Best Pueraria Mirifica Creams and Pills: In-Depth Review

Pueraria Mirifica creams and pills for breast enlargement have the best strength of phytoestrogens that can be purchased online and work to increase your breasts by boosting your levels of estrogen and by making use of an organic substance that replicates it without any side-effects.

What Is Pueraria Mirifica?

It has been praised as a ‘wonder plant’ for every little thing and especially its capacity to improve the size of breasts. This plant is different from other phytoestrogenic herbal plants because PM (Pueraria Mirifica) has both miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, that is structurally akin to estradiol - the most potent estrogen endocrine.

It is also believed to stimulate endurance and improve one’s life. The most people of Burma kept the particular purposes of this plant a secret as long as possible to preserve it for themselves, until that it was found and brought from the area.

What Is Pueraria Mirifica Used For?

  • Studies have tested that this plant has several uses for the body, with a sturdy emphasis on the power to increase the size of women’s breasts by natural means.
  • Another key use has been the breakthrough discovery that it removes the signs and symptoms of the menopause and other ailments women acquire while they get older.
  • ​It has been used to improve sexual desire and help weight reduction.
  • ​Pueraria Mirifica features a key impact on the augmentation of women’s breasts.
  • In spite of its remedial history, in the modern time, the facial rejuvenation uses of this plant have become well-known because of the published works of Luang Anusang.

Anusang says this plant helps you to make improvements to skin texture and consistency all over your body, and also improving the ability to remember and decreasing the signs of getting older, for example, facial lines and gray hair. It's also proven to improve a person’s self-confidence.

Reviews of Pueraria Mirifica Pills and Creams

For your convenience, look at the comparison table of different Pueraria Mirifica Pills and Creams. We hope you find it useful in making the best choice for a great breast enhancement journey.

Product Name


Best Features

Editor’s Rating



- Up to two cup sizes in month

- Risk and pain-free

- Only natural ingredients

Cream+Pills + Serum

- Premium Pueraria Mirifica

- Helps Firm Breasts Naturally

- Helps Enhance the Breasts​


- Beneficial for breasts, hair, skin

- No Stearates, Artificial Colors, or Preservatives!

​- No Fillers, Adulterants, Gluten, Starch, Wheat, Corn, Rice, etc!


- Contains the purest grade extract

- Contains nano particles designed

- Works best around the intimate areas

- Replenish and tighten the skin

- Superb breast enhancement serum​


- Pueraria mirifica area grow best

- Open Pack can smell the Fragrance Herbs

- For Female and hermaphrodite

Brestrogen - Convenient & Cost-effective Solution

Brestrogen Pueraria Mirifica Cream

Brestrogen is the particular option you have been searching for. Brestrogen is undoubtedly an all-natural ointment which is made to grow your breasts without the requirement of agonizing and hideously pricey surgical treatment.


The energetic substance in Brestrogen is usually Pueraria Mirifica which is farmed from the forested acres of Chiang Mai, Thailand. It's popular for its breast improving attributes mainly because it features phytoestrogens that will enhance the blood circulation and supply to your breasts, hence making your breast bigger, shapelier and much firmer.

Brestrogen also has deoxymiroestrol, miroestrol, coumestrol as well as isoflavones.


  • The simplicity of use - Just therapeutic massage to your breasts for five minutes every day after a shower
  • ​100 % pure and 100 % natural ingredients
  • ​Conveniently soaked up into your skin
  • ​Cost-effective in comparison with the buying price of surgical treatment and other remedies
  • Brestrogen is amazingly better valued
  • Virtually risk-free as well as doesn’t have any negative effects


  • It's not for sale in stores. You can only buy Brestrogen from the official site
  • Results may differ according to the person

What makes it our top choice?

This is without a doubt the best solution available today for any woman who'd like bigger, stronger, larger breasts. Last but not least this is a solution which is tried and tested, cost efficient, risk-free and 100% organic that might provide women the results they have been searching for; an even, curvier, richer cleavage.

Purafem - Safest Choice

Purafem Pueraria Mirifica Cream Pills

Purafem is actually a company which has earned a global history of making organic, plant based makeup products and health supplements.


The best widely used herbal treatments in Purafem products are:

Argireline: The most potent anti-aging substances available in the world, Argireline is used in most of the Purafem serums and creams.

Alpha Arbutin: Blended with licorice herb, both of these natural herbs have the ability to smooth out complexion and skin tone.

