Why Women Fail With Natural Breast Enlargement?

It is absolutely possible to grow bigger breasts naturally without any implants. Most people tend to believe that it is a scam but that’s because many people fail to do it. There can be many reasons why the treatment fails. If you are looking into natural breast enlargement treatments, please make sure that you fully follow it. There can be many reasons it might not be working for you. Go through these reasons and try to improve your method for better results.

1. Lack of Knowledge on Breast Enlargement Process​

One of the major reasons these treatments fail is lack of knowledge about them. Most women think that they can simply take a pill for breast enlargement every day and start noticing the results. The process however, is not that simple.

  • Natural breast enlargement requires proper diet along with the treatment.
  • Keep the expectations realistic, no treatment can show visible results in just 2 weeks or less.

Breasts are a part of your body, made up of fatty tissues and glands. You can understand the complexity of the process by considering it similar to weight loss process. In order to get your body fit, people might take some tablets to increase metabolism but that’s not it. They go to the gym, they follow a proper diet and exercise regularly to achieve their dream body. Similarly, for natural breasts enlargement, you’ll have to work for it.

Natural breast enlargement methods can never make your breasts huge. You might be able to make them look perkier and fuller. In best case, your breast may increase by 2-3 cup sizes.

Keep realistic expectations with the treatments so you can make the best choice regarding breast enlargement.

2. Unable to Follow Instructions Properly

There are many different techniques used to naturally enlarge breasts. These include breast enlargement pumps, breast creams, breast enlargement massages and pills. Many women fail to achieve their target because they don’t follow the instructions properly.

  • If you are using breast cream, you have to apply it with proper massaging of breasts.
  • Combine the breast enlargement massage and the breast cream for visible results.

Moreover, women tend to switch between treatments; after a few weeks of use, they shift to another method or even try two techniques at the same time. That also might be the reason why natural breast enlargement isn’t working for them.

Always follow the instructions given with the product or the treatment you are using.

3. Lack of Consistency

No treatment, no matter what it is for, will ever work if you are not consistent with it. Lack of consistency the most common reason of failure of natural breast enlargement. Enhancing your breasts naturally takes time and patience.

  • So if you have decided on a specific treatment, stick to it.
  • Don’t get hopeless after trying it for just a month and then looking for other treatments.

For example, breast creams usually take 3 months before you can visibly see the differences. For breast pumps might make your breasts swollen for a while after usage. But the effect wears off. You need to continue the treatment for at least 5 months to make the change permanent.

Follow your breast enhancement plan religiously without any gaps.

4. Switching Methods More Frequently

When it comes to natural breast enlargement, women tend to be quite impatient. Patience is the key for good results. Before opting for a treatment, make sure you do proper research for it.

  • Select the treatment wisely and once you are satisfied with your decision, stick to it!
  • Natural breasts enlargement techniques take time so don’t give up too quickly.
  • By switching methods frequently, you might not be giving the treatment a chance to work.
  • It might be possible that one treatment just started to work but you switched to another method, cancelling its effect.

The only way to instantly increase breast size is to get breast implants; no other method will show quick results.

Some Limiting Factors for Natural Breast Enlargement

  • Genetics Factors

Some women come from a family where women have always had smaller breasts. Their body figure is in their genes and you can‎ change that. They can artificially enhance their breasts but natural methods might not work because of genetic factors.

  • Health Issues

For perfect, firm and healthy breasts, you need to have a healthy body. Breasts are made up of fatty tissues which might not be present in unhealthy women, especially underweight women. Anorexia and other diseases that cause weight loss interfere with the breast enlargement treatments.

  • Hormones Levels

There is a natural hormonal cycle in every woman. If that cycle is disturbed due to any reason that might be the reason of failure of natural breast enlargement treatments. Breast size increases after pregnancy in women due to increase of estrogen. Low levels of estrogen may result in smaller breasts.

  • Caffeine Intake

Many of us are addicted to coffee and take large amounts of caffeine in order to stay active. However, a research study has confirmed that large amount of caffeine intake can be harmful for the body and may cancel out the effects of breast enlargement treatments or even shrink breast size.

  • Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol has countless harmful effects on our body. It damages the liver, causes fatigue and can cause fatal diseases like cancer. Alcohol consumption may also be the reason why all your breast enlargement techniques are failing.

  • Over exerting during Exercise

Over exerting during exercise might damage your muscles. You might even be burning out the important muscles and fat in your body. When women over exert during exercise, they can burn out the fat in their breasts leading to a flat chest.

  • Lack of Sleep and Stress

Lack of sleep can breed many other harmful diseases. Lack of sleep and stress can disturb your hormonal cycle, causing lower levels of estrogen and progesterone; the two hormones that are required for breast development.

  • Low Consumption of Protein and Fats

Breasts are made up of mostly fatty tissues and muscles. Low consumption of proteins and fats may lead to break down important muscles and fats in your body, like your breasts. Maintain a proper balanced diet, instead of completely cutting off certain kinds of food.

  • Excessive Consumption of Sugar

Excessive consumption of sugar is never healthy. For healthy, firm and shaped breasts you need to follow a balanced diet. Excessive sugar can not only be bad for your breasts but it can cause diabetes, high cholesterol and heart problems.

Final Advice

Every woman is born with a different figure; there is no true standard of beauty that your body must follow. Instead of artificially changing your body, you should always invest your time in natural processes. If natural breast enlargement is not working for you, it might be because any of the reasons we mentioned above. Don’t lose hope, be patient with the treatment and do it consistently, you will soon start to see the results without damaging your body.

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