A Quick Guide to Hormones for Breast Growth

Hormones are known as the particular chemical couriers in the human body that are produced by the endocrine glands. This courier chemical controls every body function like from the complexities of reproduction to hunger to even the emotions of humans. Hormones are mainly responsible for the growth and development of human body parts and for regulating the functions of the human body in an organized and subtle way.

Similarly, hormones for breast growth are composed of certain chemical combinations that interact with the human body and promote breast growth naturally. This quick guide will help you to understand how these hormones work if you are aiming to grow your bust naturally.

Why hormonal balance is important?

Hormones play a vital role in the human body as they are responsible for maintaining the daily health. Hormones affect different parts of human body individually and as a result, dramatic changes occur. As hormones are quite influential, so if there is no balance, then this could result in disorders and many other severe diseases in human body.

Men and women are equally affected due to the imbalance in hormones, but things get crucial for women especially as they have to go through the complexities of reproduction.

Know These 5 Essential Hormones to Grow Your Bust Naturally

There are certain breast growth hormones present in the female body. Here are the 5 essential hormone responsible for breast growth;

1. Estrogen:

For hormonal breast enhancement, estrogen is one of the most important hormones that makes a major contribution to your breast growth.

  • This hormone is mainly responsible for giving a proper shape and size to your breasts.
  • This is originally a sex hormone present in females and it is responsible for the development of the secondary sexual components like breasts and pelvis.
  • It also increases fat in certain parts of the body like hips, thighs and buttocks.

“Estrogen is not a single hormone in itself. It is comprised of estradiol, estrone, and estriol. Estradiol is the most important in the composition of the Estrogen hormone. In female hormones for breast growth, this hormone is the majorly responsible for the breast growth”.

How does it work?

The estrogen hormone is more functional during puberty and pregnancy phase. It takes part in breast development by sending signals to the certain part of the body which operates the maturation of breast ducts, tissues and glands. In the breast cell tissues their receptors are located, which get stimulated by these signals. The stimulation occurred by the increased presence of estrogen causes the tissues of the breast to grow and expand with subtlety.

How to balance it?

Food, medicines and exercises can help in balancing estrogen for the hormonal breast enhancement.

Red clover is considered the best natural medicine for balancing estrogen for the breast growth. Naturally, it is present in herb form and it is also available in 400 to 500 mg pills”.​

What to Take

  • Foods that contribute to balancing estrogen naturally are lentils, peas and fruits like oranges, strawberries and peaches.

What to Avoid

  • Food to avoid is poultry, soy proteins, broccoli and cabbage. Increased level of workout can reduce the enhancement of estrogen.


An increased amount of exercise could result in a reduction of estrogen that would affect the breast growth.

2. Progesterone:

Progesterone is known as a steroid hormone present in the human body that is important for the growth of breasts in females. Progesterone functions alongside estrogen for the development of breast growth. Primarily, this hormone is also known as the “pregnancy hormone” thus, also functions for increasing the possibilities of getting pregnant.

How does it work?

As this hormone works with estrogen, so when estrogen stimulates the growth of tissues progesterone plays its role in regulating tissue so that they grow properly within breasts for its growth.

How to balance it?

Balancing of progesterone for breast growth is really important.

What to Take

  • It can be balanced by taking certain foods like lentils, chickpeas, salmon, red meat, cashew, avocado and broccoli.
  • B6 vitamin capsules also help in balancing the progesterone hormone for breast growth.

What to Avoid

  • An excessive amount of fatty foods could cause an imbalance in this hormone.


A moderate amount of exercise regulates progesterone positively for breast growth.

3. Testosterone:

As a matter of fact, testosterone is known as a male hormone, but the female body also generates testosterone hormones for the growth of breasts. Female ovaries produce a small amount of testosterone. The smallest amount is like 3/10 Mg of testosterone every single day is produced in a female body.

How does it work?

As an addition, the total 75% of this whole is then converted into estrogen by a process known as aromatase. In fat generating body cells, the aromatase process takes place which produces a certain substance known as aromatase enzyme. Aromatase enzyme converts the excessively produced testosterone into estrogen. Later on, estrogen hormone stimulates the tissues which help in the growth of breasts.

How to balance it?

Proper food, medicine and exercise can help in balancing the testosterone hormone in the female body.

What to Take

  • Foods like pomegranate, oysters, coconut, olive oil and garlic.
  • Vitamin D capsules can also stimulate testosterone hormone for breast growth.

What to Avoid

  • Foods that you should avoid is mint, licorice, soy products and alcohol.


The workout routine for enhancing testosterone hormone is weight loss and high-intensity exercises as well.

4. Prolactin:

Prolactin hormone for breast growth is produced by the pituitary gland present inside the human brain. This hormone is produced generally in the first few days when menstrual cycle takes place. A noticeable change occurs in the size of breast in terms of growth during these days due to this hormone. Female body produces this hormone in puberty and pregnancy days typically.

How does it work?

