Total Curve Review: In-depth Buyer’s Guide & User Reviews

Total Curve Review

The breasts of women tell many stories about them. Are your breasts telling a story of confidence, great health and high self-esteem? Though many women are blessed with big, perkier and curvier breasts but there are also some women whose breasts have been affected by their biggest milestones like childbirth, aging or menopause.

Well, it’s all about being a woman. No matter how much you take care of your health, eat well, exercise daily and stay vigilant about your lifestyle, your breasts change shape, loose firmness and drag your self-confidence down with them overtime slowly but steadily!

All women deserve to feel confident and look sexy, so here is a review for Total Curve to help you stay informed about its various aspects so that you might enjoy your life in the best of womanhood.

What is Total Curve? – Product Overview

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It is a natural breast enhancement system designed to enhance breast size and shape without surgery. The whole system is claimed to be very cost-effective and highly safe for health of the women who are concerned about the appearance of their breasts and seek some effective solution.

The manufacturers of this product claim it to be 100% natural and formulated under the special supervision of medical specialists. They also claim it is a self-confidence booster for many women who have lost it due to their unappealing bosom.

What is in the Total Curve System?

A complete, two part breast enhancement system!

Total Curve breast enhancement natural therapy consists of supplement, massaging gel and an exercise program. Each of them increases your breast size without any pain, because Total Curve therapy activates your body’s natural breast enhancement system. Let’s have a look at each of them to have full exposure to various aspects of Total Curve therapy.

Part One - Total Curve Daily Supplement:

Total Curve breast enhancement supplement is a daily dose of all natural and safe phytoestrogens…

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Do you know phytoestrogens mimic the action of natural hormone estrogen? Yes, Total Curve supplement is that’s why very effective. The estrogen hormone is needed in the female body to stimulate breast growth and create the full, curvy and shapelier look. Phytoestrogens act like estrogen hormones in the body and have the ability to attach at the similar binding sites, thus perform the same function as estrogens.

So the Total Curve daily supplement not only provides you with the rich supply of phytoestrogens but also many antioxidants, breast enhancement herbs, nutrients and hormone balancers create a blend that can add volume to your breasts naturally!

Apart from breast enhancement benefits, total curve supplement enhance your overall health by reducing symptoms of menopause, PMS, vaginal dryness, low libido and much more.

Part Two - Total Curve Lifting & Firming Gel:

Total Curve lifting & firming gel contains volufiline as a secret ingredient, which has many benefits for breast enhancement.

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Volufiline contains good quantities of lipogenesis stimulator called sarsasapogenin. Through lipogenesis the fat cells in the breast area grow and cause the breast tissues to add more volume and curvier look to breasts without any side-effects. According to clinical trials it adds volume to adipose tissues of the breasts by up to 8.4%.

Moreover, volufiline concentration is kept ideal for maximum results without any damaging effects to the structure of breasts and overall health. So rest assured that you can apply it daily for 60 days to get best breast enhancement results without fear of any health risk.

Total Curve Exercise Regimen (Additionally Recommended):

Though exercise doesn’t enlarge your bust size but it tones and gives firming effect to muscles supporting your breasts. Total Curve exercise program allows your breasts tissues to grow in volume without sagging since it makes the pectoral muscles stronger. Its exercise program has very easy-to-follow exercises which don’t require any advanced gym equipment and special environment. You can perform these exercises at your own comfort level in the comfort and privacy of your own home. So overall it’s a quite liberating and satisfying experience with Total Curve exercise program.

How Does Total Curve Work?

A synergetic effect of the two parts – ensures best results!

Total Curve breast enhancement system provides the above-mentioned supplement and gel to give best breast enhancement results. This natural system is created with the intention to improve natural system of hormones and externally improve the volume of fatty tissues in the breast area. This is the reason that within few months, users see visible results.

Both products are smartly designed to support and enhance the effects of each other to reach one goal – bigger, beautiful, firmer and sexy breasts. This goal is mainly reached by reactivating the breast growth within 6 to 7 weeks and if the user wants to achieve fuller and firmer breasts then almost 6 months will be required to reach the goal.

Well within the first week of its usage, the user feels soreness in breasts similar to the feeling a teenager has at the budding stage of breast development. The gel plus supplement when used according to the prescription can bring highly noticeable changes in the shape and size of breasts, giving fuller and firmer feeling. When used for the complete prescribed period, full cup size can be achieved.

The product can also work to improve your overall body shape and of course the level of your confidence!

What Are Total Curve Ingredients?

It has all natural formula, which supports natural breast growth!

Total Curve system has different sets of natural ingredients for supplement and cream. Having little knowledge about the ingredients can help you make an informed purchasing decision.

