How to Clean a Sticky Bra and Store it Properly!

You would agree when we say that,

“Lingerie is an essential part of all women’s closets and sticky bra is a must have item for every fashion savvy woman.”

It’s so mainly because these come in handy when you have to attend events like weddings, dates or any formal party. These are the events, when you want to look elegant as well as sexy and going braless is not an option.

Well, sticky bras are very delicate items and if you want to use them for a long time, you must know how to clean and store them properly. We have covered all the effective tips and tricks for readers who are much tensed about their sticky bra and need some help with it. So don’t miss out and read it thoroughly so that you get out of the strain of buying new silicon bra every now and then.

Why A Sticky Bra Needs Proper Cleaning?

There are many reasons why a silicone bra needs proper cleaning, well here we discuss important few:

  • Firstly, because lingerie you use should be clean because it is going to cover sensitive parts of your body and that’s why must be free of bacterial or fungus infections.
  • Since, sticky bra sticks to and covers your breasts area, which release residue or skin oil overtime so it gets dirty and obviously needs cleaning.
  • If you keep using adhesive bra without cleaning, then it can lose its stickiness which in turn reduces its life. 
  • No one has the time and money to buy bras again and again so keeping it clean ensures that it accompany you for all the upcoming events.
  • The most important reason is that you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of crowd, because an uncleaned sticky bra can unstick and fall out of your cloths anytime. Oops!

How To Wash An Adhesive Bra? - Simple 3 Step Guide!

As discussed earlier, to ensure that your bra is hygienic it is important to clean it after every use. This section is going to highlight the three essential and simple steps that could be followed to clean your bra.

  • 1
    Use water to rinse the bra. Try adding a small amount of soap to remove all the skin oil and scum from the bra.
  • 2
    Remove any dust that is still left off on the bra. This step is of immense importance because it makes sure that the bra could be used again on some other event.
  • 3
    Once you are sure that the bra is clean, let it dry naturally overnight. You need to make sure that you put the bra on a flat surface and the sticky side should be facing upwards.

Warning: Don’t swirl or handle your bra harshly, otherwise it will result in misshapen cups and would not look good under your garments.

Which Washing Materials To Use For Cleaning Sticky Bra Cups?

Undergarments should be treated with care, because they are going to be used for covering the body intimately and also because they are very delicate. Thus, there are special detergents designed for delicate garments such as adhesive bras. Following are some top washing materials that could help you make your sticky bra clean and make it last longer.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning A Silicone Bra

It is highly recommended to take good care of your items because you definitely don’t have enough time and money to replace your silicone bra every day or for every event. Thus, follow the instructions below to make sure you have got everything right.


  • Hand wash your silicone bra.
  • Take off all the excess water by shaking it well and let it dry overnight.
  • To ensure that the bra is safe from dust it is important to make sure that you cover it properly. You could use a lid to cover it up properly.


  • Avoid washing it with alcohol, bleach or any other strong washing material
  • Avoid scratching your bra with nails or brush
  • Avoid using a towel to clean the bra.

How To Store An Adhesive Bra?

The sticky bra being a delicate item not only require you to give it a little bit extra attention while cleaning but it also needs proper storing, so that it doesn’t get misshapen cups. Keeping your bra safe is also necessary because this way you will make it last longer. Following are some tricks that could help you to keep your bra last longer.

  • Keep your adhesive bra at a cool place. It could be your room’s drawer,or anywhere you are sure that temperature would remain cool.
  • Use a cling film to cover the sides of the cup so that they do not gather dust.
  • The adhesive bra will be worthless if it loses its shape so try storing it at a flat surface and avoid hanging it.


In this article, we have covered all the necessary elements that are significant to make sure your sticky bra lasts longer than expected. So, if you are the one who had to buy a new silicone bra every time, then it’s ideal to follow the above-mentioned instructions, because we have made it possible for you to extend the life of your bra by cleaning and storing it properly!

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