Wacoal Women’s Awareness Underwire Bra 85567 Review

Wacoal Bras 85567 In-depth Reviews

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  • Comfortably fit
  • Nice support
  • Good coverage


  • Little irritating underwire sometimes
  • Not too good seam


This bra is designed for bulky women with heavy busts. Its sizes start from 32D up to 44H.


It is available in variety of beautiful colors, from which you can choose to pair with any dress. The color range also makes it easy for you to own multiple wacoal bra to wear under most of your dresses.  From lighter tone to brighter one, it has almost all types of colors you wish for.


Wacoal has designed the bra cups keeping every woman in mind, the cups will give you full coverage and especially women with large size will feel comfortable and confident. This bra will not distort your breasts’ shape rather the seamless cups will help to maintain the natural shape, which makes it more comfortable.


Wacoal Women's Bra 85567 is designed in a way that gives you a good support throughout a day without any irritability. So, no more itching as this bra has the finest straps to keep you comfortable, providing easy adjustment at the back.


It has strong Band which provides you full support from the sides and makes you feel great. As this bra specifically caters to needs of heavy women, if you are plus-size then this bra will remove your worries as it can support your heavy breasts easily.


The Wacoal 85567 with its 3 hooks gives full support on the sides for lift and comfort.  With its smooth fabric, it also contains eye twist hook to make it the right fit for you, to adjust according to your size.


The frame of the Wacoal bra 85567 gives full coverage to the breasts. The strong band and straps help heavy bust to stay in shape. Though there is no lace or any embellished thing it's decent and simple in design, making it very appealing.


This bra style contains an embossed print with vibrant colors making it look stylish and beautiful. It’s basically a simple and elegant bra which makes you feel confident and comfortable throughout your day or in an evening party. Also, it provides your breast complete coverage and support by its underwire style.


With its maximum supporting quality, the Wacoal bra comforts you with its completely padded cups, giving you well-cushioned feeling, while the underwire supports the heavy bust; the strong stability of the band gives your back and busts full support, the frame with its maximum coverage quality gives you nice support and the wide and comfortable straps stays in place.

Value for Money

This bra won’t disappoint you because it’s everyday wear, lightweight and have good support. After experiencing this bra you don’t have to go for any other brand or buy multiple bras. It is somewhat expensive but if you want to buy it on sale, you can find it on Amazon at the sale price but keep updated, so when the sale begins you can buy it easily at cheap rates.

FAQs for Wacoal 85567 Women's Awareness Underwire Bra

Q. I am a small frame, will this product suit me?

A. Yes, it will, as it has the easily adjustable straps from the back.

Q. Can I machine wash this bra?

A.  No, you cannot. It is recommended to hand wash your Wacoal 85567 bra.

Q. What is the fabric of cups inside?

A. The cups are made up of two-ply fabric with sling hidden inside.

Q. Can I wear it under T-shirts?

A.  Yes, you can wear it under any dress.

Q. If I’m to buy 40D, is it the same in UK size as US Size?

A. Yes, 40D is same in both UK and US.

Q. Is it padded?

A.  Yes, the cups are completely padded.

Q. Does it have stretchable straps or not?

A. Yes, it has stretchable straps.

Q.Is it suitable for DD cups?

A. yes, It is suitable for even bigger sizes like DDD.

Q. Can I wear it every day?

A. Yes, Wacoal bra 85567 is an all day, all- week bra.

Q. Is it supportive for big-bust women?

A. Yes, it is. It gives support to any frame of plus-size women.

Recommended For

  • Best for big breasted women
  • Any breast shape, rather it’s round or uneven or pendulous, or either it’s shallow top or full bottom
  • Wearing under any type of dress
  • All day comfortable and full support

Bottom Line

This Wacoal bra 85567 is a stylish and an extremely comfortable undergarment item, specially for heavy breasted women with the best feature of its cancer awareness embroidered ribbon on the back. With its 100% central nylon lining, it gives you the smoother effect and allows comfort. Even though it doesn’t show your cleavage but still it has one of the sexiest and sensual styles with extreme comfort for everyday use. So, it is recommended to try the Wacoal Women's Bra 85567 at least once which might force you to recommend it to others as well.

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