Pueraria Mirifica: Although Argireline plus alpha arbutin are a couple of effective natural herbs and amazing features of Purafem products, the real cornerstone of this company is dependent on the incredibly adaptable and powerful natural herb Pueraria Mirifica.


  • The organic materials used are a high-quality and captive-raised cultivar, farmed based on stringent farming procedures.
  • It's Food and drug administration (FDA) approved
  • They give you cost-free NBE guidebook and relaxation Audio, and updates with restorative massage practices to help increase results.
  • They feature 60-day refund policy


  • It is definitely not the lowest-priced product available on the market.

What makes it our top choice?

The things we specifically like about PURAFEM is the company doesn't make impractical promises about big breasts growing in a month's time. They are saying users increase 1-2 cup sizes with continuous usage.

Barlowe's Pueraria Mirifica Pills

All these vegicaps are usually as the name indicates, organic. It features zero stearates, synthetic colors or chemical preservatives. If you're gluten intolerant, you can easily do your jig. It's gluten-free! This amazing Pueraria Mirifica extract is actually high potency in a good solid glass, from a captive-raised cultivar.


  • It will benefit breasts, skin, hair! From Captive-raised Cultivar!
  • Best Quality & Potency, Canned in Glass! 3rd Party Screened for Chemical Toxins!
  • ​Zero Stearates, Man-made Colors, or Additives!
  • No Verbosity, Adulterants, Gluten, wheat, starch, rice, corn, and so forth!


  • your sexual desire will be over the upper limit
  • This pills don't have any of the minerals like magnesium stearates, gelatin, silicates, gluten, unnatural tastes or synthetic ingredients.
  • Environmentalists can have a good time, thanks to the glass jar package.


  • Using these capsules in high dosages may affect you. High serving impacts you negatively if you have very low weight and tend to be pre-menopausal.

What makes it our top choice?

Whenever any kind of manufacturer attempts to do something as hard as Barlowe’s to make organic solutions as well as pack it in a protected glass jar that won't react to environmental surroundings, I'm confident about its health safety attributes. The constituents haven't any artificial preservatives. Therefore, any negative effects can be stopped.

Swiss Botany Pueraria Mirifica Serum - Best Choice for Healthy Skin

Pueraria Mirifica Serum by Swiss Botany

Swiss Botany Serum has the finest grade herb of Pueraria Mirifica. Company doesn’t use anything but the best & most natural quality healthy skin care substances to make sure optimum results for all skin tones.


Elevates & Tightens up: Has nano clutter made to permeate skin cells to improve fatty breast tissues and strengthen connective fibers. Have a young-looking boost and larger, more bold cleavage. Have fun with those low-cut shirts!

Unequaled for Performance: Used in this first-rate breast enlargement serum are wide ranging natural ingredients and not to mention Pueraria Mirifica. An unparalleled blend which will increase not just the healthiness of your breasts, but the body's, too!

Definite Results: Has a one-year refund policy


  • Swiss Botany Serum features a 60-day 100% refund policy
  • Its 100% pure and high-quality substances ensure that all types of skin are taken into account in the production of this serum.
  • You turn out to be the actual poster child of youthful vigor redefined with the supple, sleek and hydrated skin.
  • The product can last for some time; it is absorbed quite fast in your breasts without leaving behind an oily texture.


  • The fact is that the results aren't long term. You need to keep on using this solution, and whenever you miss your day, you possibly can feel the sagging skin coming back a bit.

What makes it our top choice?

By giving the body Pueraria Mirifica solution, you can feel the results like a teenage and stimulate breast growth. It's a fantastic way to get a constructive change in the breast appearance without considering any breast enlargement surgery.

Pueraria Mirifica Powder - Best Cost-effective Solution

Pueraria Mirifica Powder

Guaranteed 100% organic and natural and herbal substances make this solution trustworthy. It improves your breast quickly, and in a shorter period, you can certainly notice a heightened and tighter breast. It isn't just cost-effective but most secure to use.


King of Thailand's natural herbs, Thailand is Land of Pueraria Mirifica growing finest top quality new pills.

A warning for a woman suffering from hermaphrodite: It shouldn't be used by expectant women, breastfeeding cervix moms, or women clinically diagnosed with malignancies in estrogen-sensitive internal organs, e.g., ovary, breast, and uterus.


