Hollywood Fashion Tape – An Ultimate Feminine Beauty Secret

Every woman owns a fancy, comfortable bra that they aren’t afraid of showing off. But sometimes women prefer to go braless for their comfort or simply because they don’t want to wear one with special dress. If you want to go braless, Fashion tape is the best you can have. Hollywood Fashion tape is clear double-stick attire and body tape. Fashion tape is also known as Lingerie tape, cleavage tape or dress tape.

How Fashion Tape is different than Usual Double Sided Tape

There are many double sided tapes in the market, but double sided fashion tape has an edge over usual double sided tape. Some of the differences are mentioned below:


Fashion Tape

Double Sided Tape


Fashion tape is more comfortable.

Double sided tape is uncomfortable sometimes.


It lasts longer and keep the breasts and clothes at their place.

It fails to work when body starts sweating.


It is made up of a flexible material.

It is made up of cellophane which does not stretch at all.

Clothes Friendliness

It does not spoil delicate dresses and does not leave a residue stains on the clothes as it is less sticky.

It is a complete failure in that aspect.

Why to Use Fashion Tape?

If you are tired of wearing bras, then Fashion tape is a must thing to try. It has following advantages:

  • The best thing about fashion tape is that, it serves the purpose of keeping your breasts at their place and is almost invisible hence works perfectly with all kinds of formal dresses.
  • It gives you perfect cleavage and breast lift.
  • ​Works fine without leaving any residue.
  • It’s easy to use and is easy to remove.

When to Use and When to Avoid Fashion Tape?

Fashion tape is woman's best friend when it comes to fashion, it is easy to use and carry. It is multifaceted and multi purpose. To know more about its utility have a look on some useful tips.

When to Use

  • Could be used fearlessly with delicate dresses like lace dress and dresses made up of cotton material.
  • Prevents loose bra straps from slipping when worn with gowns.
  • It can be used to hold up your strapless tops.
  • ​Hold bikini bottoms and close wrap skirts in place.
  • It could be used to anchor the shoulder pads.

When to Avoid

  • Wearing it with dresses made up of spandex is not a good idea.
  • Using it on damaged or sunburned skin may cause irritation and rashes.
  • While doing sports activities there is too much movement of boobs, so the tape may get displaced.
  • It is not suitable for Busty women because to make it work you will need a lot of tape which might be uncomfortable.

How to Use Fashion Tape Properly ?

The proper use of any product ensures maximum benefit of its features, same goes for fashion double sided tape. Learn this easy to follow step by step process to embrace fashion tape as your daily fashion routine.

Step 1: You must clean and dry your body properly and try not to use any powder, deodorant or moisturizer before applying fashion tape.

Step 2: Although fashion tape comes in instant use straps, however you can adjust its length by cutting it to your specific needs.

Step 3: Carefully peel off the tape and place on the skin or clothes. Do not remove and use again as it might lost some stickiness.

Step 4: Rub your fingers on the tape, to make sure that it is properly attached.

You must also read this step by step how to tape your breasts for great cleavage guide.

Things to Remember

  • Applying the tape tightly will be uncomfortable and may cause internal injury. Likewise, applying fashion tape too loose is also not a good option.
  • It is recommended to test your skin for sensitivity to be on safe side.

How to Test Skin Sensitivity?

Testing the fashion tape on your skin is essential. that you are using and apply it inside of your arm because it is less hairy and won’t upset your skin when you take it off. In case of irritation on skin, avoid using the product until checking with your doctor.

