How to Get Bigger Breasts – Surprising Facts & Action Tips for Your Figure!

Are you searching for all the possible ways on how to get bigger breasts? Maybe you have searched through so many articles to collect all the possible ways you can enhance your assets. Random facts and so many useless practices make us feel confused and demotivated to step up for this adventurous journey of breast enhancement. 

Here at BreastHow we have gathered all the facts and tips to quench your search once for all. Getting bigger and beautiful bust is possible, only if you know all the facts about different options and take proper action. We hope this smart infographic will help you make the best choice for getting bigger breasts.

Please read on to get better insights from this infographic.

How to Get Bigger Breasts

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1. Make A List Of Your Food Options

Food plays a significant role in shaping your body hence you must take the items that encourage breast enlargement. Estrogenic foods such as dry fruits and beans to promote the enhancement of sex hormones is a good idea.

Foods containing monounsaturated fats such as avocado and nuts are also quite effective in increasing the growth of breast tissues.

Testosterone production controlling foods can also be taken to trigger bust-size, as it will balance your feminine body chemistry.

2. Take Actions Suitable To Your Age

Age factor is quite important in breast growth. Before the age of 18 or 19, breasts are not fully mature hence there is no need to follow breast enlargement procedures at younger ages.

The proper growth of breast occurs at the age of 19 and during pregnancy and menstruation. Apart from age, weight also affects breast growth significantly.

3. Target The Right Muscles During Exercise

Exercise keeps human body in perfect shape and when it comes to breast shaping, strengthening of pectoral muscles is highly important.

Toning and raising of fatty tissues is quite difficult and can only be done through regular workout. The problem is that weight gain goes straight to the bust hence you must keep it firmer and fuller with the help of right exercises. Exercises like pushups, planks and weight training are quite effective in increasing breast growth.

4. Work On Boosting Breast Enhancement Hormones

Hormones that play a significant role in breast enhancement are Estrogen, Progesterone and Prolactin.

These hormones control milk production, growth cells and fatty tissues that are highly responsible for breast growth. While estrogen deals with the growth of breasts, progesterone and prolactin increases the cup size by strengthening the milk ducts.

5. Be Intimate More Often And Enhance Oxytocin Levels

Intimate moments with your partner can also make breast enlargement happen. Do you know 20 to 25 percent breast enhancement takes place during sex and even foreplay can help boost up the cup-size?

Massaging and caressing the breasts release oxytocin resulting in bigger size. Improvement in estrogen surges and blood circulation also occurs during sex that makes it a good remedy for breast enlargement.

6. Be Ready To Embrace New Lifestyle

If you want bigger breasts in an exotic shape, you need to work on your lifestyle and preferences.

Sleeping in upside-down position and wearing a wrong size bra disturb breast growth. Adopt correct sleeping positions and as mentioned-above, add estrogenic foods in your regular diet.

Wear bra that suits your bust and cup size as it shouldn’t be too tight neither too lose. Take enough sleep of 8 hours to promote hormonal growth.

7. Learn Breast Massaging Techniques

Breast massage is quite an effective and easy remedy to enlarge the cup size. It enhances adipose fats and fatty tissues in addition to improved oxytocin release. Rubbing breasts smoothly by using any oil or ointment results in oxygenation and detoxification of breast tissues. This practice also makes circulation of lymph better.

Chi and Reiki massages are popular remedies for breast enlargement.

8. Take Help From Breast Enhancement Supplements

You must have heard of breast enlargement supplements that trigger the growth of hormones and fatty tissues. These supplements contain the elements required for breast growth and act like natural estrogen. They also help in retaining water until the breast growth improves. Supplements deal with lack of growth and hormonal deactivation and change the body chemistry to bring necessary improvements.

Breast enlargement supplements are available in the market in the form of pills, powder and herbs. If you are taking any medicine then consult your physician for an expert advice before using supplements, .

9. Try Some Reputable Breast Creams

Creams are also being widely used for breast enlargement due to their positive effects. Using creams helps stimulate sex hormones resulting in bigger sized breasts. They are not identical to hormone replace therapy hence there are no risks of breast cancer. As creams are applied on a certain area, they only affect the targeted part.

There are many creams such as massage creams and natural formula based ointments that you may use for breast enhancement.

10. Go Natural And Use Breast Enhancement Herbs

Apart from supplements and ointments, herbs also play an important role in increasing the breast size. The advantages of using herbs are numerous, e.g. stimulation of natural estrogen, improvement in the production of milk, fighting the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Fenugreek, Pueraria Mirifica and Red clover are the most popular herbs used for breast enhancement.

11. Make An Appointment With The Doctor

If nothing seems to work, consulting a specialist is not a bad option. They use surgical methods for breast enlargement that include breast implants, fat transfer breast augmentation and breast lift.

Although these procedures have a few disadvantages, but you can avoid these drawbacks of breast enhancement surgeries by consulting a reputable surgeon who knows his work well and is honest. Who has performed a good number of successful surgeries before you and have good testimonials from real people. Moreover, your surgeon should be ready to support you along the path and helps you develop a comfort level.

Make sure you get your breast enlargement surgery done by only an expert surgeon to avoid unwanted scenarios.

12. Learn The Art Of Happiness

Do you know being happy is also another way to enjoy breast enlargement? Yes it is! Happiness promotes advanced oxytocin release, balance in hormones that make woman look more feminine and level of intimacy and healthy condition that result in improved natural growth of breasts.

Participate in all activities that make you happy and satisfied. Also meditate regularly for self-purity and inner peace.

13. Go for Bra Shopping And Find A Perfect Fitting Bra

Breasts ligaments and tissues require a fine support for proper growth hence bras are essential for women. Make sure you wear a right sized bra because perfectly fit bras prevent injuries and maintain the shape of breast cups and extra fit or loose bras either result in saggy breasts or slows down the growth of tissues.

Note: There are variety of bras in the market for different activities. Sports Women must wear sports bra with high support whereas for sleeping, prefer non-wired padded bras to hold cups firmly.

Little-Known Facts

  • Most women have the same number of milk ducts in their breasts. However, it is the amount of fat in your breast that determines their size.
  • Much is dependent on the structure of each woman’s individual breasts, therefore, not all women who put on weight experience breast growth.
  • Breast enlargement can be a side effect of taking certain medications. For example, some antidepressants, hormone therapy treatments, and birth control pills are all known to cause breasts to grow larger in some women.
  • Women who are expecting boys tend to have slightly larger breasts during pregnancy than those who are expecting girls.
  • Most women find that their breasts get larger and swollen during their menstrual cycle. However, this increase in breast size usually disappears once menstruation starts.

Final Thoughts

Whatever approach you are willing to adopt, just make sure you stick to it and don’t give up too early. Consistency in following a breast enhancement plan is the right and the surest way to get bigger breasts.

Follow what’s best for your health and self-esteem. Stay safe and healthy!

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