Pueraria Mirifica for Natural Breast Enhancement: A Comprehensive Guide

Pueraria Mirifica for Breast Enhancement

In today’s modern world, women have become super conscious especially when it comes to their physical appearance. Firm and round breasts have always been categorized as a symbol of sexuality; hence, many women are opting to acquire them through different means. It is therefore feasible to gain desired results in the most natural way possible, and Pueraria Mirifica is said to be the ultimate solution. Let’s dig deeper to have full knowledge about all the aspects of Pueraria Mirifica for natural breast enhancement.

Health Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica

General Health with Use!

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Since Pueraria Mirifica is a miracle herb prescribed as a natural remedy for breast enhancement procedures, it offers various health benefits to its users over time as follows:

  • This natural herb can be easily used in different serums, pills and creams. Its natural effects help to gain the desired results of getting firm and larger breasts in the best way possible
  • It can be easily used as the best substitute of expensive surgical procedures making it more pocket friendly option
  • ​It’s a century old herb found in jungles of Thailand, has been entitled as ‘foundation of youth’ because of its effectiveness and performance.
  • It consists of several youth enhancing characteristics but it is widely known for its breast enhancement properties making it an economical and safer option.
  • ​A tried and tested herb that leaves no side effect for its users in the long run.
  • Phytoestrogens, secret property of PM are the mimicker of estrogen’s activity and functions in the human body and act as natural hormone booster.

Beauty Benefits

Glowing Skin and Much More!

Beauty Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica

After the mimicking estrogen functions results in cell proliferations that enhance the breasts tissues in the natural way without causing any side effects to occur. These cells divide and grow after being triggered by the estrogen pathway. This special herb while triggering cells proliferation lines in the milk glands in the breasts. All these functions help to fill the gaps that have been left out by nature reducing your sex appeal. Some women have also reported the disappearance of stretch marks after the constant use of Pueraria Mirifica. Isn’t it amazing?

It being actively used in serums can be easily applied on breasts area allowing the direct absorption of this herb on the desired area without affecting livers and kidneys directly through heavy medication. This enhances the potency of the herb naturally increasing the results. It not only enhances the breasts size but make them rounder and firmer adding more and more sex appeal to your body. This level of appeal is generally acquired through surgical procedures, which is not exactly a safer option because of several health risks involved in line with post-surgical health threats. So, the choice lies in your hand, as whether to go for an expensive yet riskier option or a healthy and natural one.

Breast Enhancement Effects – The Most Popular Benefit!

Pueraria Mirifica Breast Enhancement

It is a tried and clinically tested herb that has promised to provide you with the best results possible without spending a huge sum of money. In general, women prefer to opt for shortcuts that are mostly in the form of expensive cosmetic surgeries and other procedures that are also riskier in terms of health. This miracle herb emerged as the life saver, as it serves as the best substitute for these surgical incisions and Pueraria Mirifica for breast enhancement is very much popular now a days.

Many women who have used PM reported to have augmented breasts after a regular use over time. They haven’t only witnessed the increased size but also the reduction in winkles around the cleavage. And most importantly this augmentation is in the most natural way possible and free from side effects and surgical incisions. Thus, this herb has presented us with a healthy choice for breasts augmentation.

What Gives Powers to Pueraria Mirifica?

It is a native Thai herb, women in Thailand have been using it over the decades taking advantage of its rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties. Recently, it has acquired popularity not only in Asian region but in Western countries as well because of its associated breasts enhancement powers.

Pueraria Mirifica has been termed as the ‘miracle herb’ by many of its users, as this herb has larger concentrated phyto-estrogen, and some other plant based estrogens greater than other plants and herbs even soy and fenugreek. This herb is so enriched in nature that it doesn’t require to be supplemented by other herbs to trigger performance and boost growth over time. Its single dosage can lead to enhanced results because of the higher level of concentrated estrogen levels actively found in this herb.

The Mechanism of Pueraria Mirifica

How it works?

Pueraria Mirifica how it work

After realizing so many benefits of this miraculous herb, the question arises in our mind as how it works or what is the mechanism that leads to such excellent results over time. Let us have a quick and simple review as how it works inside our body.

