Wild vs Harvested Pueraria Mirifica

There are lots of things that give rise to the quality and capability of Pueraria Mirifica. The real key is whether the herb is farm cultivated or wild harvested.

The main difference between wild and farm cultivated plant can easily be determined.

The wild form is grown in its natural state without taking care with any horticultural drugs or preventions, while the farm cultivated is grown in a proper procedural care in particular grown field, medications and preventions.

Farm harvested Pueraria Mirifica is considered to be better and a lot more top-quality product on the whole.

As we all know the natural potency of wild Pueraria Mirifica is much higher than the farmed one, affecting your breast enlargement in just less time but along with that, you will likely face the severe side effects, just because of the natural and pure potencies. That is why if you want to go for the pure one, in other words, the wild one, then keep in mind that there is always an invertible reaction of any wild plant unless it has been transformed according to the human use.

What is Wild Pueraria Mirifica?

A wild harvested Pueraria Mirifica is one which can be farmed from its organic environment without any direct involvement of human supervision.

​These kinds of plants had been of great benefits in the life of the early hunter-gatherers. A large number of wild plants are Crop Wild Relatives (CWR), and they are genetically associated with the domesticated farming and horticultural plants of today.

What is Harvested Pueraria Mirifica?

Pueraria Mirifica is an accredited, and certified export by the Thailand Secretary of state for Health, Food and drug administration as a naturally grown herbs which is grown in climate protected greenhouses and also authorized by health professionals, treatment centers, facialists and medical experts globally for several benefits, for example; retaining a youthful look, breast skin, face skin, firming-conditioning, fine-line anti wrinkle, hormone-receptor controlling and hair color-texture recovery.

Wild Vs. Harvested Pueraria Mirifica

When talking about Pueraria Mirifica, you shouldn't be reluctant to ask the vendor if their products are farm cultivated or wild harvested.

It will make a difference in the actual wholesomeness and effectiveness of the supplement that can consequently impact the results you have with Pueraria Mirifica.

Potency also affects how quickly you start experiencing the benefits. Ultimately, farm cultivated can help you save both money and time.

If you are going to buy Pueraria Mirifica, you can check the following factors to determine the real difference between wild and farmed ones. As recommended above the farm cultivated is more potent than the wild one, so always keep in mind the following factors when you buy the farmed cultivated to identify the right type of it.

1. Color

When it comes to differentiating any wild or farmed PM, then the color should be taken into consideration.

How to recognize farmed PM in color?

Some researchers suggest that the PM should be in white color, and it is known to be effective and has all features that mentioned above in the section "What is Pueraria Mirifica."

How to recognize wild PM in color?

Some researchers suggest that the PM should be in white color, and it is known to be effective and has all features that mentioned above in the section "What is Pueraria Mirifica."

2. Taste

Taste is another factor with which you can easily know about the type of PM, whether it is wild or farm cultivated.

Farmed PM

The farm cultivars have no taste, or some are just soy like tasted.

Wild PM

Wild cultivars have a bitter taste. If you are using PM as a pill, you better open that capsule and taste the PM in it to know its type.

3. Price

This is another factor with which you can compare both types of PMs.

Farmed PM

  • Farmed PM is available at a higher price than Wild ones.
  • Farmed PM has low mg per capsule

Wild PM

  • Wild harvested Pueraria Mirifica is less pricey
  • Wild PM has high mg per capsule which is harmful


Generally, there is no self-governing body which measures the quality of Pueraria Mirifica in Thailand.

Additionally, there is no standardized testing of the actual potency of Miroestrol in any Pueraria Mirifica supplements. Therefore, the most important thing you should do is try to find the best quality supplement in line with the information and facts we've discussed above.

In a nutshell, most of the experts and health professionals suggest farmed cultivated which is the best type to use for the best results without any side effects. And make sure that you are buying it from a trusted manufacturer.

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