All about Perfect Breast Shape and What It Indicates

Regardless of the size and shape breasts were and will always be a source of pride and frustration for women and a constant interest representative’s hard sex. And because plastic surgery industry is thriving and growing more and more women aspire to the ideal shape of the breasts, the researchers wanted to discover what it is in terms of both sexes.

The formula for perfect breasts

British researchers conducted a study that I published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery scientific journal, after which they managed to find out the perfect breast shape as men, and women. No less than 1315 people were surveyed in this study were asked to look at pictures of breasts and choose proportions you like most. After research, it was a winning percentage ratio: 45:55, i.e. 45% above the breast tissue and 55% below the nipple. It seems that this is the natural form and, surprisingly or not, it is the most attractive to people, hovering round shaped and blown away implants.

In recent decades, especially in the US, plastic surgeons have used implants with a round shape, unnatural, because they were filled with saline. Everyone remembers Baywatch girls and women may also have sighed after "facilities". The truth is, though, that that was not just a trend, which, like many others, was doomed. Even if there are men who are impressed by exaggerated forms and sometimes even banal general trend of appreciation is naturalness. However, there were a group of participants in the study who chose images with silicone as the most sexy: women over 40 years! Are you surprised? Researchers say that though there is something so bizarre, considering the fact that breasts are becoming increasingly left with age and decreases volume at the top. In these circumstances, women chose what they felt that they lack.

Before you go to the mirror and start to feel complexes you do not have perfect breasts, you have to remember that this study was done to make improvements plastic surgery. Regardless of all this, the breasts are appreciated by men, and all the good news coming from researchers: when are natural, are even sexier. So aside complexes and enjoy how you endowed nature, that self-confidence is the most attractive accessory!

In the eighteenth century, in Spain, has developed a branch of divination which reveals a woman's personality depending on the shape of her breasts. Do not know many details about this practice called sternomantie, and of course it is possible that men have invented as a mere excuse to admire the natural endowments of women. However, many people are convinced that this feature can give information about the psyche of the fair sex.

Does the shape of your breasts something to say about your personality? Find out and tell you what size and shape of breasts about you!

Perfect Breast Shape
Tell me shape of your breasts, to tell you who you are

Even if initially you could say sternomantia sounds more to superstition, you can look at it from a psychological viewpoint. Breasts are not only native elements, but also the sexual parts of the body. Passion for breast men creates a social pressure on women, who are very sensitive in terms of shape, especially their breast size. Often, a woman with large breasts will be much more open and self-assured than one with small breasts, because, in fact, sexuality plays an important role in human psychology to each.

Here's how it can affect breast size and shape personality:

1. Round breasts, firm size and average: very attractive without being massive, they are assigned women with a sharp mind and hardworking, but do not tend to grow the most in his career, but is rather dedicated to family.

2. Big and round Breasts is said about these women that may have problems with frigidity and although they are so popular with the opposite sex, it is difficult to reach orgasm. However, women with round breasts are very open sexually and always want to try new positions.

3. Breasts in pear form: thus endowed women tend to dominate man and have a strong sense of independence, a strong mind and willing to fight for what they want.

4. Triangular breasts: These women are open-minded and benefit from plenty of sensuality. Sometimes everything seems to do without making an effort and get what they want quickly.

5. Tubular breasts: they are very sexual woman, who loves to dominate her husband and enjoy every moment of life. Just as the shape of the breasts is not very common, the woman who owns will leave a deep imprint in the minds of men whom they conquered.

6. Breasts with high nipples: These describe the dominant women who are very creative and open in nature, which attracts all people around. In general, these are very generous persons.

7. Breasts with small nipples turned inward: there are not too many women who have such breasts. They are calculated and always plays their cards very well, are very hard to fool. They very rarely say what they think, but do not step aside from their partner and are capable to satisfy all fantasies.

The shape of the breasts can indicate certain personality traits of a woman. I'm sure men would not only agree with this theory, but would feel and forced to test it more often!

The shape of a woman's breast can tell a lot about his character and also about some of its most important characteristics for men.

That is why most men have instinctively shape a woman's breasts and their subconscious catalog that woman, as taught throughout human evolution, depending on the needs of that man.

And a woman's breasts can say much more about that woman unless you can be healthy or not a good mother.

According to recent studies in this area, shape and position of a woman's breasts dictates certain key characteristics about sexuality and how it is that the person that woman.

Round breasted women

Women with round breasts are the most childish of all. I know to be warm but also know and defend their interests well as possible. In life, these women most want to start a family. Sexually, rages harder in bed but once they got confidence in their partner they become unstoppable.

Sharp-breasted women

These women are often too shy. They hide from themselves throughout their lives and try to become another person than what they are. On the other hand, are very wild in bed, the only place where true face and figure.

Full-breasted women

These women are quite safe themselves. True, in a man's world and help them greatly bust. Proud of their breasts and femininity of giving evidence, all easily obtained by means of seduction. But rather lacking in bed. Do not move and do not give interest, considering that the man should do the work.

Full-breasted women at the bottom

These women suffer from more complex due to the fact that often fail to be satisfied with themselves. But just because these complexes always excel professionally. And once you get to hold a leadership position, become really tough. In bed they love to dominate, like brutal sex and love to their partners until they leave them breathless.

High-breasted women

These women live a life almost sexual. On all levels, using the strengths that mother nature has endowed them. It is easy to give because they like to experiment a lot in terms of sexual and they are very safe. In bed but can only give you everything if men are very gifted.

Lower breasted women

These women find that their mission on earth is to make as many children, no matter what it is with man. I love to be mothers and of sexually active are not so. Rather let sexual use of men, just the desire to be seeded.

Breasted women far apart

These women are quite brazen. In life, they love to play with all and all. No stability love nor family life and believes that self-person is most important. Choose their partners in bed on the masses for not designed to have a sex party after that is not fully satisfied.

Breasted women close to each other

These women love to be maintained. They like someone to take care of them permanently and not to worry about anything. But as can be sexual. They like to have sex often good and sometimes with many partners at the same time, considering that their mission in this world is to sexual delight as varied as possible.

These are the main things that should be kept in mind in regard to women's breasts. The perfect breast does not exist since all breasts are attractive on their own. Therefore, it is only up to the man to decide what he likes in terms of his partner's boobs. However, the woman should do anything possible as to look well for her man, since we all want to feel extraordinary in the company of the other.

The most important thing is to feel good in your own body. If you are satisfied with your breasts as they are, then this is amazing. However, it is also important to find a man that loves and appreciates you for who you are.

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