At first, we should know that it is a type of wine that grows around trees that are generally larger in sizes. Rhizome is the basic extract acquired from Pueraria Mirifica consists of Phytoestrogens – a hormone from plants and few others such as Miroestrol along with its derivatives such as fat and sugar.

All these ingredients have been found to be twice as effective in performance in comparison with human estrogens. Over the time, this Phyto-estrogen start to imitate human estrogen levels in your body acting as a basic supplement for the natural one. That’s how it works inside our body.

Some new applications also been introduced through modern extraction technologies. The extraction of dried roots are converted into standardized powder resulting in various health benefits amongst which firm and bigger breasts are also present.

The Compounds It Contains

It's Natural Formula!

The primary compounds that make up Pueraria Mirifica making it different from other phyto-estrogen plants in the family are Deoxymiroestrol & Miroestrol that consist of highest level of estrogen functions amongst the renowned and popular phyto-estrogens because of the structural resemblance with ‘estradiol.’

All the aforementioned compounds found in this miracle herb tend to play critical role when it comes to the performance of the plant as a whole. For instance, some of its compounds actively mimic estrogen making it easier and more natural for human body to grow firm and rounder breasts over time. Not only these compounds help to acquire desired breasts size but an overall increase in youth providing rejuvenation to its users over time through constant use.

So, when taken as per prescribed and in right dosage it will help to enhance healthy female properties, which primarily include cardiovascular structure, skin and breasts appearance and also helps to stimulate prostate function in men. All these functions and health traits are possible to acquire because of the added compounds in the herb making it more effective and useful.

How It Helps Enhance and Enlarge Breasts Naturally?

Let’s have a detailed look as how this herb works naturally to enhance breasts size with the regular use. At first, we should know that it not only helps with the breast properties but also extends some other health benefits for menopause, bones, vaginal health and etc. However, it came to popularity because of its unique breasts enhancement properties over time.

It has also been given the title of ‘Kwai Krua’ and is further known as White Kwao Krua as sourced from Thailand and Myanmar, a traditional herb that has been used as vitality booster and rejuvenating instrument especially for elder women. Its roots contain a miracle estrogenic phenol, miroestrol. It’s among the three main estrogens produced by human body and thus is the safest. Since it has the highest affinity for estrogen receptors and binding sites on breast area, it has the highest phytoestrogenic activity and higher success rate when it comes to natural breast enhancement. So it helps in enhancing and enlarging breasts by providing bio-identical hormone replacement treatment to your body.

What to Expect From Pueraria Mirifica?

Let’s be clear about the Miracle Herb!

After analyzing all the properties and functions of “miracle herb” Pueraria Mirifica, we may wonder as how well and effective this herb is, especially when it comes to the breast enhancement properties. So, we must be aware that this herb has acquired popularity over time because of its unique characteristics and ‘no side effects’ performance. Many women through its constant use in the form of creams, Pueraria Mirifica pills and serums have reported to have bigger and much more firm breasts that appear more voluptuous and appealing. You can also expect the same results; however, your hereditary factors, dietary habits and lifestyle can interfere with the described results.

Also, keep in mind that this herb has never restricted itself to single performance of breast enhancement only, but has also promised to provide you with other youth related benefits such as healthier and glowing skin, strong hairs and many more. Since the compounds in this herb have the capacity to imitate estrogen in the human body making it natural in its performance with no side effects that are pretty common with other drugs these days. So, you can expect it to be one of the best choices to be made by women who want more natural results and no health risks over time.

What Are the Best Pueraria Mirifica Products?

We All Need Quality, don’t we?

It can be obtained in a wide range of products but not all of them are alike in quality. If you are looking for high quality products then use the one from Thailand, purely herbal & organic. We are highlighting five best pueraria mirifica products which offer quality.

1. PURAFEM Pueraria Mirifica Capsules (Pills)

Purafem Pueraria Mirifica

350 mg capsules of non-additive pure Pueraria Mirifica are the fastest, easiest, safest and most economical way of breast enlargement. PURAFEM is premium farmed cultivar with all the ingredients picked up as per Good Harvesting Practices (GHP) and has been approved by FDA. PURAFEM Capsules are the most convenient way of increasing breast size without the involvement of serious risks. The company cares for its customers and offers 60 days money back guarantee.

