A Quick Guide -Types of Breast Augmentation for Perkier and Fuller Look

Women all around the world want to have an attractive and proportional body. Many times, women are insecure of the way their bodies look just because they don’t think that their breasts are perkier and fuller. Women with small breast sizes tend to look for options to enhance their body shape. While the market provides various solutions, breast augmentation is the most chosen one for permanent and immediate solution to this problem. Breast augmentation can help you attain your dream body by putting implants in your breasts making them appear perkier and fuller.

Breast Augmentation Factors


Before opting for breast augmentation, it is necessary to understand a few factors that will help you make the right decision. The first factor is the original shape of your breasts and the shape you want. There are different kinds of breast implants and each one has its own pros and cons.

Breast implants with saline solution are more adaptable, while silicone implants are best to achieve fuller breasts. The implants come in various shapes so you need to decide what shape of implants you want and what will be suitable for your breasts.


Breast implants are available in a variety of sizes. You should decide the cup size you want if you are considering breast augmentation. It is also important to make sure that you are not opting for a size that will be too large for your breasts. Breast implants are inserted by making an incision under the breast. So make sure you don’t opt for a size that is too big for your body and chest.

​Body Type

Body type is a major factor you need to consider before going for breast augmentation. The wrong size of breasts for a particular body type can create many complications like neck and back pain. If your body is small in size and your bone structure is thin, don’t go for huge sized implants. Opt for the size that will make your body look proportional. Similarly if you have a heavy body, you might have to go for larger breast implants.

Types of Breast Augmentation Implants

1. Silicone implants​

Silicone implants are the most commonly available option in breast augmentation. Silicone implants have a silicone shell which is filled with silicone gel.​

  • The get is cohesive which means that it gives a fuller look and feel just like a natural breast.
  • These implants are available in various sizes and in smooth or textured shells.

2. Highly cohesive silicone implants

Highly cohesive silicone implants are another but improved kind of silicone implants. These implants too have a silicone shell, but like the name suggest, are filled with highly cohesive silicone gel. This means that the gel is more strongly held together.

  • This keeps the breast shape firm and reduces the risk of leakage.
  • Simple silicone implants can be very risky in case the implants start leaking. Highly cohesive silicone implants have more longevity too but they are not cheap.
  • The feel is also similar to natural breasts and the shells are available in both smooth and textured designs.

3. Saline Implants

Saline implants are one of the most affordable breast implants available. They have a silicone shell which is filled with saline solution. Saline solution is simple saltwater which means that these implants are very watery and not cohesive.

  • This makes them adaptable to your natural breast shape but these are not ideal to dramatically increase the breast size.
  • These implants also have less longevity since they can get punctured.
  • However, there is no health risk in case of leakage unlike silicone implants.

4. Structured saline implants

Many women complain that regular saline implants are not natural looking. Structured saline implants are an improvement. Instead of a single shell, structured saline implants have nested shells with saline solution filled inside.

  • The design reduced folding and wrinkling making it appear more natural.
  • The longevity is also improved in this design.
  • The health risk remains low since no silicone gel is used in these implants.
  • The incision to implant this is also small which means it won’t take long to heal after the surgery.
  • However, these implants are comparatively expensive than simple saline implants.

5. Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy Bear Implants are a type of highly cohesive silicone implants. These implants are named gummy bear implants since the silicone gel inside them resembles the texture of a gummy bear.

  • The gel is really firm which means that there will be no wrinkling, risks of ruptures or folding.
  • The feel of these implants is very natural and is perfect for you if you want to dramatically increase your breast size in round shape.
  • These implants are probably the only implants that claim to be intact for life time. However, every material as a life so it is best to remove them or get them replaced after 15-16 years.

6. Soya bean oil filled Implants

Soya bean oil filled implants were introduced to allow better visualization and analysis of mammograms in the presence of breast implants. This is why the material inside the shells is less dense than both saline and silicone gel implants. Since the material is less cohesive the problems with these implants are similar to that of the saline implants.

  • The soya bean oil filled implants are of natural looking because of wrinkling and folding. They especially are not good for skinny women and are obvious in case of textured shells.
  • However, soya bean oil filled implants have lower health risks in case of leakage.

7. Hydrogel Implants

Hydrogel implants were introduced to let women know if there has been a leakage. These implants are similar to saline implants with a silicone shell but have hydrogel in them. Hydrogel is a special type of compound which swells when it comes in contact with water without absorbing any.

  • So in case of leakage, the implants will increase in size making the breasts a cup larger. This will alarm the woman with the implants and she can get the implants removed or replaced.
  • These type of implants pose health risks such as infections and capsule contracture.

8. Titanium coated Implants

Titanium coated implants were designed to support silicone breast implants. These are used to provide strength and lift the breasts. These implants are still made from soft silicone gel but have a titanium mesh coating to support them.

  • The mesh holds the silicone implants together and prevents them from hanging.
  • It can also prevent leakage.

A Quick Review of Different Types of Breast Implants

Breast Implants



Silicone implants

  • Natural looking
  • Affordable
  • Leakage risk

Highly cohesive silicone

  • Natural looking

  • Firm, less chance of rupture.

  • High longevity

  • Expensive and not adaptable with breast shape

  • Large incision

Saline Implants

  • Adaptable shape

  • Affordable

  • Lower health risk in case of leakage

  • Small incision

  • Unnatural look

  • Low longevity

Structured saline implants

  • Adaptable shape

  • Lower health risk

  • Natural looking

  • Small incision

  • Expensive

Gummy Bear Implants

  • Natural looking

  • High longevity

  • No ruptures

  • Expensive

  • Large incision

Soya bean oil filled Implants

  • Visible mammograms with implants

  • Lower health risk

  • Unnatural look

  • Low longevity

Hydrogel Implants

  • Indicates in case of leakage

  • Can cause infection

Titanium coated Implants

  • Good Breast Support

  • Lower chance of leakage

  • Prevents hanging

  • Expensive

  • Experimental technique

Types of Breast Augmentation Implants According to Shape


Round Breast Implant

Round breast implants are better for women who want a dramatic change in their breast size. Round implants are available in highly cohesive silicone gel implants, simple silicone gel implants, saline implants and gummy bear implants. These implants are ideal for women who want more fullness.


Tear Drop Implants

Tear drop implants are preferred by women who want their implants to look more natural. These are more suitable for women who just want to improve the shape of their breasts. Saline implants and silicone implants are available in teardrop shapes.

Types of Breast Implants According to Aesthetic


Smooth Implants

Smooth implants are smooth when touched. All types of implants are available in smooth texture. It looks more natural and usually requires smaller incision for insertion. They also have a soft and natural feel in the body.


Textured Implants

Textured implants are preferred since they lower the risk of capsular contracture and give more firmness to the breast. However, these may not have that much natural feel like smooth implants.


Breast augmentation with implants is the surgical way to make your breasts fuller and perkier immediately. There are a lot of choices that are available. No specific choice is the best when it comes to breast implants. Every types of breast augmentation has its own pros and cons which needs to be considered. All women have different bodies, with different needs. The best way to choose the perfect implants is to understand the factors and your needs. Then go through your options. Always opt for the safest option and try to give your health the greatest priority while choosing breast implants and make sure you can select the option with the help of your chosen surgeon.

I hope you find this information useful, if you have any specific experience with implants then kindly share your experience here with like minded womens to go on right direction! Lets help!

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