For daily supplement it has following ingredients:

  • Hops
  • Wild Yam Root
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Damiaina leaf
  • Watercress leaves
  • Buckwheat leaves
  • Fennel seeds
  • Dong quai root
  • Black cohosh root

The Total Curve breast lifting & firming gel contains the following ingredients besides Volufiline:

  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Mango Butter
  • Caffeine
  • Purified Water
  • Algae Extract
  • Bearberry Extract
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • STR multi-peptide complex
  • Natural flavors

How to Use For Accelerated Results?

No special tricks are required to make it work for you or to get accelerated results. Following the prescription religiously can get the job done quite quickly. Simply take one capsule twice a day, daily apply gel to breast area and follow the exercise program to support and accelerate the breast-growth process.

Yes, it’s simple!

What Results I Can Expect with Total Curve System?

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Since every woman is different so results can be varied from person to person. Generally, within 28 days of its use, users can expect visible results and in some cases within 56 to 90 days best results can be achieved. If you are not getting any visible results then may be your genetics, lifestyle or health conditions are interfering with the expected results.

However, Pregnant and lactating women should particularly consult their doctor since they are not the ideal candidates for this system. Also, if you have any cysts or tumors then please don’t use this system otherwise you can expect adverse effects on your health.

What Benefits I Would Get With Total Curve?

Total Curve system has many proven benefits, please have a look:

  • It has safe and natural ingredients, which means it has practically no side-effects and you can use it without any fear.
  • It’s very cost-effective and practically cheaper than breast surgery and other breast enhancement systems available in the market.
  • It provides satisfactory results within a short-period of time if instructions are followed accurately.
  • It’s a complete breast enhancement system with both internal and external components for best results.
  • It comes with 60 days money back guarantee to ensure the user’s satisfaction. Since results become visible within 3 weeks, so users can evaluate its results in short-time and make decision quickly.
  • Apart from growing your breasts, it claims to boost your sex-drive and the production of hormones necessary for female health.

Does it have Any Side-effects?

Since Total Curve system is created by health specialists so there are literally no side-effects. Slight discomfort and mild mood swing episodes are normal for a body which is adapting to change. However, in rare cases allergic reactions can be expected if the user has some allergy issues with the ingredients used in supplement and cream. In such unfortunate cases, users must consult doctor before using this system to seek advice and ensure their well-being. Well, generally this system is safe if user take prescribed doses of product.

Testimonials – What Customers Have to Say?

There are very mixed responses from Total Curve customers. We are presenting a few to help you make best purchasing decision, hope it help you!

“I was skeptical but hopeful when I bought this - I had lost some fullness in my bust when I lost some weight, and was hoping to regain it without surgery. I thought what the heck, I'll give it a shot. Ok, this stuff actually works. I am surprised, but really happy! I've gained firmness and weight - I will most definitely be using this more!”

Ms. Sabella Dziabczenko

“This might not seem like much but this is actually a huge progress if you compare to having no boobs at all 6 months ago. I was a complete flat a cup-sized with zero confidence. Now I can fill in B cup bras and sometimes they might even feel too small. To be honest this is quite an amazing feeling; to feel like a woman and being able to wear low-cut shirts feeling more sexy and feminine! I know this is something that all of us want. But now you can have the same results without having to go through the painful procedures!”

Ms. Amy M.

Where to Buy Total Curve?

If you have decided to buy this product then it’s recommended that you buy it from official website of Total Curve. Ordering it from other retailers might cost you lots of money and there are cases of scam too, so be careful. Whereas, the Total Curve officials are offering 60 days money back guarantee which is not being offered at any other retail store. Most importantly, this product is not available on Amazon, GNC and Walmart.

How Much Will It Cost?

When you buy Total Curve from its official website, you get many discount packages and much more in terms of cost, quality and shipping.

Here are Total Curve costs and packages:


1 Month Supply

  • 1 Box of Total Curve Supplements
  • 1 Tube of Total Curve Gel


Save $10


3 Month Supply

  • 3 Box of Total Curve Supplements
  • 3 Tube of Total Curve Gel


Save $59.90 + Free Shipping (USA Only)


6 Month Supply

  • 6 Box of Total Curve Supplements
  • 6 Tube of Total Curve Gel


Save $179.75 + Free Shipping (USA Only)

Final Verdict

Just like any other breast enhancement treatment Total Curve system has also some limitations. So it’s very important to bear in mind that “it’s not a miracle solution” for your breast problems. You would have to put daily efforts to get fuller, bigger and firmer breasts by using Total Curve breast enhancement system. Here patience is the key and even if you don’t get satisfied with the results then you can have your money back by sending their product back, so it’s a risk-free deal!