  • You will not experience any acne breakouts problems
  • It will help you feel healthier in general
  • Increase your bustline
  • Optimum growth is usually achieved after 3-4 months taken fifteen days every month, and growth will likely be 1-2 cup sizes.


  • It does not taste so good. You can blend it with any fruit puree or any type of thick fruit juice

What makes it our top choice?

Nearly anything with a refund policy is great. That apart, as being a 20-year-old stuck with a 60-year-old jug isn't a cheeky business. Pueraria Mirifica Powder is without a doubt heaven-sent, perking the breast area, smoothening and sculpting skin tone, though it needs regular use to maintain good results.

Things You Need to Know Before Start Using Pueraria Mirifica

How to choose best Pueraria Mirifica Product?

If you are interesting in above products to enhance your breast size without any surgical treatment. You must go with the suggestions below. These tips are going to help you choose the best product depending on your needs. Here's a concise and easy guide regarding how to pick the best breast enlargement product in the market:

  • Know Your Breast Enhancer Alternatives

As we mentioned previously, practically all the breast enlargement pills come under three main categories of substances. These three different categories are:

Herbs: Herbal breast enlargement is exactly what most breast enhancer pills are based on. These types of products and solutions usually have a number of breasts improving herbal treatments that have high degrees of phytoestrogens to provide your body with the extra estrogen - the main endocrine for breast type tissue.

Pueraria Mirifica: It is yet another herb. However, Pueraria Mirifica is different from the phytoestrogens usually found in some other phytoestrogenic herbal remedies because PM is made up of Miroestrol as well as Deoxymiroestrol, that have the best estrogenic action, thanks to constitutional similarity to estradiol, the best of the estrogen growth hormone.

Bovine Ovary: Bovine Ovary is different from the other couple of ingredients since it is an animal extract. It’s precisely what it seems like - sex gland of a cow - which is in line with the concept of glandular treatment. The bovine ovary is effective by revitalizing the anterior pituitary gland - the important part of the body accountable for endocrine regulation - to promote the second age of puberty and the improved sport which comes with young-looking attributes.

  • Check the Constituents

Duh, we say. Well, some people don’t know which is essential in picking the best product for you.

Some organic breast enhancement pills merely don’t have the richest phytoestrogenic herbal treatments in the marketplace. These types of pills are basically placebos. If you’re planning to pick a natural breast enhancement schedule, it'll be useful to familiarize yourself with the most used breast enlargement herbs and their features to be able to know which substances you have to be looking for.

Which Form Is Better? Pills, Cream, Powder, Serum or Capsules? How to Select Right One?

It's not advised to make use of only the creams or serums for breast enhancement because the results will be nominal. It is advisable to start using these with the pill supplements.

If you are already on an estrogen plan, using only the serums/creams will improve the results of Pueraria Mirifica.

For optimum breast enhancement results, it's always best to make use of the pills with the creams or serums. On the other hand, there is no need to use the creams or serums because the greater part of the effects derives from the pills.

Should Pueraria Mirifica Be Taken Alone or Add Herbal Formula or Cream?

Will it be safe to be using both PM and the other strong plant based supplement at the same time?

Absolutely yes, it is extremely good, particularly if your body could use an extra estrogen improvement. Making use of PM with herbal treatments really depends. In most cases, we recommend to stop it - specifically if it’s another phytoestrogenic plant - but it truly depends. Many people are generally fine with using it. Nature’s Answer features great fluid ingredients for anti-androgen herbs such as saw palmetto extract, and if you're adding that to your routine, that will work nicely in collaboration with the PM.

Since for more phytoestrogenic herbal treatments such as Fenugreek and Fennel, we’d recommend using Breast Actives (our #1 recommended top pill) supplement for breast growth. That alone should be used, and as an alternative to the extra herbal remedies, it's possible to consider using a breast therapeutic massage and a breast enhancement pump for more growth.

The Common Name of Pueraria Mirifica?

In Thailand, this herb is recognized as “Kwao Krua Kao”, the 'Kao' which means white-colored differentiates Pueraria Mirifica from some other herbs with tuberous plants roots also showing the 'Kwao Krua' name, for example Butea Superba, generally known as Kwao Krua Deng and also the 'black' 'dull grey' Kwao Krua herbs. The varieties were for sure known as Pueraria Mirifica in 1952.

Does Pueraria Mirifica Really Work?

There has recently been quite a hype about the new breast enlargement supplement around.

