How to Choose Breast Augmentation Materials for a Perfect Look

Breast augmentation surgery is a permanent solution to increase or restore your breast size. It is becoming one of the most popular and frequently performed surgeries for breast enhancements. Women all over the world go for breast augmentation when they are not pleased with the shape of their body. It can help to maintain the shape of the breasts, give the body a proportioned figure and a perfect symmetry to breasts.

Women adopt different ways to improve the look of their breasts. Different kinds of bras and other accessories might help, but they’re never permanent. Breast implants and augmentation gives quick, noticeable and good results. Women are almost always satisfied with the results but before you opt for breast augmentation, you must know your choices to gain the perfect look.

Different types of Breast Augmentation Materials

Silicone Implants

One of the most popular choices for breast augmentation is silicone implants. If you are getting silicone implants, the surgeon will be inserting silicone shells in your breasts. These shells are filled with plastic gel which is known as silicone.

  • These shells come in a variety of sizes and textures.
  • The implants are soft and natural looking.
  • Women usually prefer this option because of the seamless appearance.
  • These implants are only approved if a woman is over or 22 years old.

Caution: Despite the natural appearance of the breasts with the implants, silicone implants pose a major risk if the shell is damaged and the liquid or gel in the shell leaks.

Things to Consider

The implants do give quick required results but they are not lifetime assets. With age, silicone implants become dangerous to have. It is likely that you will have to get surgery again to remove the implants or get new ones. With age, the implants can wrinkle and lose their shape. Moreover, in case of any accidents, the implants might rupture. These complications can cause severe pain, asymmetry in breasts and serious infections.

If you want to get silicone implants, remember to replace or remove them and take proper precautions.

Saline Implants

Another common choice when it comes to breast implants is saline implants. Saline implants are similar to silicone implants in terms of the outer silicone shell. These shells are filled with sterile saltwater solution which is known as saline.

  • Saline implants are more adaptable to the original breast shape since they can be filled before or during the surgery to form proper shape.
  • These implants also come in a variety of sizes and are available in either smooth or textured outer shell.
  • Unlike silicone implants, women over the age of 18 can get saline implants.

Things to Consider

Just like silicone implants, saline implants can also have a defined life. They can lose their shape and firmness. You will need to get them replaced or removed to avoid any complications.

Gummy Bear Implants​

Gummy bear implants are relatively new to breast augmentation. Gummy bear implants are also a kind of silicone implants but with even more cohesive and stable gel in the shells. As the name suggests the composition of these implants is of the gummy bear candies.

  • This means that these implants can’t leak and have a longer life.
  • All materials age over time so these implants can also get minor cracks and fractures but can definitely have longer life than other breast implants.
  • Even though the shells come in variety of sizes but these implants are not adaptable.

Things to Consider

Since the gummy bear implants are firmer than rest of the implants, they also require a large incision for inserting. Gummy bear implants are firm and long lasting but also the most expensive choice.

A Quick Comparison of Breast Augmentation Materials



Health Safety


Look or Feel


Saline solution

Low risk

10-12 years

Less natural due to ripples


Silicone gel

High risk in case of leakage

15-17 years

Natural and seamless

Gummy Bear

Cohesive silicone gel

Low risk

Can last for a lifetime

Natural and seamless


Breast implants or breast augmentation can be quick and probably a permanent solution for you if you are not satisfied the way your breasts look. They can help you get a more proportioned and attractive body. There are different choices available when it comes to breast implants. There is no best choice since the type of implant depends on your body type and your need. For flat chested women, who want to increase the size of their breasts overall should opt for silicone or gummy bear implants.

Women who are just interested in proportioning and redefining the size and shape of their breasts should go for saline implants. All options have their pros and cons; choose wisely to achieve that perfect, desired look.

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