5 Amazing Natural Remedies for Breast Firming

Breasts are muscle - fewer organs that are called milk producing glands of mammals. They constitute connective tissues and fats. To keep them in a proper shape, you need to take good care of breast firming.

Sagging breasts

As women age, their breasts lose the elasticity and suppleness due to which they become saggy, and the woman starts feeling under confident or embarrassed of them. Every woman wants to look perfect, and surely, the saggy breasts don’t count in perfection. Perfectly shaped breasts are one reason of the attractive figure and look of a girl and in case they are saggy, they can also make the women subject of embarrassment.

Causes of breast sagging

There are many causes of breast sagging, and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Unfortunately, as soon as women past the age of 40, their breasts start sagging.
  • In many cases, they may even start sagging before the age of 40 where other factors also play a vital role, such as pregnancy, obesity, deficiency of nutrition, breastfeeding, poor quality bra or strenuous exercises.
  • Excessive consumption of carbonated beverages, alcohol, and nicotine, can also cause this problem.
  • Also, there are certain diseases that can cause the breasts to sag that include tuberculosis and breast cancer.

Breast firming methods

To tighten the sagging breasts and tone them up to bring back in shape, there are various products available in the market. You may even get a breast surgery or implant. But to be honest, all these artificial methods are highly NOT recommended. The reason is the high chance of after surgery problems you will phase for life.

Instead of these, you must prefer natural practices to bring your breasts back in shape. This will ensure you no adverse effect on your health as the natural remedies will have very fewer to no side effects.

1] Exercise

If you notice your breasts sagging, then this is the first thing that you need to do. Incorporate exercise in your daily schedule and choose the ones that focus pectoral muscles around the chest and breast tissues. These exercises will prove to be useful in breast firming. You can try various exercises in this regard like:

  • Chest pulls and presses
  • Dumbbell Flyes
  • Round-about push ups
  • Arm raises

These exercises can lift up the sagging breasts and can help them in getting firm.

Note: While doing exercise, do wear an aerobic or a sports bra that is of the perfect size.

2] Ice Massage

Ice massage is another completely natural way of breast firming that doesn’t involve any risk at all. It is known to be effective in lifting the breasts and firming them to bring them in proper shape. When you ice massage the breasts, then breast tissues will contract because of the cold temperature that makes them appear firmer and lifted.

1. Use two ice cubes to massage for 1 minute around each of your breasts.

2. Rest for 1 min and repeat this for 3-5 times.

3. Now use a soft towel to dry them and then wear a right size bra.

4. Now lie back in a relaxed position for some time.

5. Repeat this process each day or may be twice in a day.

Remember, you should not expose breasts for more than a minute to ice because it can also cause numbness.

3] Olive Oil

Olive oil massage is another amazing way of breast firming. Sagging breasts are caused because of free radicals whereas olive oil constitutes of fatty acids and antioxidants that can nullify the free radicals’ effect and can make the breasts firmer. Moreover, olive oil will also help you to improve the texture and tone of skin.

1. Take a small amount of olive oil in your hands. Rub your hands and generate heat.

2. Now, apply the oil over your breasts in upward motion. Do this in a massage motion.

3. Keep massaging for fifteen minutes. This will stimulate cell repair and will increase the blood flow.

4. Keep up this remedy for four to five times in a week.

Argan, Jojoba, avocado or almond oil can also be used to massage them.

4] Cucumber and Egg Yolk

This is another natural and effective remedy to lift the breasts and bring them back in shape. You can create a mask by using egg yolk and cucumber and use it for this purpose. There is a high level of vitamins and proteins in egg yolk whereas cucumber contains skin- toning properties and a mask by using both these constituents will prove to be effective in breast firming.

1. Crush a small cucumber in a blender

2. Mix it in a teaspoon of butter or cream and an egg yolk so that a paste can be formed.

3. Now, rub the paste on your breasts and keep it there for 15-30 minute.

4. After half hour, wash off the mask by using cold water.

5. Apply this mask once in a week for firming the breast tissues.

5] Egg White

Another way to treat the sagging breasts is by using the egg white. It is useful for nourishing the skin, and its astringent properties are also very good for the sagging breasts. There are hydro lipids inside the egg white that provide firmness to the breasts by lifting loose skin around them.

1. Beat an egg until the formation of a foamy texture.

2. Now rub it over the breasts and leave it there for 15-30 minute.

3. After that, wash with onion or cucumber juice and then with cold water.

4. You must apply it one time a week to get rid of the sagging breasts.

6] Natural Cream & Pills

Many times we don’t have time to prepare natural DIY remedies at home and looking to have same natural ingredient option with best product and that is where you should look out the breast firming cream.

1. Take bath to open the pores

2. Take cream on your figure and rub it on your breast for 2-5 minute till get absorb in skin

3. Do this regularly 2 times in a day at morning once taken bath and ready to go for work and at night once relax and before going to sleep.

Some additional tips

Here are some additional tips that you must follow to get firmer breasts.

  • Drink as much water as you can so that your skin is always hydrated.
  • You should not diet to an extreme as a drastic loss of weight in a short time span will cause sagging breasts.
  • Swimming is considered to be a very good exercise for breast firming. So, enjoy swimming.
  • You should wear the right sized bra while running, jogging, doing contracting poses or forward bends.
  • Smoking hurts the fragile breast skin so stop it and improve your overall health!
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Breast sagging is a natural phenomenon and so is breast firming too (if natural practices are exercised). So, adhere to the above-mentioned tips and exercises and bring your breasts in proper shape. With firmer breasts, feel confident and worry no more of your appearance.


    • As this is natural process so no side effect… If you have any ingredients skin allergies then you have to select product wisely and rest are perfect!


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