During pregnancy or puberty, this breast growth hormone works in collaboration with estrogen to produce mammary glands. This production of mammary glands generates an excessive amount of estrogen hormone in breasts which help in its growth.

How to balance it?

To balance prolactin include those foods which promote its production, have a look on some of our recommendations.

What to Take

  • The intake of fiber-rich vegetables and fruits is very helpful in enhancing the amount of prolactin hormone for bust growth.
  • Intake of protein capsules like vitamin D capsules is helpful medication.

What to Avoid

  • High fats should be avoided in the diet.
  • Avoid processed foods.


Excessive and intense exercises are best to avoid. A normal routine workout that doesn’t involve any sort of intensity, is better for balancing prolactin.

5. Growth hormone:

The pituitary gland that is present in the human brain, generates the growth hormone that is helpful in breast growth. This hormone helps in the stimulation of human cells, organs, tissues, bones and is really important for bust growth also.

How does it work?

Throughout human lifespan, this hormone is produced inside the human body but is generated in excessive amount during the youth years of human beings. As the human body ages, the growth hormones are less produced inside the human body. A significant decrease occurs after the age of thirty and by the time humans reach sixty, the amount of growth hormone decreases by 75 percent as compared to when it was in excess at the age of thirty.

During puberty or pregnancy, the estrogen hormone in human body helps growth hormone to stimulate in its functioning for breast growth. The estrogen is then pumped by the growth hormone to stimulate the tissues present in the breasts.

How to balance it?

Melatonin-rich diet is helpful in balancing the production of growth hormones.​

What to Take

  • Reducing sugar in diet plan could be really helpful for growth hormone.
  • Arginine and GABA supplements intake is a really effective medication for growth hormone.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid all fatty and processed foods.


High-intensity in a workout routine is required mainly for stimulating growth hormone for breast growth.

A Quick Way To Understand Hormonal Balance For Breast Growth

We have compiled a quick and an easy way to get you out of complexity of hormonal balance. For breast growth each hormone level should be according to given below table. You can check your hormones levels and can compare it with the table to set your breast growth goals accordingly.

Type Of Hormone

Hormonal Levels









Growth Hormone


Things to know before starting your hormonal Balance Journey for Breast Growth

Before getting into your hormonal breast enhancement treatment, here are the following things you need to keep in mind;

  • Consult your doctor

Consulting your doctor is an important step to take for any case of health. A doctor can guide you through a proper channel rather than all the bluff you get to hear as opinions from some people who even don’t know what you really want with your bust. What should be your diet plan for your breast growth? What sort of exercises should you be doing? You can get the answers to these questions quite easily from your reliable doctor.

  • Do Check your Hormone Levels

Checking your hormone levels is really an important thing to do, especially if you’re concerned about your breast growth.

  • The saliva test is the most accurate test for measuring the hormone level in the human body. In comparison to the blood test, saliva testing is much more accurate and precise as it tests the cellular level of hormones present in the human body.
  • Serum testing is known as a normal test or a casual one because it tests the free level of hormones or the total number of hormones present in the human body. It doesn’t really specify the bioavailability of hormones for breast growth.
  • FSH testing (Follicle-stimulating hormone) is actually used for testing a premenopausal woman who most often complains of having mood swings and hot flashes. But when it comes to the hormonal test, it isn’t very accurate for the job.

  • Keep a journal

Journal is something that is very personal and is also very helpful for regulating a person’s life. Before getting the breast growth treatment, you might have some fears or concerns. You could write down those concerns in your journal. In that way, you will feel relieved as you let those out even if it’s on a piece of paper. You can also prepare a proper plan in your journal that how you want to start things that concerns your breast growth treatment.

  • Adopt relaxing exercises

High-intensity exercises should be avoided by balancing your hormones. Relaxing exercises result in a proper stimulation of hormones in the human body that are also important for the breast growth.

  • Make necessary dietary changes

Making some necessary changes in your diet plan is really important as this step plays a vital role in generating and balancing hormones that are important for the growth of breasts.

  • Be consistent and patient:

When you start your treatment for the hormonal growth of your breasts, you have to understand that nothing changes overnight. Things take time if they are intended to be done in a proper way. The consistency and patience factor really does count if you want better results for yourself.

Balancing Hormones Are Not Just About Breasts But Your Overall Health

As hormones play their role in every human body part. Your bones, mental health, emotions and every component you can think of that is related to the human body, has a relation to hormonal stimulation taking place.

First of all, it’s really important to know that what hormones cause breast growth in females?

If your concern is your breast growth, then the stimulation of hormones in your body would definitely be a help for your breasts. So not only for breast growth, but hormones also maintain the overall health of the human body.


The hormones responsible for breast growth need proper balance for satisfactory results. The stimulation and enhancement of the right hormone combination through healthy food intake, proper medication and a proper workout routine, results in the right size, shape and growth of your breasts.

Hormones are present naturally, but if they are tested and treated properly it could result in the perfect enhancement and healthy growth of your breasts. All you have to do is to be patient and consistent with the whole treatment process taking place.

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