How to Get Bigger Breasts for Teens – An Easy and Quick Guide

Teenagers these days are very conscious about their health and beauty. Bigger breasts are what counts most for this perfection. The only problem is, most of the girls haven’t reached the stage of puberty in their teenage that’s why they lack big and healthy boobs. So, all of us have this question in our minds that how to get bigger breast for teens.

Don’t worry we are here with a quick guide for the teenagers that will aid in getting bigger breasts.

5 Ways Teens Can Have Bigger Breasts

Most people think that breast augmentation and surgery are the only effective ways to increase the breast size. This is not true; in fact, it costs you a lot if you go for it. Going through medical procedures can have side effects later on. That’s why we prefer the natural ways for teenagers to use.

Here we have 5 effective ways by which you can have bigger breasts.

1. Three Massage Oils for Breast Growth

Oil massage can be very helpful in the growth of breast. Due to their natural composition, they are not harmful to the skin. If you want to get the beautiful breast use the following oils:


Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil has been used as natural remedy for ages to balance hormones. In the growth of breast, hormonal balance is essential. Also, it is known to increase the milk production in mothers. Increase in milk production is due to the growth of mammary glands which automatically make the breast bigger and fuller. We recommend Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce due to its quality and competitive rate.


Fenugreek Oil:

Whenever there is a question that how to get bigger breast for teens, the word fenugreek seeds is always there. The oil extracted from these seeds helps in expanding the skin around the chest area that enlarges the breast in a most natural way without any stretch marks. We recommend “Fenugreek 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil by Healing Solutions”. Girls apply this oil at night daily to get a rapid result.


Almond Oil:

Almond oil is one of the best oil that helps in the growth of breasts in teenagers. This oil is full of vitamins which are essential for the body. It makes the muscles strong and massaging your breasts with almond oil aids in the growth of cells around the chest region. When the cells are healthy, the breasts will automatically look fuller and bigger. The results can be seen after 8 to 10 weeks; warm it a little before applying to get the optimal outcome. We recommend “Molivera Organics Sweet Almond Oil” for its high-quality in low-price.

5 Steps To Massage Your Breast With Oils Properly

These oils are beneficial for breast growth; however, you can only get positive results by applying them in a proper manner. Massaging your breasts with natural oils is surely effective but keep this thing in mind that you have to be patient as it takes time to give desired results.

Here are the five steps that will guide you how to get the bigger breast for teens by applying the oil properly.

Step-1. Rub Gently

Get undress before applying the oil so that there won’t be any barrier in-between. Massage the breast area gently using your fingers (not less than three) and stroke downward. We recommend you to avoid the nipples as they are very sensitive and can catch rashes and infections quickly.

Step-2. Lightly Knead Your Breasts

While massaging the breasts, knead both of them one by one slightly. Do not apply more pressure as it can cause the sagging or some other problems. Continue kneading for few minutes and make sure the pressure is applied equally on both.

Step-3. Twirl Your Breasts

Once you are done with the kneading process, gently hold your one breast and start rotating it clockwise; after few twirls move it in an anticlockwise direction. Repeat the same procedure with your other breast and repeat it 10 to 15 times.

Step-4. Use Palms To Massage

After massaging with your fingers use your palms to rub the breasts and stroke downwards but softly. While doing this make sure you avoid touching the nipples area. Also, don’t apply pressure while rubbing it can cause some serious problems for you.

Step-5. Relax After The Massage

Relaxing is crucial after the massage session it will help the oil to absorb completely into the skin. It is preferred to massage the oils at night before sleep so that you can relax for a long time without worrying about your pending chores. More importantly, if you apply it at any other time, don’t perform any activity lying on your stomach. Always lie straight on your back for some time.

2. Seven Exercises To Grow Your Breast Fast

The other way by which you can increase your breast size is by doing some exercises. Here are some that you can do easily at your home that makes the muscles near the breast area strong and help in their growth.

1] Pushups

We all are aware of the term push-ups and how to do them. Just get into the stranded position with both your hands on the floor apart from each other, wider from shoulder. And place your feet in such a way that your body forms a straight line from your head to your toes. Bend down torso, pause and then get up again, exerting main pressure on your shoulders and elbows. Repeat this several times.

2] Dumbbell Cross Punch

For this exercise grab a dumbbell in each hand, open your arms out straight and move the right arm towards the left in the center of the breast keeping arm straight. Repeat the same procedure for the left arm towards the right.

3] Alternating Chest Press​

For this exercise lay straight on the floor with the knees making a 90-degree angle with hips and elbows with the fists similarly. Hold the dumbbells in both hands and one by one pull your arms straight outwards in an upward direction and then back to original position. Repeat this process for some time.

4] Plank Walk​

Plank walk is just like walking left to right and vice versa but in a push-up stranded position. Put your one hand and foot simultaneously towards right or left and the other one. Assume it like taking footsteps but with both hand and foot.

5] Butterflies​

Lie down on the floor, hold the dumbbells in both your hands and stretch out the arms. Now bring both arms upwards in the center of the breast unless both hands touch with each other while bending your elbow a little and then bring them back to original position. Keep repeating it to form a butterfly movement.