Some Quick Beauty Hacks of Fashion Tape Secrets

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in fashion industry and in our daily lives as well. Everyone wants to give the best and steal everyone’s heart with the seamless looks. Many problems related to clothing pop up from nowhere and try to ruin your day. Stop worrying about all those problems and try Fashion tape, because it is not just for your breasts and could be used in many different ways to vibrant your fashion life. Following are some beauty hacks of fashion tape:

  • It could be used for the adjustment of necklace length. If you don’t want to wear a long necklace then place fashion tape at the back of your necklace and stick it properly to your back.
  • You can keep collar of your shirt droop free by placing fashion tape on the underside of collar, which adds some weight and prevents wrinkles on your shirt.
  • ​The gaps between the buttons could be covered by fashion tape. Just stick it between each gap and avoid peeking of boobs.
  • ​Slipping of loose bra straps could be avoided by sticking the bra strap to your shoulder with the help of fashion tape.
  • To hold your dress in place.
  • ​Surprisingly, it can be used to hold strapless tops in order to avoid wardrobe malfunction.
  • The revealing necklines could be handled much easily.

Which Fashion Tape is an Ultimate Beauty Enhancer!!

Finding the best fashion tape is a big task in itself. In spite of the fact that there are various kinds and brands of fashion tape, still getting a suitable tape is scarce as hen’s teeth.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets 36 Piece Fashion Tape”, is by far the best fashion tape in marketplace and is recommended by almost 90% of women.

Hollywood fashion tape is one solution to your many problems. It is Hypo-Allergenic, fabric friendly, easy to use and is suitable for teens and women of all ages. It is convenient to use and can be carried anywhere. The most amazing features of this tape are that it has outstanding cloth-to-cloth application, can hold your clothing in place without causing any damage and is good for low necklines. The edges could be prepared easily. Its specially formulated adhesive is gentle on skin.

Some of the features of Hollywood fashion tape are given below for your convenience:

Type: Adhesive

Dimensions: 3 inches in length and 1/2 inch wide

CASE: It is packed in metal case which protects it from being damaged and is portable.

Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 6.5 x 0.8 inches; 1.6 ounces

​Color: Invisible

Suitable for (Occasions): It is suitable for all regular and formal clothing.

Why Hollywood Fashion Tape is the best?

Although every thing has some perks and to take full benefit of its potential, it's best to learn all of its pros and cons too. Some pros and cons of fashion tape is listed below to give you a quick glance of its potential.


  • It is nearly invisible and can’t be seen through dresses.
  • It works really well for blouse gaps.
  • Prevents slipping of straps in order to save you from embarrassing moments.
  • ​Good for V-necklines which helps you to show off your cleavage.
  • ​Can hold bra against your skin.
  • Strong enough to hold the gaps between the buttons perfectly.
  • It can be easily removed from skin without any irritation or rash.


  • Not economical for daily user
  • Not suitable for very sensitive skin
  • Might not provide enough support to women with large breast size
  • It takes more time than a regular bra
  • Not work well with regular clothes
  • Lotions, oils or even natural skin oil can make it fall sooner
  • It's not reusable, use once and throw it away as it lost its stickiness

What people say about it?

Jene Luciani, the author of The Bra Book: An Intimate Guide to Finding the Right Bra, Shapewear and Swimwear recommended Hollywood fashion tape in her interview with Marie Claire.

Hollywood fashion tape is acknowledged by women and a satisfied customer reviewed, “I bought these specifically to hold sleeves in place on some new shirts I purchased. I place one strip under my bra straps to hold those in place then place one strip on top of the straps to hold the shirt sleeves in place. They work so well! Before I started using these I was constantly pulling the sleeves up and hated wearing the shirts even though they are super cute.”

Final Advice

Almost every day, we come across incidents of wardrobe malfunctioning. There is only one solution to your many problems, which is fashion tape. Toss your bras, tape your breasts and feel free to go anywhere without any hesitation. Do what you want to do with full assurance as this is double sided and adhesive enough to keep your clothes in place without causing any harm to your dresses and skin.

There are many types of fashion tapes in market, finding the suitable fashion tape is just like finding needle in a haystack. We recommend Hollywood fashion tape as the best fashion tape even for daily use. It is a multipurpose, easy to use and comfortable tape. It is recommended and used by the renowned celebrities even when they walk on red carpet. Using Hollywood fashion tape is no doubt a blessing in disguise as it can save you from lifetime embarrassment caused by wardrobe malfunction.

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