How to Track Breast Enhancement: Step by Step

How to Track Breast Enhancement Step by Step

The aftermath of breast enhancement creams, pills and surgeries, it can all be so overwhelming for a woman who looks for real changes in her breast size. If you are that woman then you might relate to the hassles of tracking breast enhancement. It’s thrilling as well as scary at times. Well, no matter whatever has been your story; if you want to have a mature insight into your breast enhancement journey then surely it is the right place to be!

A Comprehensive Guide on Tracking Breast Enhancement Changes

On your breast enhancement journey it’s very important to track day to day changes. Daily track records not only keep you aware of all the changes you have been undergoing on the physical and psychological level, but also they help you stay motivated. Yes, staying motivated is important when you talk about real breast enhancement approach, whether it’s in the form of natural supplements, pills, creams or any surgical procedure. Staying motivated is one of the important factors for desirable results.

Motivational Milestones

Putting a result tracking system in place can help you stay conscious and motivated about your breast enhancement journey. Following are some important milestones to help you stay motivated during your treatment period, for giving up is not an option when your feminine beauty depends upon it.

Goal Setting

To accomplish anything successfully you must set clear goal, since clarity is the key to success. So set a clear goal for your breast enhancement journey. For example, what cup size and bust line measurement you want? State the answer clearly and set a goal to achieve this target measurement.

Date and Time

Keeping track for date and time is also important. When did you start to use the breast enhancement pills, cream or any other procedure that promise natural results? What times of the day you use it? How many times and for how long you need to massage cream into your breasts? You should log all these details in your diary.

Record Multiple Measurements

Measurements of cup size in inches or centimeters can be taken multiple times on the journey of breast enhancement. These multiple measurements overtime tell a great story about progress and help you to stay motivated.

Observe Specific Changes

Have a keen eye for changes in size, shape, look and feel of your breasts. Try to come up with specific observations. For example, you might be feeling tenderness, soreness or any kind of pain in your breast area.

Keep an Emotion Journal

Journaling your emotions related to your breast enhancement changes is quite useful. It helps you to stay motivated and feel understood in your own private space. Many women don’t vent their emotions in front of their friends or partner until they feel secure or satisfied about the results. So an emotion journal comes handy in this situation.

Capture Pictures

If you want to gauge periodic changes in your breast shape, size, look and feel then you might want to capture pictures of your breasts. This action will help you have a visual reference to track changes and stay motivated.

Measure Weight

Gaining weight is directly proportional to the increase in breast size. So keeping a record of your weight keeps you from confusing weight gain as the effect of your breast enhancement cream or pills. Measure your weight from time to time and keep a clear head about real and false changes.

Act Like A Scientist

Observing and recording minute details mark the very characteristics of scientists. You need to act like a scientist if you want to track accurate changes in your breast size and shape. Observe keenly, record relentlessly and keep your personal biases at bay if you want to see real changes. Moreover, acting like a scientist has a utility in the sense that it keeps you motivated and curious.

Stay Motivated

Yes, it’s one of the most important one. Sometimes breast enhancement journey becomes really tough due to the delayed results. When you don’t see signs of any improvement it becomes really challenging to use cream, take pills or perform exercises. Motivation helps you get through these times.

Join Support Groups

Just like weight loss groups help you lose weight and stay motivated, likewise breast enhancement support groups can help you enhance your breast size and shape without losing motivation. Join any online or local support group for this purpose and seek motivation and insights from other members of group.

Keeping record of the above-mentioned milestones is really important. Weekly evaluation of all the record can help you stay aware of any changes in timely manner. If managed properly, tracking breast enhancement is quite fun and simple.

Smart Breast Enhancement Tracking Table

Download Sheet Here

For your convenience we are presenting a tracking table for your breast enhancement journey. You can measure the factors mentioned in the table on daily basis:

Apart from the daily measurements, you can also schedule weekly measurements for your bust size, body weight and can even take pictures of your breasts. Well, on the monthly basis tracking your periods is also a good idea like you can note whether your periods were heavy, normal, longer or shorter. In this way you can know if the product is interfering with your periods.

What is The Proper Way of Breast Measurement?

Simplest Procedure Ever!

Breast or bra measurement is quite simple if you know the accurate steps. It’s a three step process:

1. Measure Band Size:

To determine your band size wrap around the measuring tape around your ribcage just under the bust. Keep the tape evenly wrapped and note the measurement in inches. This measurement determines your band size.

2. Measure Bust Size:

For measuring your bust size, wrap measuring tape around your chest width such that it crosses over the fullest width of your bust. Don’t hold it tight. Note the measurement in inches.

3. Find your Cup Size:

Now subtract your band size (first step) from bust size (second step). The answer will give you your perfect cup size, where the difference will represent cup size. For example, if your band size measures 34 and you have a bust size 36 then the difference will be “2”. 2 represent B cup-size. You can consult a bra measurement chart or a tutorial video for details.

Too much is Dangerous: When to Stop?

Begin with the end in mind!

Before starting your breast enhancement treatment, you should know when you are going to stop. Having clear answers to the following questions can keep you on track:

  • What is your target cup-size?
  • How many inches you want to add in your bust size?​

Once you reach your target measurements, discontinue using creams, pills or any other breast enhancement treatments.

You need to remember that “growing it as bigger as it can” is not your goal.

How to Protect Health?

3 Simple Hacks

While beginning your breast enhancement journey keeping track of your health is also important. Though creams and pills are a relatively cheaper option than breast implants, however there are always risks involved in every treatment option. So it’s your own responsibility to protect your breast health. Here are 3 simple hacks that can ensure best breast health protection and minimize risks involved in breast enhancement plans:

  1. ​Do solid research. Don’t rely on ads or friendly suggestions.
  2. Consult your physician and value medical advice.
  3. Religiously use and follow the instructions accurately.

The above-mentioned three breast health protection tips can save you a lot of trouble. If you ignore any of these, you might face undesirable consequences. Being enough responsible and cautious about your breast health is truly the key to having best safety plan for health.

Final Thoughts

When you are all set up to achieve your best breast size and shape, there should be motivation and passion to finally make things happen. However, sometimes despite all initial passion and motivation things get sloppy and daily schedules just feel like other mundane tasks. Also, sometimes there is a lot of delay until the real signs of improvement show up. In such circumstances, you need to have something to depend upon, so having a tracking record of your breast enhancement treatment and activities related to it can give you a head start into solid motivation. It helps you evaluate results and detect even minor changes in your shape and size. This way carrying on with your massage routines, exercise regimen and other breast enhancement activities become really easy. So before taking any breast enhancement treatment don’t forget to set up a special tracking system for your breast enhancement journey.

Good Luck Ladies!