With valid reason, Pueraria Mirifica features the most powerful phytoestrogens of all the well-known phytoestrogens available in this world these days. Having said that, before beginning it's journey, there are some facts you should know about.

There are some types of Kwao Krua. Pick the right one.

Kwao Krua is an indigenous organic herb based in the north area of Thailand. There are actually 4 types of Kwao Krua: White-colored Kwao Krua (Pueraria Mirifica), Red Kwao Krua (Butea Superba), Black Kwao Krua, and Grey Kwao Krua.

The one which works well for breast enlargement is White Kwao Krua.

Genuine Pueraria Mirifica only comes from Thailand

Get A Genuine Kind of product

A few of the beauty companies making claims about the great things but they don't have real PM. A few don’t have any kind of Pueraria Mirifica in them whatsoever. Be sure that anyone who you’re buying your Pueraria Mirifica solutions with PM which is from Thailand, is called a genuine kind.

We highly recommend brands which use PM directly from Thailand, for example, Brestrogen & Purafem solutions that are 100% genuine captive-raised cultivar from northern Thailand.

Know the Difference Between Wild and Captive-Raised

There's a distinction between wild and captive-raised.

Pueraria Mirifica increases breasts enlargement as it has a strong mixture of miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol.

The fact is that wild has small quantities of both deoxymiroestrol and miroestrol as compared to the captive-raised cultivars. Be sure to purchase only captive-raised, grown Pueraria Mirifica.

The particular Pueraria Mirifica solutions we highly recommend on this website are captive-raised cultivars.

Its Effect Differs from Person to Person

Some body types aren't well suited for Pueraria Mirifica.

Particularly, in case you have tubular breast area, which is generally triggered by progesterone shortage, therefore, using more estrogen through Pueraria Mirifica wouldn't be helpful.

For females (or males) with tubular breast area, we'd highly recommend Bovine Ovary supplements.

How to Enlarge Breasts Naturally with Pueraria Mirifica?

If you’ve recently been searching for ways to get larger breasts by natural means, there isn't any doubt you’ve got word of the breast improving advantages of Pueraria Mirifica. It has just been a couple of years since this herb came to the particular attention of the Western world. However, its positive aspects have been known to its indigenous Thailand as well as Myanmar for a long time.

See the below 4 steps to using Pueraria Mirifica for optimum breast gain:

Step 1. Detoxifying to Specify the Phase for Growth

Do you smoke cigarettes or inhale fatigue fumes?

Eat non-organic food?

Have a home in areas with grass lawns which are sprayed with weed killers, pesticide sprays, fungicides?

Dine on animal foods that are fattened with estrogenic treatments?

The answer then is yes. Don’t be anxious - a lot of people do. It’s difficult to enjoy life in some totally toxin-free surroundings, and for that reason, many of us are having excess harmful toxins and estrogens known as xenoestrogens. Foreign estrogens particularly are horrendous for your breasts as these hormone imbalances toxic compounds affect the hormonal stability in the human body and make it more difficult for the Pueraria Mirifica to really meet your needs.

Step 2. Pick the right Products

As I mentioned previously, you cannot assume all solutions are the same. It truly is important what type of PM it is actually, where it came from, and just how it's harvested. In case it’s not come from north Thailand, if it’s not white-colored kwao krua, if it’s not captive-raised cultivar – it will not be helpful. Still can’t decide what is right product for your breast? Go with Brestrogen it is simply elegant solution to have your breast in your desired shape.

Step 3. Find Out the Details

It can certainly be a tricky breast enlargement way to take. There’s a lot of divergent information and facts available about how much you need to take, how you need to use it, what is important to use it, it may all get extremely complicated.

When concluding the information, please remember that everyone is unique in his/her and an essential thing is you should use PM that best satisfies you.​

Step 4. Combine Approaches for Optimum Growth

Nearly all women use Pueraria Mirifica orally, however some of them still looking for the best suggestion to enhance their breast size. I can see many effects with that alone, I suggest adding some other solutions to increase your breast type tissue.

Pueraria Mirifica Side Effects

However, the herbal product has gone out on the market, there isn't any right way defined for using it. Also, the instructions on these types of supplements say 'suggested use.' Therefore, if you are unacquainted with how much your body should use medication dosage, then taking such herbal medicines without a right understanding of serving could have a doubtful effect.

