total curve offers the required breast enhancement in a short time as it has all natural approach. The solution offers lifted, enhanced and firm breasts. It is perfectly safe and works without enduring the surgery pain.

What it contains?

Total curve contains an amazing formula. Its compounds include saw palmetto, fenugreek seed, fennel, Mexican wild yam, mother’s wort and Atlantic kelp.

How it works?

Total curve ingredients are highly powerful. These herbal ingredients promote the breasts tissues from within that it results in breast growth in size. It offers the much expected total curve to your body.

Why to choose Total Curve?

Total curve benefits include:

  • Larger breasts creating a wholeness
  • Enhance your breasts shape
  • Prevents disproportionate look and prevents sagging

Why Total Curve is our top choice?

“Total Curve offers the required curve to a woman’s body that she can flaunt now with pride”


If you wish to make your breasts grow bigger naturally, the above mentioned are the best herbal ingredients offering the advantage. You can consider using these herbs to enjoy the benefits of breast enlargement. The combination of herbs taken on a daily basis at the same time offers desired results and undoubtedly herbal breast enlargement is effective, best, painless, safe and cost-effective.

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