6] Chair Dips​

Sit on the chair and put both of your hands on the armrest of the chair. Now push your body up and down by putting all weight on your arms and shoulders. Repeat doing it for a while.

7] Wall Pushups​

Stand straight facing the wall at distance of more than your arm’s length. Keep your feet straight on the floor and put your hands on the wall. Move your body towards the wall by bending the elbow and then again move back. It will look like as if you are pushing the wall.

There is one common thing about all these exercises is that they exert pressure on the upper region of the body which automatically increases the breast muscles.

3. Dietary Changes

A healthy diet means healthy body and breasts are the part of the body. Whenever someone asks the physicians that how to get the bigger breast for teens the first thing they focus on is the healthy diet.

Choose Your Food Wisely

We have to choose the food wisely especially the teenagers. These days our youngsters don’t focus on their diet and are more into the junk and fast food due to which they lack essential nutrients in their body. That’s why most teenager face different problem and small breast size is one of them.

1. Estrogen Rich Foods​

Always choose the estrogen enriched food because it is the main component that promotes the growth of the breast tissues. Lack of estrogen can lead to the small breasts. Some of estrogen rich foods that you can add in your diet are White and red beans, soya products, strawberries, flax seeds, peaches, peanuts, green sprouts and walnuts.

2. Protein Rich Foods​

Protein Rich food is necessary because proteins are the main nutrient for the production of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the cells. If the cells are healthy only then they can produce the breast tissues which will eventually result in bigger breasts. Though we are taking protein rich food daily in our diet but you can get more on your plate by adding cheese, eggs, fish, lean beef, mutton, soy, milk, beans and pork.

3. Low carbohydrates food​

Low carbohydrates foods are often enriched in fats which are good for the production of the milk. It helps in the growth of the mammary glands which expands the size of the breast. High amount carbohydrate affects the milk production in women. You can easily choose food which is low in carbohydrates by opting for low carb veggies, oil, eggs and dairy products, fish and meat, fats and nuts.

Foods To Add In Your Diet

You must add these foods in your daily diet to get the bigger breasts.

  • Flaxseed: they increase the growth of the breast tissue adding a volume to your breasts
  • Olive Oil: It contains healthy fats that promote the fats in the breast resulting in bigger bust
  • Soya Bean: They contain a good amount of isoflavones that is a type of phytoestrogen (act as estrogen)
  • Fenugreek: It helps in stimulating the mammary glands which result in expanding and development of the breast.
  • Tofu: It is also a soya bean product, therefore, has same effects on the breast growth as soya beans
  • Lentils: They contain great amount phytoestrogens which promote the breast tissues.
  • Vegetables and Fruits: They contain all the essential proteins and vitamins that help in the production of estrogen in the body.
  • Swiss cheese: it contains the natural prolactin, estrogen and progesterone are known essential hormones for breast growth.

Foods To Avoid

These foods can be harmful to not only the breast development but also for the overall health of your body.

  • Soft Drinks: They contain an excess amount of sugar and carbohydrates that can reduce the milk production.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is known to burn the body fats. Taking it regularly can affect the breast tissues which results in small breasts.
  • Carbohydrates and Sugar: They can affect the milk production in the body which automatically prohibits the breast development.
  • Processed meat and Chicken: They affect the hormonal balance in the body that can severely influence the breast development and promote the manly characteristics in women.

4. Choose The Right Bra

Choosing the right bra is important for teenagers if they want healthy breasts. Padded bras are specially designed for this purpose which reflects your breasts as fuller and in perfect shape. Also, the padded bras keep the breasts in place and prevent them from getting hurt.

5. Natural Herbs

Natural herbs like fenugreek, wild yam, red clover etc. are a good source of estrogens. As discussed before, estrogen is important hormone for the breast growth. The best thing about the use of natural herbs is that they don’t have side effects for the body. You can use them in different forms like directly in your diet, tablets, capsules, creams or oils. But before using always consult your doctor first.

5 Things To Follow Religiously For Fast Breast Growth In Teens

Whenever someone asks that how to get bigger breast for teens girl always tell them these five things which they must do consistently to get the best results.

  • Always follow the diet routine properly. Teenagers these days usually don’t pay attention to their diet and keep skipping the meals. Even if they eat, most of the time they prefer junk and fast food. Balanced and nutritious healthy eating is necessary.
  • Keeping vitamin levels balanced in the body is crucial for the development of the breast. Lack of vitamins can negatively influence the breast tissues. Make sure to intake proper vitamins daily.
  • Exercising and being involved in some physical activity every day is important for the development of breast and body muscles; therefore, do some light exercises daily.
  • Use the supplements or oils whatever you want on daily basis. If you keep skipping your dose then it will not show any positive results.
  • The most important thing that everyone must do is be patient. The ways mentioned above can take a lot of time even months till you start noticing the change and all the wait will be worth it.


Teenagers these days are most conscious about their figure and many of them question that how to get bigger breasts for teens? We have provided an easy guide for all the youngsters out there to get the bigger breast quickly in most natural way. Massaging your breasts with oil and exercising daily while keeping track of healthy diet proves to be effective for breast development especially in teenagers. However, while practicing these ways you have to be consistent and patient to get the desired results.

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