2. PURAFEM Pueraria Mirifica Cream and Serum Set

PURAFEM Cream and Serum Set offer both serum and cream in a set. They offer quite a promising and effective product for enhancing breast size and beauty. This duo action set targets the aim in two different ways; nano-particles of serum offer deep penetration within the breast and cream works directly on the outer surface of the skin. Application of both, serum and cream, give you outstanding results. Also, this product is FDA approved.

St. Botanica Pueraria Mirifica Breast Cream

If you think twice before applying anything on your sensitive skin, your worry is over. St. Botanica Breast Cream is a high quality, safe to use cream especially for those who have sensitivity issues. It's 100% herbal composition contains an effective formula to enhance your breast size. This cream is free of all the irritants and allergens and is rated among top 3 Pueraria Mirifica Breast creams list. It is made with natural ingredients to care after your skin and if it cares for you, who cares about the price tag.

Pink Madison's Fyne Lift

It is one of the top breasts size enhancement serums. Though it is comparatively new in the market but is acknowledged and rated high by its customers. You can achieve noticeably fuller, firmer and toned breasts within a short time period. This serum comes in a feminine package and lasts a good long time.

Guaranteed 100% organic and herbal ingredients make this product reliable. It enhances your bust quickly and in a shorter time period, you can notice a lifted and firmer bust. It is not only affordable but safest to use. 550 mg per capsules holds 100% white kwao krua powder in it. If you are worried about cost then this product would be your best choice as it is pocket-friendly.

Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs Pueraria Mirifica

What is Recommended Dosage?

How to use?

Like all other medications and drugs, the best results must be taken as per prescribed dosage. For instance, a dosage of 25-50mg must be taken once in the morning. This level of dosage is sufficiently bioactive. It is recommended not to exceed the prescribed dosage.

In order to get the desired results, it is always recommended to go for the right dosage so that you may not end up with any unexpected risks and consequences. In certain scenarios, the prescribed dosage may vary from individual to individual depending upon the bodily needs that tends to differ across users. However, this doesn’t allow you to take the over or under standardized dosage, as it may lead to non-performance of the drug. Besides pills (PURAFEM capsules), it is also available in the form of breast enhancement creams (St. Botanica breast cream) and serums (FyneLift breast firming serum) for topical application. After proper usage, the user will start to get the firm breasts adding an overall appeal to the appearance making them more and more desirable.

The Usage of Peuraria Mirifica in Dietary Supplements

It is available in the form of drugs such as capsules, powder, and liquid. Besides being in the form of medications, you can also acquire it for topical application that is cream and serums. However, for the best outcomes to be acquired over time, you must take this herb in the form of dietary supplements such as food and beverages that are calcium enriched, for instance, cheese, milk, dry fruits, sesame seeds, as the increased intake of calcium boosts the absorption of phytoestrogens that is one of the primary ingredients actively working in Pueraria Mirifica along with several other active ingredients.

So, we can conclude that this herb is at its best when taken as a dietary supplement with calcium enriched diet as it increases its performance up to manifolds over time. Besides that, it can be taken in other forms as well that suits your body the best.

Side Effects Associated With the Herb

Who Should Avoid it?

It is considered as a safe and natural herb, however, there are certain groups of people that are not encouraged to use it because of the imminent risks and associated problems with the usage. For instance pregnant women and lactating mothers are also discouraged to use. Besides that cancer patients should also avoid using this herb. Being phytoestrogens the active ingredient, it can affect the menstruation process as well by delaying it in general and further making the cycle prolonged. Besides aforementioned risks, some other risks are also stated below as follows:

  • Nausea after taking few doses
  • Dizziness in case of some allergic reactions

However, all these side-effects are developed in rare cases and mostly emerge due to carelessness of the users.

Pueraria Mirifica vs Fenugreek

Two Most Famous Herbs for Breast Enhancement

When it comes to the level of phytoestrogens, both the herbs have the highest quantity; Many women have used Fenugreek as a natural supplement for breast enlargement with Breast Actives (Our #1 recommended product) and many have used PURAFEM.


To conclude, we realize that opting for a safe and herbal solution for breast augmentation is always recommendable and most obviously is a far greater option than undergoing surgical procedures, and Pueraria Mirifica has made this process very simple. Thus, this herb should always be considered as a natural and herbal solution for natural breast enhancement.

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