  • The key reason is, this organic supplement changes the level of bodily hormones, and the medical problem of the hormonal discrepancy comes up, this makes your body more prone to other endocrine problems.
  • The particular potency and serving of this herbal supplement are doubtful as different producers make this solution with different levels.
  • Despite the fact that higher dosages of about 900 milligrams every day have shown substantial organic breast enlargement in a few, in other people, it has proven some negative effects like the looseness of the bowels.
  • Several women taking these supplements pre-and post-menstrual have seen unforeseen vaginal blood loss, breast soreness, and stiff uterus.
  • Expectant mothers shouldn't use these types of supplements. Additionally, people clinically determined to have breast malignancies, cervical melanoma, cancer of the prostate, and cancer of the colon should steer clear of using these types of supplements.
  • Those who are already under any treatment shouldn't eat the supplement because it may intervene in the performance of the prescription medications.

Tips to Get Perfect Results

Here are some tips you should follow;

Make use of the best brassiere for the breasts

The best bra size ought to support and raise your breast, not too large or small. It's very easy to take measurements of your brassiere on your own; you can easily see the way to measure your brassiere size which is super easy for you.

Right Sleeping Posture

Have you any idea? Sleeping posture can affect your breasts - Before you sleep, you should ensure that you won’t force your breast on top of bed mattress for longer hours and make the suspensory ligaments to stretch your muscles that your breast area may change its shape.

Workout routines

Breast workouts can help you get larger breasts. It can also make the upper chest muscle tissues stronger and tighter.

Make use of sports brassiere while you workout

Sports brassiere will help you to support the breasts during your workout because the breasts will move around. If you workout without using a good sports brassiere, it will make the breasts saggy.

Breast therapeutic massage with Pueraria Mirifica ointments

The cream proves to be very useful to enhance the suppleness of skin tissues, and when you do the therapeutic massage with ointment, you'll be able to induce the discharge of human growth hormones through your sensation of touch that it may increase continuing development of bust skin cells.

Do's and Don'ts

The Dos

  • Do a therapeutic massage while using Pueraria Mirifica
  • Do use Pueraria Mirifica with calcium supplements
  • Do use low potency dosages

The Don’ts

  • Don’t buy wild Pueraria Mirifica
  • Don’t make use for extended periods
  • Don’t blend this with phytoestrogenic
  • Don’t use it all at once after receiving your bottle, read the instructions first

So Which Type of Treatment Method Works More Effectively: Creams or Pills?

To resolve this issue, you need to analyze how both ways work and what precisely it does to boost the size of your breast. Pills include natural ingredients that really help your whole body generate more estrogen; scientific tests have proven that the extra estrogen you have, the greater your chances are to grow more voluminous, bigger breasts. But don’t be concerned, all these pills won’t act like hormone replacement therapy!

The level of extra growth hormones which the body generates is enough to stimulate breast type tissue, yet moderate enough to prevent any critical negative effects.

Gels or creams are used directly to the breasts and therefore are soaked up through your skin.

Contrary to pills, which have an overall impact on your physique, breast enlargement ointments target the breasts directly.

In combination with improving the size of your breast, these creams and gels also aid to lift and firm your skin. Superb combination of bigger breasts and tighter skin provides you with a perkier cleavage overall.


Is Pueraria Mirifica harmless to use?

It has been researched thoroughly for safe practices, and studies have regularly determined that it's safe to use. It's non-carcinogenic (doesn’t trigger melanoma), 100% organic and allergic reactions to Pueraria Mirifica are quite rare. One research project on rodents found water to be more poisonous as compared to Pueraria Mirifica.

Who shouldn’t use Pueraria Mirifica?

This shouldn't be taken by kids, girls younger than 18 years of age, any person on HRT, females with abnormal growths of the breasts, ovary or even uterus, those who have had estrogen associated malignancies, expectant mothers or breastfeeding mothers.

How Much Time Will It Take to Notice Improved Breast Size?

This may vary person to person, but usually, 30 days onwards, people notice effects with optimum enhancement taking place 3-4 months right after using supplements.


Our Best Recommended Pueraria Mirifica Product for Breast Enhancement: After a lot of research and based on users’ reviews Brestrogen is found to be a breast enlargement solution that can provide you with larger, tighter breasts with more supple skin, and rebuilds the arrogance that comes with a healthier body. There are some other solutions, but Brestrogen is exactly what it is known in the United States as the best pueraria mirifica product.

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