How To Take Off A Bra In The Perfect Way

Undoing your bra certainly turns out to be the worst struggle if you do not start it right. This little garment has so many stretches and bands that it will keep you tangled with it for long. But, no worries. We are here to alleviate your frustration. Here is a comprehensive guide about how to take off a bra without a mess.

You may get amazed when you see various tutorials showing girls taking off their bras in a jiffy.

Well, don’t be sad because this won’t require much practice to deal with your bra perfectly. You merely have to stay calm and rapt while taking off bra.

After reading this guide, you will see how easy it is to take off your bra effortlessly.

How To Unhook A Bra – Guide for The Regular Bras

The bras you wear regularly come in two broad styles. One of these is the bras with a hook and eye closure at the back. The other type bears a front opening clasp, hook, or a zip.

Some back or front opening bras come with laces too. They are easy to wear and remove. However, you have to be good on tying knots (I mean, the knots of the bra straps).

Anyhow, without ado, let’s move on with our step-by-step guide about how to unhook the bra which you usually wear.

1. How To Undo A​​​​ Bra Having Back Hook And Eye Closure

I am sure most of you would prefer this kind of bra and would be curious to know ‘how can I take my bra off quickly?’

Here are the two ways for undoing a back hook and eye closure bra.

Method 1:

Step 1 - Push your hand back and reach out for the hook.

Step 2 - Hold both ends of the strap with your hands.

How To Undo A Bra Having Back Hook And Eye Closure

Step 3 - Push the straps towards the middle in a way that the hook and eye lock protrudes outwards.
Step 4 - Gently pull out the hooks for removing bra.

Method 2:

This one might be way easier if you feel uncomfortable to reach out your back.

  • 1
    Pull down your shoulder straps
  • 2
    Loosen it a bit to pull out your hands from both the straps
  • 3
    Slide your bra around to bring the back hooks to the front
  • 4
    Now unhook the bra and take it off from you

2. How To Unclip A Bra With Front-Clasp

Front clasp bras are much more comfortable to wear and remove. Yet, if you find undoing this bra tricky or are wearing it for the first time, then here is how you should go.

  • 1
    Locate the front clasp between your bra cups
  • 2
    Hold the end bearing the hook with one hand
  • 3
    Place the other hand on the side carrying the clasp
  • 4
    Gently twist your hand a bit to loosen the fastener
  • 5
    Take off your bra

Some other front open bras come with a hook or zip. Removing such bras is quite easy as the closure is visible to you.

How To Remove Bra With No Straps

Strapless bras do not require a detailed guide. You can simply unhook the front closure (if it is a front open bra) and pull it off.

For strapless bras with back closure, you can pull down your bra to the abdomen, turn it around and open it up.

How To Take Off A Girls Bra With Adhesives

Adhesive bras appear easy to wear. However, removing these bras require a little patience.

If you want to know how to remove bra with adhesives, then here you will find about it too.

  • 1
    Undo the front hook or clasp.
  • 2
    Starting from the top, begin peeling out the cups gently from your breasts.
  • 3
    Remove any residual adhesive with a tissue paper or a cloth.

Once again, make sure that you undo an adhesive bra as gently as possible. Rushing with such bras might make you uncomfortable. Also, for removing any stubborn sticky residues, you can use spirit gum remover. Do not scratch your skin for this purpose.

Quick Tips To Take Off Your Bra Properly

Although, removing a bra may appear a little effort to you. However, this small act has an enormous impact on your overall dressing. Women taking off their bras hastily might hurt themselves as well.

The more careful a girl remains while taking off her bra, the more perfect will remain the shape. Consequently, longer will be the bra’s life.

Messing up with a bra, particularly while removing in a rush, will do nothing but ruin the fitting of your bra. I am sure no one will prefer to buy a new bra on every other day.

Following the tips given here will eventually let you enjoy the perfect shape with a well-fitted bra for long.

  • check
    Make sure never to rush while removing your bra. The more relax and gentle one remains, the easier will it be for you.
  • check
    Do not stretch the bands or straps of your bra. It will not only worn out quickly, but may also hurt you as well.
  • check
    Ensure proper opening of the clasps (whether front or back) before you take off your bra.
  • check
    For adhesive bras, do not pull them off without opening the clasps. You may end up damaging your bra.


Although, it is normal for a bra to wear out with time, like for any other garment. However, with a little care to ensure you remove your bra properly, you can increase its endurance.

Usually, girls are quite choosy about their favorite bras and want them to accompany for long.

So, if you are also one of a girl in love with your perfectly fitting bra, then you can easily make it last longer by following the tips given in this guide.

Stay happy. Stay in shape!

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